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(M) Center of a New World (Academy of Guardians Book 1)

Chapter title: 1

Story description: You’d think a shot to the head would result in me seeing the pearly gates. Instead, I wake up in a new world.

All I get told is good luck don’t die. Great. Just great. I’m enrolled in a school that’s supposed to teach me how to control my newfound powers. Yeah, I forgot to mention that. I have powers now. That’s not too bad, but with great powers come great pains in my ass. There’s a catch or several catches.

Follow me as I try to navigate this crazy world and school.

*Sigh* This high school all over again. I’m too old for this shit.

Story genre: Romance

Tags: Reverse harem, isekai, reincarnation, transmigration, kinks, age play, futa, futaxmale, polyandry, little, DDLG, MDLB, BDSM, supernatural, fantasy-romance, shifter, magic, black woman

Chapters written: 42 (complete)


A/N: I just woke up one day and this story popped in my head. This is my first story that I’ve written that is way out of my comfort zone as a writer. I personally don’t know if I’ll actually publish it, but look how many chapters I have done! So, i guess I’ll give it a chance. Title is subject to change. I can’t stick to one.

Also this is an unedited version of the story. If I actually publish this, it will be edited.


I open my eyes and find myself staring into the navy blue eyes of a woman with lavender colored skin. Her dark purple hair fall past her shoulders in gentle waves. She’s wearing a long dress that matches her eyes.

I notice that I’m standing in a barren stone room. I feel so confused. How did I get here? I look down and see that I’m wearing a similar dress to hers that’s white in color. The woman looks at me with a bland expression.

“Welcome to Arcadia, young center,” she says, looking completely unenthusiastic. “You are here because you have died in your home world. If you want to survive here, forget about your previous life. We will teach you how to manage your newfound power. This book will tell you the basics of this world. Here is your class schedule. Here’s a map of the campus. Here’s the key to your dorm, and here’s some money to get you started. You can exit here through that door here. Go straight until you get to the next door.”

Then she walks away, going through the door on the opposite side of the room.

“Wow, nice to meet you too,” I say to the now shut door. “I’m Sienna, and you are?” I roll my eyes. What a great welcome. Just found I died and woke up in a new world. No need to try to help me or calm me down. I’m not freaking out at all.

Well, I’m not, but it’s the thought that counts. I could’ve been freaking out. I fight the urge to follow after her and punch her in the face. I take a deep breath.

I follow the woman’s instructions and exit the room. I go through the door and end up walking door a long hallway until I reach a second door. I open the door and am blinded by bright light. I hiss at the sudden pain in my eyes.

I squint my eyes and wait for them to adjust to the brightness. Once they’re adjusted, I look at the sky. I feel relieved to see that it’s blue. Ok, something normal I can stare at when I start freaking out again.

I take in my surroundings. All I see around me are large red brick buildings, leaving me feel like I’m standing on a college campus. I sort through the items I was given and pull out the map. Thankfully, the building where my room is located is marked. What sucks is that this place is huge, and it looks like I’m in for a long walk.


I enter my room and sigh. I may have been put into a new world but I wasn’t put into a new body. I twist my torso and listen as my back cracks in several places. I look around my dorm.

This place is huge, practically it’s own house. The floor and the walls are made of dark wood. I take my shoes off and step forward. This place has an open set up with no walls between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. I see three other doors in here, two on wall in front of me and one on the right wall.

I place my stuff on the table near me and sit down. I should figure out what the heck I’m getting into. I look the book she gave me. It’s not a large book but is thick. It’s a hard cover book with the word ‘Welcome’ written in cursive. I open it and start reading.

A few hours pass, and I close the book. I read it from beginning to end and I have to say that I’m glad that I wasn’t reborn as a spoke in this place. I’m a little jealous because spokes have cool magical powers but if I’m a powerful center then I might have powers too.

The only problem is that I have to lose my virginity to figure out my power level which I’m not willing to do because that kind of sex forms a type of bond that can only be broken by me saying the words of rejection and cutting of the penis of the spoke.

There has to be way around that bond thing.

This book talks very casually about cutting a dick off. Doing that causes the spoke to spiral into a state of depression until their penis grows back. I mean it’s cool that it grow back and all, but it still sounds completely horrible, and I’m not willing to do that to another person.

