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It all started with quest for power and control A stupid crazy girl with a hidden desire to revenge An Alpha determined to love his mate Dangerous conspiracy unraveling Five Packs in a house with a dash of other species All three power come to ignite a fire All in one summer. Packs with their own problems and difficulties are brought together to fight a common cause. People of different species are forced by fate to join the cause. You will surely love it

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Chapter 1

I woke up because of the weird alarm that my dad always tell me to switch on.

Mimicking my dad's words, “Never switch off you alarm it keeps you at alert all the time” laying emphasis on all the time.

I walked towards the closet then my phone started ringing. It happens to be Sandra one of the girls that is obsessed with me, completely ignoring it.

I went for my shower which was a little quick. I wore a blue shirt and a white Jeans(my favorite color). I pack my bag and went out of my room.

I was greeted with a Peck on my right cheek, my wolf surfaced and Sandra was taken aback. Asper, my wolf pushed her to the wall and I quickly took over. “Have I not told you to never to touch me without my permission”? I asked, before she could reply, Larry pull me back and into a tight hug after pulling away “ I have found my mate” Larry said.

I was taken aback because the walls have built for years crumbled into pieces once again “Are you alright?” He asked. It really hurts when people find their mates and I remember the incident and what mine did to me.

“ Yeah I was just shocked about it” I replied. We made our way towards the car, he told me how he met her in the school in the golden moon territory. I remember he had to follow his dad on a meeting while I went to the Afternoon pack with my dad even though he didn't allow me to enter with them which is weird cause am always in every meeting he had if am available at the moment. I even represent him sometimes.

I listened to Larry as he talked about her beauty, how she smiles and characters. Well her name is Blessing, and he kept on talking about her. The guy is already whipped.

She is from golden moon pack. The beta's daughter (the baddest combination) I thought.

I mind link my parents that I have gone to school with Larry. I know I will not concentrate in school because of what Larry said. I went to school trying my best to concentrate but my wolf sometimes blame himself for what happened but I feel if she can't accept me the way I was then she isn't worth it. But sometimes I feel if I was strong enough maybe we will be a happy couple by now.

Asper wants to be let out to search for his mate but I know it's impossible, I don't know her name not to talk of searching her up. I can't necessarily go to all packs now. I have my business, pack and studies to look after. If, it's meant to be it will be. I tried and block him out after we were done with our final exams. I went to the back of the school. I ended up thinking about what I have kept from my whole family for good two years.

Flash back.

2 years ago in golden moon pack.

Christian (Chris) p.o.v

I woke up late since it was Saturday. I took my bath and did a slight make up. I wore a grey vest and a black Jeans. I hated the fact that I had to tie my hair in a ponytail. I love losing it to fly around my back. I wore a pair of black boots.

Since I was going to the Omega's side of the pack because of the cliff. I told my brother that I was going to the mall since he won't allow me to go to the cliff. It nice and cool over there, so I love going their. I took a fast breakfast with my family.

They were not able to go because they said they were busy with some important work which is good.

Since my brother is the Alpha I will always move with guards even though I hate it, so I always put up an act to stop moving around with it.

I got into the limo waiting for me. I started chatting with my friends and listening to music. I was a carefree girl, no worries, just sixteen. A young adult. I know I will soon meet my mate but due to some circumstances I will have to reject him. It's not as if it will be something that big. I can't bare to lose him to death, it's better I reject him and go through rejection than watch him die because of my stupidity and selfishness.

We got there and I saw that everywhere was nice. My main reason for going there was because of the cliff. I only wanted to take pictures and be free, enjoy life before I start the new journey of my life. Be free from all this pack duties, be free from having to take care of Malik. Even though Joy, my brother's mate sometimes help. The pack is used to me and I had to be responsible at a young age due to my parents death and those stupid and useless elders. They are all going to regret it and feel my wrath.

If I told my brother (Aden) he won't allow me so l had to lie. I made my way to the cliff with the aid of the GPS receiving nods and waves on the way. I got near the cliff it was beautiful. I was staring and enjoying the beautiful nature when this intoxicating scent was coming in waves to me.

Ana was saying something I blocked her and follow the scent when I saw his well-structured abs and beautiful dark blue eyes. He was shirtless with great difficulty I blocked Ana out again.

Ana came out again.” why Can't I connect with his wolf.” “I don't know” I said.

He was just staring at me, and I was also doing the same. I finally snap out of my trance. I moved into the wood motioning him to follow so that my guards won't notice, and he followed.,

“What's your name” I asked him.

“Casper” he replied.

His voice was masculine but his wolf was a pup, does he even have one. With the revenge for my parents death, he will be a distraction and danger to him self and myself. I can't bear to lose him, so I had to rejected him. l thought.

“I Christiana reject you Casper”

Casper's p.o.v
Immediately I heard those words the ground around me shock. I could not smell her scent to know if she was an important personality or not. My wolf was an abnormal wolf I hated myself for it. I don't even know the pack's name.

My vision was becoming blur, I could see was hatred, love, regret, sadness and happiness. It felt horrible to see my mate reject me just because I was an omega. I am having mixed emotion anger, love, sorrow, happiness and hatred.

I was happy because have seen my mate. Angry because I am a common omega. Sad because she was crying and she rejected me. she ran away before I could talk.

I ran to the other side since I have no one to talk to I went deep into the forest I didn't know where I was. I didn't even bother about it. I want to know the reason why my wolf was different why I could not be like other wolf.

I could not catch any scent, my hearing abilities is like a human, I ran like a human, I don't have any wolf abilities. I just know that am a werewolf because I shifted. Am just an abnormal wolf.

My wolf don't come out, so I don't go for run. Not long after I shifted and my friends saw how my wolf was always cowering for any little thing they left me alone saying they can't play with me any more even though my wolf is huge like an Alpha's wolf.

a bully victim and my only friends were my parents. They have been of great help and will always advise and play with me. I wanted to tell someone what was wrong with me. Sometimes my parents will report to the principal.

He kept saying he will do something about it. I have considered running away but to an “I don't know” destination. Right now I fell like killing myself, I climbed a tree to the highest branch when I looked down I said to myself “c'mon death is not easy people that kill themselves are trying.

I tried many other attempt but to no avail. I think my parents might know about it. A part of me wanted to tell them while the other part of me do not. I was going crazy and nut.

I was walking around my when I notice a tap on my back which made me jump back. I looked at the person. He was a stranger.

“How may I help you” I asked.

“Hey, you will help me by following me” he said.

“I won't” I replied.

“You have no choice human”.

A cloth was in front of my nose before I could tell him I was a werewolf. I black out.

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