Best Laid Plans

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Time seems to elapse quickly from here on out. The memories play in my mind like a movie. From my love story with Dominic, losing one of my most treasured friendships with Ellie, to being held at gunpoint by Cora. After Dominic and I were found near the river in the forest, I was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. I was admitted for the night for severe dehydration and high blood pressure. Now, I sit alone in my hospital room with only my thoughts and a machine that beeps uncontrollably when my IV bag runs low on fluid. The bright fluorescent lights strain my eyes and act in stark contrast to the blackness of the night outside my window. Swamped in fear and exhaustion, I give my burning eyes a break and rest them closed for a moment. An abrupt knock on the door rudely reminds me that hospitals are no place to expect peace and quiet.

“Come in,” I call to who I assume is a nurse. When the door opens, I look over and I am in disbelief when a man in a nice suit enters my room. I pull my blanket up over my chest. My modesty is playing a role in this. Though, I am wearing a hospital gown, I still feel exposed.

“Hi Lucy, I’m Detective Murphy. I am here to ask you a few questions about the events that transpired in the forest. Do you have a moment?” he asks knowing full well I have no where else I can go. My words get caught in my throat, so I nod my head yes instead. “Good, good, I hope you are feeling better. You have quite the cheer squad waiting for you at home,” he smiles. At this point, I’m not sure who he is referring to, but I return the smile.

“Detective Murphy,” I begin, “did anyone find Cora? Or Ludo? Where are they? What happened?” I start to cry.

“Ah, Lucy, we will get to them in a moment. First, I need you to take a deep breath. You’re not in trouble. I just need to get everyone’s story and piece together what happened. You see, a lot of people have been hurt and one person may be dead. We need to know exactly what happened.” His friendly tone has ceased and he is now sounding more stern and direct.

“Is Kingsley dead?” I quietly ask him. I see a flicker in his eye and a change in his body language.

He leans forward in his chair, “What is it that you know about Kingsley?”

I feel my heart begin to race. Did I say too much? Why do I suddenly feel like a criminal being questioned? I search his face for some kind of reassurance, but he sits still and his face remains stoic. My paranoia creeps in that it might be in my best interest to plead the fifth and ask for an attorney. However, I’m torn that asking for an attorney will come across as not cooperating with the police and impeding their investigation, which would then incriminate me even more. Does Detective Murphy think I’m a culprit in Cora’s scheme and not simply a victim? He’s still waiting for my response, so I figure the truth will help clear up my name if he has any suspicions of me. After all, I have nothing to hide.

I begin to explain how the events unfolded. I am not sure where to start, so I start from what I believe is the beginning. He listens intently, takes notes and records our conversation. My voice wavers here and there, but for the most part remains steady. “…and that’s when she said Kingsley was dead. I didn’t know what to believe and I was scared for my life. I really thought I was going to die, that is, until I saw Dominic sneak up with Ludo. I never did get a chance to ask him how he knew we were there. I’m not naive enough to believe he just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.” I stop and look up at Detective Murphy. He nods for me to continue. “I don’t have much more to tell you at this point. I need to know though, is Kingsley dead?”

“Thank you for all of the information. As of right now, this is an active investigation and I cannot discuss the details of this report. With that said, I can tell you that Kingsley is not dead. He is in the Intensive Care Unit at Brewer’s Hospital. He is in a medically induced coma. It is paramount that he recovers and shares his version of these events. For now, please rest and take it easy. I have a few more people to follow-up with. Thank you for your time, Ms. Fisher.” He rises from his seat and walks towards the door. Before he exits, he turns to me. “We will be in touch,” and with that, he leaves the room.

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