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(M) My Overprotective Girlfriend

Chapter title: 1. Just another day as me

Story description:

Love can come in unexpected places. Elias never thought that using himself as cushion for a girl falling out tree would result in him having a girlfriend. He’s a elf/incubus hybrid, and most people tend to hate elves.

She’s a dragon, a rare race that’s thought to be extinct. He’s shocked at how well they get along.

but how she going to react when she finds out he’s a little?

Story genre: Romance

Tags: Dragon, elf, shapeshifter, abuse, little, mdlb, alternative universe, ageplay, femdom, college, alternative universe, magic, overprotective, possessive, intersexed, (and possibly futaxmale, not sure yet)

Chapters written: 11


A/N: This is another story that popped in my head randomly last year. I have a direction I want to take the story, but I’m not sure how to get there.

I wake up in my bed. It’s been two years, and I’m still not used to doing that. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. I avoid looking in the mirror as I get ready. I brush my teeth and style my hair to cover the scarred half of my face.

My hair isn’t that long, only stopping at my chin. I keep the front long enough to cover my face and the back short enough that people can’t use the length against me. It’s the perfect hairstyle.

The right side of my face looks like it was burned. Except that it wasn’t burned. My mom had poured a corrosive potion on my face when I was a kid. It took the vision of my right eye. If it wasn’t for my fast healing, the damage would’ve been way worse.

I’m lucky to have only have faint scarring on my face. Whatever the potion had in it makes the scars impossible to get rid of. Being an elf does have its advantages, however few there are. Losing my vision in my right eye gave it a new ability. I can see magic through it.

Dad says that it’s my elf side making sure my body stays useful. I have no idea what that means or at least what that implicates. I’m curious to see what if would happen if I lost a limb, but I’m not willing to purposefully amputate my arm or leg to see what ability I’ll gain from it. Seeing magic is enough.

I head downstairs where I find Dad setting the table. His magic is green and bright. He’s powerful, but I don’t need a magic seeing eye to tell me that. He’s an old elf, no matter how young he looks.

He smiles when he sees me. He stops what he’s doing and walks over to me, pulling me into a hug. I melt into his embrace before returning his hug. I like hugs, and I’m glad his willing to give me that.

“Good morning, Elias,” he says before stepping back. Dad is tall, even for an elf. The top of my head reaches his shoulder. Like most elves, he has matching green eyes and hair. He has a lanky build and long, pointy ears.

“Morning,” I say quietly. I’m a hybrid so my ears aren’t as long as his. They look like human ear with pointed tips. My hair is a lime green compared to his moss green hair, though I do have the same eyes as him.

I used to hate them when I was younger. I had thought he had abandoned me, but it turned out my mom was just keeping us from each other. It didn’t help that mom was a succubus and the laws were biased against elves when I was a kid. There was no way I was going to be able to stay with him not matter how much he fought.

The laws have gotten better. It’s illegal to discriminate based on race now, not that it’s made much of difference on how elves are treated. It still sucks to an elf, but Dad says it’s better than before. I’ll just take his word for it.

I hated life with Mom. She made me miserable. I knew it wasn’t gong to get better, so I left home as soon as I became an adult, and Dad found me soon after that. I’ve been living with him ever since.

We sit down at the table and eat breakfast. Breakfast is a little awkward because we’re still not use to each other, and I’m not use to talking to another person. Afterwards, we say our goodbyes, and I get in my car and drive to school.

I park the furthest from the school. Nobody parks here, and I’m less likely to be bothered here. If someone want to beat me up, they’ll have to work for it. I lock the door and walk towards the school. I enter the science building.

I scan the classroom, looking for an empty seat. I strategically make my way to the seat in the back. I dodge the foot of someone trying to trip me. As an elf, I have quick reflexes. First year students are easy to deal with since we aren’t taught combat until our second year.

Blairwood University specializes in the training of guards, specifically vaels. I never thought that I would be accepted here. I have Dad to thank for that. He’s a respected doctor in our city. He managed to do all that despite being an elf.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t people that hate him. He does have guards that protect him, and I want to protect him too. I sit down at the empty desk. I ignore the dirty looks sent my way as class starts. I’m not going to let anyone get in my way of graduating.


Getting to my next class is always tricky. My first class is on the second floor, and there’s always someone trying to push me down the stairs. I could jump from the second floor, but that only bring more unwanted attention to me.

I pull my hoody over my head and make a run for it, moving past them before they have the chance to recognize me. I make it to the first floor with no problem. My victory is cut short when I get slammed against the wall.

“Hey, scarface,” Ron says. I mentally groan.

Great, a third year. Ron is a large beefy human that has taken it upon himself to convince me that I don’t belong here and that elves are a blight to society as a whole. His skin is the color of milk chocolate. His brown eyes looks at me gleefully.

I know that I’m not going to leave this encounter unscathed. I gaze at the passing students and sigh. They’re not going to do anything to help me, and I don’t bother hoping that they will. I’m on my own here. I push against Ron. He grabs my wrist and twists it behind my back.

“Still using your daddy’s money to be here,” he asks as he slams my face against the side of the building.

I say nothing and struggle against his hold. I know it’s pointless, given the fact that he’s a third year and is fully capable of beating my insides out of me, but I can’t just let him beat me up. I’m not going to sit here and take his abuse.

I jerk my head back and hit him in the nose. He doesn’t release me but pulls my hand higher. I groan as he almost pulls my arms out of its socket. He grabs my hair and slams my face repeatedly against the wall until for my vision darkens.

He throws me to the ground and kicks me in the stomach. I do my best to block his hits. After a few minutes of him kicking me, he stops and thankfully leaves me alone.

I stand from the ground and wipe my golden blood from my face. I make a quick stop at the bathroom and wash my face. It takes a lot to permanently damage an elf, so I’m not concerned about any injuries caused by him.

I’m more worried about Dad finding out. If my face is still jacked up after school, Dad is going to be angry. I don’t want to upset him.

My face should be healed before I make it home, but my sides are going to still be sore for sure. I head to my next class. Unfortunately, I have a seat in the front. I won’t be able to see anything coming if the other students try something.

“Brad, you won’t believe what I saw,” I hear Franco say behind me.

“What,” Brad asks.

“A dragon.”

“A dragon? Stop lying. Dragons are extinct, and even if you saw one, what is she doing here?”

“I saw her with my own eyes, man, and get this. The University is accepting her as a first year student. She might be in one of our classes.”

“How do you know all this?”

“I have my ways. I’m just saying. I wasn’t the only one to see her. Everyone is going to talking her soon. Just you wait.”

I understand the disbelief. Why would a dragon come here of all places? There are better universities to go to, and it makes less sense for a dragon to chose a career that put them in danger, risking the chance of making their race go truly extinct.

Class starts and ignore the talk the rest of my classmates. If he’s right, the whole school will be talking about it. I’ve heard that dragons are crazy powerful. I hope she doesn’t hate elves.

She might be able to leave scars on me if she decide join everyone else in treating me like garbage. Now that I’m thinking about it, I hope the dragon isn’t real. I hope Franco is lying. The last thing I need is dragon tormenting me.

I take a deep breath. I can deal with it. I’m not going to give up. I can’t give up. I don’t want to disappoint Dad.

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