The Gemlight Book Awards (Winter, 2021-2022)

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1. Adventure Gone Wrong by @Nashra_Parvez (adventure/action)

2. The Soulmate by @monkeyteah123 (adventure/action)

3. Wolf’s Lullaby by @LenaP91 (action/adventure)

4. Pandora’s Box [email protected] (adventure)

5. White Flower by @unfortunateone (adventure)

6. Rival Gangs by @Mia_xo_Rose (action/adventure)

7. Onyx The Sovereign Slayer Chronicles by @TheBlindKing (action/adventure)

8. Human: Paradigm (COMPLETED) by @LMTalus (adventure)

9. The Passion House by @@AyaJmandre (action/Adventure)

*This chapter is published as a confirmation of the participants books ad usernames since the category is full and there is not more space for any other entry.

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