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bts oneshots ! i'm doing member x member so if you dont like it then sayonara *cries in japanese* i can ship every memeber with every member so there will be lost of combos. even orgies... :)

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I'm Not Gay :: vmin

angst // TRIGGER WARNING!! cutting, depression, and attempt of su!c!de

Everyone noticed Jimin’s anger. They could all feel it.

Everyone except Kim Taehyung.

“Hey Jiminie” Tae smirked before kissing his cheek “Get the fuck away from me” Jimin hissed and everyone was shocked at what he said

“What’s wrong? You need kisses?”

“I said get the fuck away from me” Jimin pushed Taehyung out of his seat, away from him and the younger was angry

“What’s your problem?” Taehyung said, louder than usual. The cafeteria went silent as Jimin started laughing “Haha.. what’s my problem.”

He looked up and Taehyung shivered “WHAT’S MY PROBLEM?!” Jimin stormed towards Taehyung


Taehyung gulped. He knew the elder was mad- no pissed

“Your my problem Kim Taehyung. I’m sick and tired of you. You claim that your not gay but every single fucking thing you do and say is gay!”

Taehyung regained his posture and replied to the boy “Because I’m not”

“WELL I AM! Your messing with me! Your playing with my damn feelings and you know that!” Jungkook knew what he was gonna do. “Jimin sto-” “No Jungkook!”

“First you tell me that you like me and then the next day, I see you kissing some bitch right beside your locker. And after you apologize, you do the same fucking thing.”

Taehyung was gonna say something but Jimin just slapped him “Shut up”

“Jimin don’t-”

“After apologizing to me again. You promise to not hurt me. So I trust you. I was so stupid to trust you. Because after you take something irreplaceable from me. YOU GO AND HAVE SEX WITH SOME SLUT IN MY DORM AND IN MY BED!”

Taehyung’s eyes widened when he noticed the tears coming down Jimin’s face “THAT IS SO- s-so fucked u-up” The elder’s voice cracks and he can’t take it anymore

Sobs leave Jimin’s mouth and Taehyung’s heart shatters “Jimin” The younger reaches out only to be pushed away “Don’t ever touch me. You fuckboy”

That’s the last thing Jimin said to Taehyung before leaving school early.


It’s been 2 weeks, 5 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes and 15 seconds since Taehyung has talked, seen or even heard from Jimin.

He was constantly asking Jimin’s friends if they had heard from the smaller boy, every time they would either not tell him or answer no, Taehyung would burst into tears and apologize.

“Taehyung?” Jungkook lifted his hoodie and gasped “Oh my god, Tae..”

He was a mess. He had bags under his eyes, he wasn’t smiling anymore, he was paler, he had cuts all over his hands and his hair was unmade “Tae, are you cutting?”

Taehyung started crying again “Yes I am cutting. Yes, I’m starving myself and yes, I’m depressed. But I fucking deserve it. I deserve all of it.... hurting Jimin is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire fucked up life.. I miss him. I fucking want him Jungkook. I want to be with him. I wanna hold hands with him, take him out on cute little dates, kiss him in the rain, make him happy and so much more. But instead I hurt him. I broke him. I swear if he isn’t alive anymore.. I’ll kill myself.”

By the time Taehyung was done he had just realized something. “It’s my fault.. h-he doesn’t n-need me” Taehyung stood up

“Tell Jimin I love him, and give him this. I love you Jungkook. Thank you for being my best friend” The boy placed a note and a promise ring in Jungkook’s hand and left

“Fuck.. no Taehyung stop”

Before Jungkook could do anything, Taehyung was already gone. The panicked boy called Jimin quickly

“God pick up pick up pick-” “Jungkook what?"

“Taehyung’s trying to kill himself! I don’t know where he went but I think he’s gonna drown himself in the school’s pool. Like last time.”

Jimin hung up after that.

He ran out of the dorms like a crazy person.

Forget everything. Taehyung don’t go. Please..

Jimin slammed open the school doors and Jungkook ran towards him. “Jimin..” “Where is he? Jungkook where is he?!”

