Best Laid Plans

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I saw it from the moment I saw them lock eyes, but I knew Lucy couldn’t please a man like Kingsley. His charm, his wealth, his ungodly good looks. Lucy would have been too flustered and shy and we both would have missed out on the greatest opportunity in the world, to be Mrs. Kingsley River. I knew Kingsley would be at the bar that night. I had the best of intentions when I staged our “meet cute.” I wore a classy red dress that showed off my assets. The moneymakers were in full work mode that night. But when I realized she saw him first, I faltered. I lost part of my mind. Oh well, as they say, the best laid plans.

When Kingsley walked over to our table, I made sure to make my move first. I grabbed him, knowing a man with so much power would appreciate a woman with confidence. I whispered in his ear, “Get us a drink and I’ll make sure to pay you back, in any manner of your choosing.” He turned and went straight to the bar. I knew I had him. I just needed to make sure Lucy knew I had him.

I watched as she eyed him when he was at the bar. I was certain to point out that I held the power. When he sat down to join us, I touched his leg under the table. Lucy couldn’t see my seductive moves. When he got up to go to the bathroom, I made sure to follow.

“What are you doing in the men’s restroom?” He looked startled. That was so Kingsley, though. A charming man with manners. His image meaning everything. He wouldn’t dare be caught in the restroom alone with a woman in a bar. No words spoken, I pushed him into the stall and kissed him. Then, I whispered, “There’s more where that came from. Simply stick with me tonight.” And did he ever. Men, they’re too easy.

Kingsley and I hit it off immediately and I made sure he couldn’t resist my allure. I was always sure to keep him in a state of pure ecstasy. He was my prey for a bit. I hunted him for my amusement. Soon after we started dating, Kingsley proposed and I knew I had him. He practically begged for me to marry him. It was pitiful. I had him right where I wanted him, but the Kingsley conquest became dull over time.

I became distracted by my disdain for Lucy. That tramp tried to steal my man. I know it. Oh, sweet little Lucy Goosey, she never saw it coming. I had a new game to play and Lucy was my object of affection.

Toying with Lucy was too easy. She proved to be gullible, trusting, and moronic. Her baby deer eyes, obnoxiously brown, leave more to be desired, like brownie bites. She always thought it was a term of endearment, that twit. Being her puppet master became boring. She lacked seduction skills. I made sure to take her out to happy hour every Friday to coach her. Finally, I had to make drastic moves to keep my attention on her.

As luck would have it, Kingsley introduced me to his new client, Dominic. He sold him a house, a beautiful plantation style home, at 511 Port St. They hit it off and became friends. When Kingsley introduced us, Dominic’s eyes were wide. He had no clue. See, a few weeks before Kingsley closed the deal with Dominic, I decided to close my own deal. I sought Dominic out at a bar one night. He didn’t know who I was or the mistake he was about to make. I slipped my ring off my finger and flirted my way into his bed. When he was sleeping, I made sure the lighting was superb and snapped a selfie of the two of us, with nothing but a sheet to cover our bodies. At the time, I didn’t have much of a plan for Dominic, but the moment he walked into my house with Kingsley, everything clicked into place.

I tagged along for the night and found Dominic to be of the boring variety. Sure, he had wealth, but his good guy demeanor was too much. That’s when the ultimate game of manipulation came to fruition. He was perfect for Lucy. Dominic had spoken of getting a dog since he had so much space now. I saw my opportunity to make this work. I told him about my friend, Lucy, and how she was working an adoption event that upcoming weekend. I encouraged him to go and check out the dogs and while he’s at it, check her out, too. He agreed, but I made sure to swear him to secrecy about our connection when he meets Lucy.

I explained that Lucy stopped trusting my taste in men when I set her up with a guy who turned out to be a total jerk. If she knew there was a connection between us, she wouldn’t give him a fair chance. He was reluctant at first. Being the good, honest guy that he is, he didn’t want to lie. I convinced him that an omission of truth doesn’t equate to a lie. Being the intellectual sloth that he is, he believed me. Luck had it that he happened to adopt the very dog that Lucy had her heart set on, Ludwigor some dumb name like that. Things couldn’t be more perfect.