So whether I’m weak or strong, I have the ability to strengthen the powers of spokes that are bonded to me. I’ll have to be picky with who I choose. I narrow my eyes.

The book makes sound as if there’ll be flocks of spokes throwing themselves at my feet which sounds kind of scary. That also means if I play my cards right, I can live my life comfortably without having to lift a finger.

Yeah, I say that but I don’t know how if I get used to the idea of building a harem of men. I sigh. I’ll just have to wait and see. I get up from the table and head to the one of the doors in the back. I choose the door on the left.

I enter it and see that it’s a bedroom. This room is even bigger than the room I just came from. In the center of it lies a large bed with red covers on it. It looks like five people could comfortably fit on it. On each side of the bed are smaller kidney shaped beds the same color as the sheets on the main bed.

Based off what I read in the book, this room is meant to hold a harem of four spokes. If I want I can make it fit eight. The beds on the sides of the main bed are there as a way to spite spokes that have displeased a center.

The room has a vanity with a mirror, a dresser drawer, and full body mirror. I take a look at myself. I let out a sigh of relief that my face still look the same. I still have my abnormally large breasts and slightly chubby body, but I didn’t need a mirror to know that. I notice a closet door on the right. I walk over to it and see that it’s a huge walk in closet. Ooh, fancy.

I step back out and see a door across the room from the closet. I walk towards it and open it, revealing a fancy behind bathroom. It has a tub in the center and large shower on the back wall. I walk over to the tub and turn the knob connected to it.

I sigh in relief when I see water comes out. It’s good to know they have plumbing here. I turn off the water and leave the room. I step into the main living space and turn to the other door.

I open it, revealing a tiny bathroom with a cheap looking toilet. The sink is so close to the toilet that I don’t think anyone could use the toilet without bumping their hips against it. On the top corner of the bathroom is a rusty showerhead. I just leave and shut the door behind me. I’m going to pretend I never saw that.

I walk to the other door I haven’t explored yet. I open it and see some type of machine. I don’t know what it could be used for. I don’t even know what I’m looking at. I see a basin with a rod with a crank attached to it and bunch of metal cords running from the wall to different parts of the room and the machine.

I leave the room and head back to the bedroom. I head to the dresser drawer that’s in there and open it. I see three dresses hanging inside. I open a drawer and find a pajama and changes of underwear. Ok, I’m set. I walk back to the table and look at my schedule.

I only have three classes and they’re one and a half hours long. Another thing I learned is that time runs differently here. There’s 80 minutes in an hour and 28 hours in a day which means I have 4 extra hours in a day. That gives me enough time to explore this place and figure out what I’m going to do.

I yawn and tilt my head to the side, causing the bones in my neck to pop. What time is it? I still feel tired from my time at work. I look around to see if there is anything that could tell me what time it is. I see a tablet device hanging on the wall that’s displaying the number 19:62 in red.

It confuses me for, like, a minute because if that’s the time that doesn’t make any sense. Then I realize that would make sense for how time works here. I take a moment to try to calculate what time it would translate to. Wouldn’t that mean it’s 5pm right now?

I yawn again. Ok, I don’t care anymore. I take a shower and go to bed. I moan as my body touches it. This is so comfortable. I’m out like light in three seconds.


I wake up feeling confused but then I remember everything that happened. Right, I died and got isekai’ed here. I get out of bed and check the time. I see that it’s only 1 o’clock in the morning. I crawl back in bed and go to sleep.

The second time I wake up, it’s 7. My first class is at 9. I get up and get ready. One thing I didn’t check yesterday was if there’s any hot water. There isn’t, but I’m surprisingly fine with that. I found my cold shower oddly refreshing.

I do manage to find something that I think is toothpaste and a toothbrush. I’m feeling lucky. I’m not the type of person to take forever to get ready so it isn’t long before I’m siting at the table.

I look over the welcome book again, making sure my tired brain from yesterday didn’t misinterpret or misunderstand anything. I don’t think I did. After I finish skimming over the book, I turn my attention to my schedule. I take out my map and mark where my classes are and what time I need to be there.

Thankfully, most of my classes are nearish to each other. Now, where is the cafeteria? It takes me a moment to find it, and when I do find it, I groan. It’s so far away from my dorm.

I look at the shoes I’m wearing now. I think this’ll be fine.

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