The Gemlight Book Awards (Winter, 2021-2022)

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Due to insufficient entries in most of the categories, the date of submission has been extended merging the supposed winter awards with the fall ones. Hence, new schedule will be available in a few day time. (-@saradavil5- the organizer of the awards)

1. Also the number of entries has been increased per category.
Romance/erotica (10)
Fantasy (10)
Horror/thriller (10)
Action/adventure (10)
Poetry (10)
Historical/drama (10)

*(the parenthesis shoe the now total number of entries allowed per genre)

2. No need to apply again (for the previous participants ). Your submissions are recorded.

3. As for new participants, they can entre their books by filling out the former form (given in the sixth chapter)

4. The former chapter will not be deleted because of the recorded comments as the proof of one’s submission. So, the former chapters will be updated 9with the date mentioned they were last updated on)

Again, sorry for any inconvenience. Also, spread the word so that other participants may know of the change. Sincere apologies from, @saradavil5

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