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We know, what happens if we fall for our best friend. But, do you know what happens if a person falls for his best friend's elder brother. And what will happen, if the person himself is straight, at least he thinks he is. To find out read the story. ------------------------------------------------- This is the story of KYLE JOHNSON, who falls for his best friend's brother LUCAS WILLIAMS , although he thinks he is straight. Will he be able to unmask his feeling for him?

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KYLE JOHNSON is a 19 year old, first year IT student. STRAIGTH. He have only dated hot chicks his whole damn life. He is kind and hot-tempered at same time. No one other than his parents and his best friend HUNTER WILLIAMS, who he knows from his fourth grade and they are inseparable from that, knows or understand his behavior and attitude. His parents are CLARA STEVE and SOPHIE JOHNSON. Yep! They are lesbians, who adopted Kyle, when he was one and half. He really loves his mama and mom. They never ever made him feel the void of a father. They love him more than themselves, their one and only son. He moved at the age of 18 from the house to become independent, under one condition, to stay in the same city. So, Kyle can visit his parents every weekend, which he did; unless he had other plans. He works in a café as a part-time worker for his daily needs. It’s not like his parents refused to pay him, but he wants to stand on his own feet.

He always hangs out with his group, specially his best friend Hunter, they are in the same class. Hunter often invites Kyle to his house, no, not a house but you can imagine as a palace in which Hunter lives as a fucking prince. He doesn’t live alone. He lives with his elder brother LUCAS WILLIAMS, {a third year student at the same collage as Kyle } their parents live in France. So their kids are living along for the past 9 years. Lucas take cares of his brother very well. He loves his brother very much. The loves between these two brothers are the only thing that supported them, when their parents left them. Their dad ADRIEN WILLIAMS is a business man, who holds a empire. Their new mother CATTY WILLIAMS, you can know her as a GOLD DIGGER. Their real mother LISA WILLIAMS died after she gave birth to Hunter, for which MR. William blames him and married Catty after 3 years from Lisa’s death. But Lucas always supported and protected his brother, he was a perfect role model for a big brother. He is a popular basket ball player, who won many tournaments. He was always supportive, whether for his team or for his brother or for his friends. He has a best friend, ALBERT LUCIFER. The one and only heir of the LUCIFER EMPIRE; he has a crush on Hunter, who is straight, at least for now he is.

Let’s see whether their lives starts change when they encounter an tornado called FATE ?

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