Best Laid Plans

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All hope seems lost. My whole life I have avoided the worry of my own demise. Naturally, we all wonder how it will all end, but not in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d die in my worst nightmare. I hear myself sobbing, a sound I never knew I could make. My throat is raw from the strain of screaming and begging for my life. I keep repeating, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand!” Cora’s menacing voice tells me to shut up. I look around at the scenery, desperate for my life and I consider plunging off the cliff into the raging river below, but I know that escape plan is hollow. If I move, Cora will pull the trigger on me. I try to compose myself enough to confront Cora. I need answers. I need to understand.

“Why are you doing this to me?” My voice comes out more shrill than I expected.

“You brought me to this point, Luce. It shouldn’t have gotten this far, but you had to go and ruin my game.”

“Game? Wh- what game? And how did I ruin it?” I squeeze out my words.

I watch as Cora takes one step towards me, silver gun shining in the sun, pointing straight at my face. Her face contorts and I no longer recognize her. Her beauty is gone and all I can see is a monster. “You bore me, Lucy. Your plain Jane face, your unkempt hair, putrid perfume, and homely style. You’re pathetic. You’ve yearned to be like me for a long time. Don’t deny it. And don’t think for a second that you got away with it. I know you are infatuated with Kingsley. Loving your best friend’s fiancé, newsflash, it’s taboo. I detest being made to look like a fool, Lucy Goosey.”

In the distance, I hear Ludo barking. They’re getting closer. I shut my eyes and pray that Dominic can sense me. As I sit there pleading for my life, I need to know the truth. I am running out of time. I need to know if Cora has changed or if she has always been this demonic. “Did you ever care about me? Was our friendship ever real?”

“Are you serious? This shows how unequivocally pitiful you are. I’m standing here with a gun in your face and all you’re worried about is whether or not I ever cared? You’re always seeking validation and desperate for my approval. Get over yourself. And no, I never cared.” Her words are like a slap in the face. She had me fooled. I thought the world of her.

“Oh, and Lucy, one more thing, I want the last image in your head to be this: Kingsley is dead. Dominic will soon be dead and that stupid canine, he will be dead, too. I have enough bullets for all of you. Wow, you are sobbing now, such a coward. Don’t worry though, Luce, I’m saving the last bullet for you.”

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