Dominic called me one night, wanting to confess to Lucy that he knew me and Kingsley, but I encouraged him not to, because he would lose Lucy. I told him that Lucy’s delicate world would crumble to the ground if she found out he lied about his inherited house. She would never trust him again, and to put the final nail in the coffin, I told him about the picture of the two of us in bed. I made sure he understood that he wouldn’t only lose his precious Lucy, but he would lose his friendship with Kingsley. Especially when I tell Kingsley how Dominic forced himself on me one night and I didn’t know what to do. He raped me and I took a photo as evidence. Kingsley would reign hell on Dominic. He conceded, as I knew he would. Especially when I heard the news that I love you’s were exchanged. I still can’t believe how foolish people are, believing in this fairy-tale called love. People convince themselves that love will bring meaning to their lives, it will give them a sense of purpose, when really, love is a weapon to be used against them. Dominic had no choice but to come to my house that infamous Friday night. I made sure of it.

I started the night with a cocktail and when I finished it, Kingsley poured me another. When he turned away I dumped it and filled my glass with water. My buzz that night came from each time I touched Dominic, each time we made lingering eye contact, and the knowledge that Lucy was bearing witness to it all. She was uncomfortable, she was jealous, and she tried to hide it. Poor Lucy, her acting skills suck. I saw right through her. I raised the ante when I stripped down. I wanted to make Dominic sweat. He couldn’t resist me, but he had her there. Knowing Lucy was filled with envy fueled my fire. Alas, they left earlier than I anticipated. Dominic had a chance to watch my body in the moonlight, but he didn’t get to see me as I exited the pool. Instead, I had to continue my show privately for Kingsley, that insignificant buffoon. He ruined my escapade that night and I needed to turn the tables on him. Mr. Good Guy wasn’t so good after all, was he? At least not in Lucy’s eyes. When she saw the bandage wrapped around my arm, I made sure to put on my finest affectation yet. The nitwit really believed that Kingsley was capable of inflicting such pain upon me.

Lucy’s friendship with Ellie was an obvious distraction and needed to end. I knew from the moment I met that wench that I would need to destroy her. She was easy to pluck out of Lucy’s life. The weak ones always are. I used her insecurities against her. The night she and Lucy had their big falling out, I relished in my achievements. Earlier that day, before they went to that disgusting shelter to deal with those flea-ridden mutts, I called Ellie myself. I told her I wanted to call a truce. I lied through my teeth when I told her we both love Lucy and want the best for her, so I wanted to reach out and end our feud. The poor, desperate thing, she apologized for storming out that night. She mentioned my “cruel” words, and I seethed as I feigned an apologetic tone. Once we got the niceties out of the way, I started digging the grave for their friendship. Each word I used dug another foot into the ground, until Ellie was six feet under. I concocted a falsity that after she left that night, Lucy said she planned to cut ties with Ellie, because Dominic couldn’t stand her. “But he doesn’t even know me,” she said. I told her, “Must be something Lucy said about you, then.” Her whimper on the other end of the phone charged my soul.

Breaking up Lucy and Dominic was tremendously masterful in my little game of chess. I needed to checkmate the king to kill the queen. It was vital. I wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish this, but I rose to the challenge. One night, after Kingsley spent the day golfing with Dominic, the answer fell right into my lap. Kingsley told me that Dominic had a friend named Aubrey, who was drop dead gorgeous, and his ex-girlfriend. Intrigued, I asked Kingsley to elaborate and explain why the Aubrey subject came up during their golf game. Kingsley elucidated that Dominic was feeling guilty about his plan to meet up with Aubrey on Friday night at a new bar called Quench. That’s exactly what I needed. I knew I had him. It was divine will.

After the two fools ripped each other’s hearts out, Dominic had the gall to play a game of his own. The bastard showed up at my house unannounced the night we hosted Lucy for dinner. We walked her out to her car and when she drove off, Dominic came darting towards us. He had the audacity to tell Kingsley of the events that transpired between the two of us. Kingsley, who was under my spell, turned Dominic away. Kingsley didn’t believe him and the lies and accusations of infidelity that he had strewn around our home. Then, in an act of defiance, Kingsley snuck behind my back and looked through the photos on my phone. He was devastated beyond repair. He wanted to leave and mentioned calling off the engagement. He lost sight of the fact that when he proposed, it meant that he couldn’t live without me. The diamond ring on my finger was a symbol that we would be together until death do us part. Little did he know, the promise we made to each other the day we got engaged was until his death do us part. I knew exactly where he hid his gun in the study. I knew that it had one bullet loaded and waiting. I ran upstairs and retrieved the beautiful, silver masterpiece. There was a storm that night and when I heard the thunder, I took aim. I did him the biggest favor when I pulled the trigger. I ran back upstairs and reloaded the gun.

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