The Gemlight Book Awards (Winter, 2021-2022)

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Submissions Closed.

Hi! Hope everyone is doing okay.

As per the schedule of the contest (in chapter 3), the submissions for The Gemlight Book Awards For Winter CLOSES now! No entry shall be accepted after this.

Thank you for all your support and love. I really am thankful to all your cooperation. Taking in view the the mess up of last time, I shall try my best to keep this well arranged and clean.

Judging will start soon and please make sure to follow your respective judges or your books shall be kicked out after a waning.

Also, every participant shall be informed about their respective judges in person(on their inkitt walls), on @CommunitForWriters wall, and in this book.

If you have any suggestion or wishes, don't be shy and ask away! 'Cause I love knew ideas and suggestions to improve.

Good Luck!


(Founder of TWC).

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