The Gemlight Book Awards (Winter, 2021-2022)

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Judge 4: @saradavil5


3.His Prey by @vampirella (erotica)

5.My Golden Eye Boss by @resad (romance/erotica)

7.Back For Her: A Irish Mafia Romance by @babygurll98 (erotica/romance)

9. Rebellious Trust by @Cediona Maision (erotica/romance)

6.Last Chance by @Mangus_K (romance)

8. The Flower on the river bank book 2 The Bud by @I_a_ruel. (romance/historical)


4.The Duke who is devilish by @nikki_larousse (Historical)

5.The Spartan Chimera by @penumbramine (historical)

8. Ursa by @ JerryKennard (Historical Fiction)

9. Divine Charity by @J.A.Price (drama)

6. Drake (Book 1) by @willsolomon (drama)


4. The Deviant by @sophia560 (thriller)


8. Human: Paradigm (COMPLETED) by @LMTalus (adventure)

9. Red Fantasy by @ApocalypseWrites (Action)

10. 10. The Passion House by @@AyaJmandre (action/Adventure)


1.Sensitive Flower [Poetry] by @wh0kn0ws

Fantasy :

8. James Hook & Captain Pan (A Short Story) by @GwenThames

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