The Dark Side Of The Act

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The dark truths about sex ......πŸ’” The truths brought to light 😍 The sacredness of the act πŸ˜‰

Nothando Dlamini
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Hello, how are you.

I'm glad you are reading this book. Before getting any further please follow me , vote for this introduction and the next chapter which is where all the real realationship and sex talk will be taking place .

This is actually going to be something I've learnt in this journey I'm in called' life ', know and have seen people talking about it in various social media platforms.

I've learnt this information and wrote it in my dairy for the longest time I can remember.

This is about the sacredness of sex.

'THE DARK SIDE OF THE ACT' means the ugly truths that are never told about having sex. And a lot of people ignore this and act as if they don't know it when in reality' It is the truth ' .

I don't write spiritual books . But this topic is one that people ignore the most . And this book has a lil bit of #spiritual talk .

I hope you'll see the truths in what I'll be talking about in the next one or two chapters.

Happy reading

And please don't judge.

©️Nothando Dlamini 2020 The Dark Side Of The Act

I might aswell expect some hate comments about this I guessπŸ˜‚.

So I'll have to be ready for anything after publishing this . I'll brace myself😎

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