Day in the life of a lacrosse player

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The day in the life of a lacrosse player that wants to be the best, he practice’s every day even on game day before he goes to practice.

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The boy was named Liam he wanted to be really good at lacrosse, so he woke up every morning at 5am.He gets his breakfast drinks some milk and gets ready, grabs his stick and a ball and a extra ball.He takes a walk to the woods every morning and through the allies, he uses the stick to throw the ball to the wall of the allies, and catches it with his stick, and keeps going when he’s at the woods he uses the trees to dodge, then he’ll jump over trees that have fallen, then pick up the ball with his stick to practice in case it has fallen out.The only difference today is he has a game today, he plays with the Boston cannons and he was against the lizards.So that meant he had 6 hours to practice in the woods, because he had to go get his safety pads, his helmet, his cleats and his uniform.the game was at 12pm.
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