The Medieval Cell

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This story tells of a young girl battling her nightmares and her current situation at home along with her health.

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I am confused, I am hurt, but still why do I keep wanting the feeling of belonging. The feeling of acceptance; is something I always long for, but yet it never stays. Being understood is the only thing I ask of him, of everyone. Can I really call the home I live in somewhere I feel warmth, love, kindness, or acceptance. My mind goes crazy for the idea I could someday feel accepted in the place I should call home. Your weird, your different, your just like your mother, those things repeadettly get told to me. When will it stop? why is being different and so much like my mother bother them or even annoy them. I guess thats something I wont ever get the answers to. The darkness of the cold stone floor, the room smells of agony, and sorrow, the rott of the stone walls fill the room. In front of me the bars in which trap me in this dark room; the little light I see is the hallway leading to the right I look at it but I never escape. The chains grabbing ahold of my feet full of dirt. Its so cold in there; my father yells at me, calls me stupid, and weird. I hear my mother scream in agony; I know shes getting tortured, but I can never reach her; my mind goes crazy.

Then I wake up.

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