The Gemlight Book Awards (Winter, 2021-2022)

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1. Josh’s Butterfly by @CLBrierley (horror/thriller)

2.The Haunting Daunt by @Hamaza_Parvez (horror/thriller)

3. Life by @CatJohnson (thriller)

4. The Daviant by @sophia560 (thriller)

5. The Case of the Bone Freak by @TimidonNodimit

6. The chained wife by @Misshmd27 (thriller/horror)

7. Till death do us apart by @_amy_Zayd_ (horror)

8.The Carrier by @Harperjackson83 (zombie/horror)

9.Ghost Stories Untold by @shriharsha1 76

10. Entity’s Book by @BookLover_69420

*This chapter is published as a confirmation of the participants books ad usernames since the category is full and there is not more space for any other entry.

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