Coalition Awards 2021-CLOSED

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The timeline for our Coalition Awards 2021 is as follows:


- Awards open on January 15th 2021

- Entry into Awards close on February 14th 2021

- Round One [Elimination Round] judging begins on February 15th 2021
Judges will have 10 to 15 books to read and judge based on the Round One rubric. The judges will read the first five chapters. Half the entries in each category will be eliminated.

- Coalition Grand Masters Archive Judging begins on February 15th 2021

- Next round qualifiers will be announced on March 14th 2021

- Round Two [Final Round] judging will begin on March 17th 2021
The judges will score the remaining entries to choose the top three winners, using the Round Two rubric.

- Coalition Grand Masters Archive nominees judging begins on March 17th 2021

- All winners will be announced throughout the last week of March 2021.

Be advised that while we aim to keep to the specified timeline, the rate at which each round fills up will greatly affect the timeline.
We will however keep you abreast of how things are progressing, and update the timeline where necessary.
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