“He told me to give you this” Jimin realized Jungkook was really crying. He looked down and saw a ring and immediately broke.

They started running towards the pool and Jungkook was right.

There stood Taehyung, he had heavy weights tied on his legs

He saw Hoseok and Namjoon yelling at Taehyung, telling him not to jump. Jimin soon realized why.

Taehyung couldn’t swim.

“TAEHYUNG DON’T! IT’S 36 FEET DEEP!” Jimin watched as Taehyung closed his eyes and slipped off “I love you.. Jimin”

“TAEHYUNG!” Jimin sobbed as he watched the boy’s body sink to the bottom. “Someone has to do something!” Jungkook screamed

“It’s too deep- Jimin!” The boy didn’t care, he needed Taehyung in his life. He dived deeper until he saw the boy floating in the water.

Jimin grabbed the weights and struggled to get them untied. The chains rattle at the pool floor, He looks up and sees Taehyung’s hair floating up in the water. Jimin felt himself losing air, He starts to panic

Hang in there Taetae.

He swims to the top to breathe “Jimin-” “No! I’m not leaving him”

The boy swims back down and tries again. He swims back down and tugs at the grey heavy chains. He realizes how Tae tied them and has trouble getting them off. He accidentally opens his mouth and water flushes in instantly

He manages to get one off before swimming back up. “Oh god” Jimin starts coughing and they all worry for him. Namjoon tries to pull him out but the smaller pushes him away. His eyes are red and he’s gasping for air “It’s too dangerous Jimin”

“And I’m not going to let him die! The more you distract me, the less time he has before giving in” Jimin takes one deep breath before sucking in air. He dives down and sees Taehyung arms getting more reckless.

He’s trying to keep himself in the water..

Jimin quickly stops his arms before going down to untie the last heavy weight, He struggles to get it off but he did it.

He grabs Taehyung by his waist and starts swimming up

Taehyung opens his eyes and feels someone pulling him up. He starts thrashing in their arms. He’s trying desperately to get out of their arms. He doesn’t wanna live

He manages to get out of their arms and tries to get back down but again the person grabs him

The two boy’s fight underwater until Jimin finally gets him above the water. Taehyung starts splashing the water and screaming “Taehyung! Stop! Stop! Taehyung!” The boy’s heart raced.

That voice..

Taehyung slowly looks over and sees him

Him. Jimin. His pink hair, his beautiful eyes, his cute chubby cheeks. Him. Park Jimin.

“N-no.. I’m still alive right? I’m hallucinating.. he’s not here..” Jungkook shook his head no and Taehyung’s heart stopped

“J-Jimin.. oh my god. Y-Your here.. god no. You can’t... No” Taehyung starts swimming away from the boy.

“Tae.. Taehyung don’t” Jimin whimpered as he got out of the cold water to catch up to Taehyung “No! Jimin no!”

The smaller’s heart cracked when he heard how broken Tae was

“I hurt you.. you shouldn’t be with me. I ruined everything we had! I know you thought I was playing with your feelings but every single thing I did and said was to show you that I loved you. I just can’t do anything in public... or say that I’m gay.. b-because m-m-my parents... a-are hom-mophobic and a-abus-sive. But I just wanna love you! I wanna be with you. I wanna date you Jimin! I love you. I am in love with you!”

Taehyung shivered as he let out sobs and wails.

He fell to his knees and cried. Jimin ran and quickly pulled him into a hug. Taehyung cries got louder until they were screams

“I can’t... I deserve to die Jimin! You don’t need me! I-I don’t deserve you-” “No Tae you do. I need you more than I need myself. Because I love you.. I love you too Taetae. I can’t live without you.”

Tae looked up before closing his eyes as Jimin kissed him. Tae placed his hand on the back of Jimin’s neck and kissed him. Slowly and passionately.

The two broke the kiss and Jimin pressed their foreheads together.

“I purple you” Taehyung’s eyes softened and he smiled his bright boxy smile “I purple you too”

Taehyung got better with Jimin’s help and he apologized for his actions. Namjoon helped both Jimin and Taehyung study since neither did. Over time everything was great. They were happy

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