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Welcome to the Cσαlιτιση λωαrδs 2021. We officially begin accepting submissions on February 1st, 2021. In recognition of the vitality of every writer here on Inkitt, the Cσαlιτιση λωαrδ is presented to authors for the best book in their respective genres. This is a multi-genre category awards. Currently, recruiting judges. Open [❌ ] Judging [ ❌ ] Closed [ ]

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Welcome to the Cσαlιτιση λωαrδs 2021.

The Cσαlιτιση λωαrδs recognizes writers of exceptional talent for the year’s best novel or poetry as selected by a two-member judging panel.

Now, let’s dive right in!

- Follow our account and add this book to your library to receive all of our updates.

- For this edition, participants are to follow our community moderators @word_smith, @jjiawei and @knottyknitter. They put a ton of work and effort into running these awards smoothly.

- All books must adhere to Inkitt guidelines and must have at least 10 chapters to enter the awards. Judges need to review 10 chapters for both rounds.

- Inkitt has no affiliation with this award.

- To enter the awards, fill in an application form in the Form chapter and be sure to enter your password. Tag one of the moderators for a faster response, this is completely optional and totally up to you. We respond to questions and submissions twice every week via the community account, however we're always logged in to our individual accounts.

- To ensure you actually read the rules, the password for your form is the first name of your favourite writer + your favourite colour.

- Judges can enter the awards as well, however, they cannot enter their books into the same genre they’re judging.

- You’re required to follow your genre judge(s) once they are announced.

- Do not attempt to bribe the judges, that’s grounds for instant disqualification.

- If you do not find your main genre or if it is full, you can enter your story into its sub-genre.

- You can enter a maximum of two books into the awards, however they cannot be in the same genre.

- Leave all of your questions and inquires on this chapter.

- Our awards have two rounds: the elimination round is the first round, and the second round is the final round. Both rounds are based on judging, in line with our rubrics.

- All participants and judges are required to be cordial, follow due process and respect one another.

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