The Medieval Cell

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The pain crawls through my body; my uncontrollable movements rage through me. My head goes blank as people panic around me. Not a single thought goes through my head as I shake back, and forth. I hear running, but I'm unable to hear what they say. Next thing I know a weighted blanket is on top of my body weighing me down. My arms and legs unable to move; I'm tired, I am crying. I slowly look over, and see mom right beside me. I say quietly "I'm sorry, I didnt mean to have a seizure again..." Mom tells me its not my fault, but why does it always feel like it is? As I take my pain medication I worry for soon to come is the prison in my sleep. For weeks or months the nightmare circulates in my head whenever I have a seizure. 11:25pm, struggling for a while; I fall asleep.

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