Coalition Awards 2021-CLOSED

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Our rubric serves as a guide for our judges and a reference for our participants.

This year, we’ve got a whole other category, and it’s the Grand Masters Archive category.

The Grand Masters Archive category is our Overall Winners’ category which will only have one round and one rubric. Only previous Coalition Award Winners can enter this category through form submission, however judges may nominate a second round qualifier’s book for this category if they believe it deserves a spot.

ROUND ONE - Elimination Round
Title - 5 Points
Well, this far into the story, how well does the title correlate with the tale? Does it enhance the optics of the story? Does it appear to be well-thought-out?

Cover - 5 Points
How aesthetically pleasing is it? Does it incite a desire to know more? The colours and fonts and placement, does it match the story’s theme? Does it sell it?

Blurb - 10 Points
How true to the story is the summary? Is the summary interesting and compelling to read? Is it concise enough that it gives just enough information without overselling the story? Does it incite a desire and curiosity to read?

Engagement - 10 Points

Was there a solid hook at the beginning? Does it make you want to keep reading?

Concept - 10 Points
Is it something that is new or is it cliché?

✦ Characters - 20 Points
Are they well-developed? Can you picture them? Can you distinguish between them, or do they all blend together? Do they add to the story or detract?

Writing Style - 20 Points
Is it effective in conveying the storyline?

ROUND TWO - Final Round
Mechanics - 20 Points
Anything errors relating to grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, dialogue structure, etc

Plot - 20 Points
Is it realistic? Does it proceed at a natural pace? Does it have plot holes? Is it interesting?

Descriptions - 10 Points
How well can you visualize the story?

Dialogue - 10 Points
Is it natural? Does it add to the story?

Setting - 10 Points
Is the world building well-planned? Is there a clear location pinpointed?

✦ Enjoyment - 10 Points
Was it enjoyable to read?

Gᖇᗩᑎᗪ ᗰᗩSTᕮᖇS ᗩᖇᑕᕼIᐯᕮ CATEGORY
This is our Coalition Overall Winner category which recognizes authors with the best books presented in all genres.

Books will be judged on literacy excellence, content and accuracy. Specific judging criteria will include initiative, originality, clarity of interpretation and value in promoting greater understanding of the genre.

- Books must be understandable to the layperson with an orderly marshalling of facts.

- The Opening Hook: Prologue or first chapter should be intriguing enough to capture the reader’s interest.

- Writing Style: The author must be a good storyteller, with excellent narrative flow and natural dialogue.

- Technicalities: Author’s grammar, command of English and sentence structuring must be excellent.

- Characterization: Author should have created interesting and multi-faceted characters.

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