Best Laid Plans

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With the car packed to the brim with camping gear for me and Ludo, we hit the open road. It was a complete surprise when I got

Ellie’s call. She was panicked and jumped straight to the point. I knew there was a very real, imminent threat to Lucy’s life. It was by complete coincidence that I was only fifteen minutes out from Lucy’s GPS location. I punched the gas and it didn’t take long for me to locate her vehicle. The engine was still hot; they haven’t been here long.

“Ludo, find Lucy, go,” I instructed. He took off and my only job was to keep up. We rounded a bend and there they were near a cliff. Ludo stood and waited for me. I kept him by my side. Lucy, sobbed helplessly on the ground as Cora stood over her with a gun pointed at her head. I remained quiet and planned my attack. I mentally measured the distance that stood between me and Cora. I knew if I could get within thirty feet of her, I could run full speed and attack her before she realized what was happening.

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