The Gemlight Book Awards (Winter, 2021-2022)

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The Fairy in the Birch by @Bloomfield 89

Book 1 •The Worshippers of Pan series (Romance) by WorshippersofPan 89

The Ghost in Roses by @greenpigsfly4t 85

The Silent Witness by @kimappelgryn (high fantasy) 84

Wardens of the Worthy by @TheGreenShoes (fantasy) 82

The Chronicles of Clan by @BoxerMcFoster 80

James Hook & Captain Pan (A Short Story) by @GwenThames 73

The Last Magus by @Mavericks_Ghost (fantasy/humor) 69

The Lord Who Lost [Flemington #1] by nikki_larousse 64

The Alpha’s Lost Luna by @Jadewolf2008 63

Between Fire and Forest by @Cat_Johanson (fantasy) 50

Last updated 3/18/2022.

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