Code K.

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Welcome to my world the assassins. See it through my eyes, but don't think I can provide you any answers. I don't care if this gets publish or not. Just read for pure enjoyment. Read and enjoy.

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Cover & Pre-starting Logs

Code K.

Pre-Starting Logs

“Nothing in here is recommended”

Before we begin reading take time to enjoy some poetry.

The Hope of a Killer

Sorrow was his mother.

Loneliness was his father.

Born in a puddle of blood and consumed by darkness.

Raised by effects of father time.

Like a winter reshapes the very ground underneath, his heart was reshaped.

The Dark Passenger

At the start there was innocence...

At the start, there was hope and potential...

But it’s been said that time has a way of- taking care of those dreams...

At the start, it was just a thought...

Then this became his future and unable to redeem himself he found it...

The Dark passenger...

Heartless Monster

There is a thin line to cross before you become the monster that you hunt.

Don’t cross it and value your life a long with the life of others before it is too late.

Soul for a Payment

This is not a conventional poem.

This is more like my thoughts flowing throughout.

I sold my soul for the blood I carry on my hands.

You can take a life, but with every life, you take the price gets higher. That price is your soul.

If anyone reads this book take in mind that your soul is the only thing you have left before you die.

If you sell it to the highest bidder, then on your death bed the only thing coming for you will be the demon that you sold it to...

*Please note: All names, if given, are changed to keep the privacy of those involved*

Why now -

Why write about this? - Sometimes you just don’t give a fuck anymore… If you manage to continue reading the rules – then I hope you understand my decisions and hold judgment.

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