Taken, Awoke, Reborn

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When Selene Coldbane is taken captive by the Nemurire Council, one of the oldest vampire covens, not even the love of the Head Master can save her. With no one to rely on other than herself, Selene must keep from being sucked into the dark madness of the Coven's Queen, Azurah. It doesn't take long to realize Azurah will stop at nothing to bring her into the fold. Selene must figure out a way to escape the living nightmare that's erupting around her or prepare for an eternity under the clutches of the Queen. Thrust into a world of psychological madness, she has two options: submit to her captors or fight an ongoing battle for survival. With a tainted past she keeps hidden and locked deep within, will she be able to overcome her demons and give all of herself to someone other than Xavier? Love and commitment are tested when she meets Demien. In his arms she feels a sense of freedom and home. With time running out, she must decide if her fate lies with Xavier, the right hand of the Queen, or Demien, the Nephilim who wants nothing more than to protect her.

Other / Romance
Samantha Prescott
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Samantha Prescott

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