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Anna Chaucer. Daughter of Former king Ace Chaucer and sister of King Brandon Chaucer. Harry Marlowe. Son of duke Jake Marlowe and brother of queen Alexandra Chaucer. These two are like opposites. They hate each other but can't live without each other. They kinda have a love-hate relationship. Harry was assigned to start training with the kingdom's warriors since he doesn't want to go back to Graceland. Anna princess wants to live a peaceful life. But with Harry in her life. It's anything but peaceful. Follow their journey together. --------------------------------------------- *3rd book in HIS QUEEN series* Give it a try!!

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Chapter 2

Anna's POV

"Is everything done?" I asked Lucas, the butler.

"Yes princess." He said reluctantly. I know I'm evil I got Lucas into this but I need the help of someone strong.

Oh well here's what I did. I put mouses in Harry room. I just know he hated them and that's just what I did.

Payback for 5 years ago. I never got the chance to have my payback.

"Stupid cat!" I turned around to him, walking towards me with a smirk on his face.

"Really? The same old stupid nickname? Can't you grow up!" I rolled my eyes at him.

"You're stupid." He said.

He has changed. A lot actually. His eyes were cold. He only smirked when he teases me or when he calls me nicknames. 5 years ago he would smile not smirk. He was more built now and more handsome.

Hmpf stop it Anna.

"What do you want?" I asked him annoyed.

"You." He smirked more and I tried to keep myself collected.

"Not cliché." I said with sarcasm in my tone. He bursted in laughter.

"Did you think that I would want someone like you?" Ouch.

"Great then leave me alone."

"Whatever." He walked past me.

I slowly followed him and he was walking towards his room. Great! Everything is going as planned. He opened his door slowly and stilled. I saw mouses running outside the room and seconds later he screamed.

A girly scream.

It was my time to burst in laughter when I heard his scream. Can you imagine the big scary warrior... screaming a girly scream?

"You!" He shouted when he saw me.

"Me?" I asked innocently. He started running towards me.

I panicked and ran towards my brother's office. My only shelter.

"Brother! I'm about to die." I said dramatically.

"What! What happened?" He asked me standing up quickly.

I tried to control my laughter but couldn't.

"Anna!" He yelled from outside and bursted into the office.

"What the fuck is happening here?" Brandon snapped.

"Brother I only gave him a gift." I smiled innocently.

"Mouses! She put in my room mouses!" He yelled.

Brandon looked like he would burst in laughter but he controlled it.

"Amazing right? I mean who thought of bringing you a gift but me?" I smirked.

"Enough! Both of you. What are you? Five?" He yelled.

"What's going on here?" Dad asked entering the office.

"Uhm.." if my dad knew what I did I'll be grounded for sure. Princess or not.

"Nothing sir." Harry said. Dad nodded but looked suspicious.

"I'll leave you all then to whatever you were doing." Dad said eying me carefully and left.

"Anna what do you think you're doing? Harry has been away for 4 years and that's the first thing you did?"

"He put poo in my room 5 years ago! POO!" I screamed.

"5 years Anna. FIVE YEARS." Brandon yelled back. I felt tears in my eyes as I looked at the floor.

Maybe he's right I shouldn't have done that.

"I'm sorry." Harry looked at me with a hard expression.

"It's okay. Brandon don't be hard on her I forgive her." Brandon sighed.

"Just don't do it again okay?" Brandon hugged me and kissed my hair.

"Okay." I whispered.

"Daddy!" Little Wendy screamed entering the room. Brandon caught her and threw her in the air. She giggled.

"Uncle." Matt nodded at Harry and smiled when he saw me. "Auntie Anna!" He screamed and ran to hug me.

I hugged him tight kissing his beautiful face.

"Why are you all here?" Alex laughed when she saw us all engrossed with her children.

"Nothing." Both Harry and I said.

"Hmm okay." She smirked and I rolled my eyes.

"Come on Matt you have lessons now." Matt groaned and followed his mother.

Will I ever get a happy family like theirs?

"Welcome back Harry. We're so proud of you." Mom said making me roll my eyes.

"Thank you Aunt Lea." He smiled at her. That smile though.

I internally smacked myself. He's handsome but he's a jerk. Never forget that Anna. Not only a jerk but he's stupid. And I hate him. I glanced up to see everyone looking at me.

"What?" Mom smirked.

"What are you thinking about Anna?" She asked.

"Nothing." I said.

"Okay then. I was saying that princess Gwen is coming tomorrow with her younger brother prince Kurt. You have to go to town to buy a new dress." She said.

"Okay. I will mother." I replied politely.

I glanced at the people sat on the table. My eyes were met with Harry's frown as he was looking at his food. What's his problem?

"I'm full." I said excusing myself from the dinning room.

"Me too." Alex said and followed me.

"What?" I asked her when she stopped me.

"That was so funny what you did to Harry." I looked at her in disbelief.

"It's your brother. Shouldn't you be angry or something?"

"Angry? No." She bursted in laughter. "It's called girls power. We need it here." She giggled.

"It was indeed funny." I laughed at the memory.

"Am I missing something here?" Harry said out of nowhere.

"Yes." I said seriously.

"What?" He asked curious.

"A brain." Alex laughed and I joined her.

"Very funny. Both of you." He rolled his eyes but his small smile didn't go unnoticed by me. I mean he have the hottest smile how couldn't I notice it?

I'm going to kill myself for sure.

What is wrong with me?

"Come on Anna we have to buy you a dress for tomorrow." Alex said smirking at Harry.

"Yeah okay." I said following her.

Harry's glare was burning my back but at that moment I didn't care. We kept walking until we were stopped by Conor.

"Hey Conor." I said to him.

"Hello princess." He replied with a small smile.

"Is something wrong Conor?" Alex was on full queen form now.

"No your highness I'm going with you to town." Alex sighed in relief.

"Okay we'll be ready in five." She smiled at him and we went inside her room.

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