Best Laid Plans

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The night I met Cora she was sitting in the lounge in a devilish red dress with a strikingly piercing stare Although she wasn’t the one who caught my eye. It was Lucy in her sequined top and black jeans. I needed to get to know her, but when I made my move, Cora made hers. She was aggressive and didn’t take no for an answer. I excused myself to the restroom to ruminate my decisions for the night, but when Cora followed me in, I had little time to think. Fervid tendencies took over and she had me right where she wanted me. I knew from the moment she kissed me in the bathroom stall and I kissed her back, any shot I had with Lucy was out the window. The quality I found most attractive about Cora was not her exquisiteness, but her passion, intellect and persuasion.

A few months after I proposed, I started to notice a few subtle changes in her behavior. She became compulsive and fixated on Lucy. I struggled with knowing whether their friendship was on the verge of tearing at the seams or if they were favorable with each other. Cora would speak ill of Lucy, and then she would turn around and suggest that she be our guest for dinner and cocktails. Every Friday night they went to happy hour as a duo after work. It appeared that they were the best of friends.

As confused as I was by this strange behavior, I thought it was a girl world thing that I would never comprehend. Cora’s decorum became more erratic and challenging over time. One night, I woke up to her sitting on top of me with her hands wrapped around my neck. I pushed her away from me and she simply smiled at me. She claimed she wanted to experiment with a new move she read about in a magazine. I was deluded enough to buy the lies she sold. Until one night while Cora was out indulging in libations with Lucy, I began to consider her conduct and felt unsure of my safety. I purchased a Sig Sauer P226 nine millimeter hand gun the next day. I always kept it loaded with a single bullet, because I knew I only needed one shot if the situation ever arose.

The night Dominic showed up to our house unannounced and acted like a deranged person, he stated that he slept with Cora. I was infuriated. How dare he come to my house and try to destroy my fiancée’s reputation! Not a single ounce of me believed him. Cora understandably ran inside the house. She was upset and scared of the looney. I stayed outside and watched as Dominic left to make sure he didn’t try any funny business, but then he turned to me, one last time and said, “Fine, you don’t have to believe me. Lord knows Lucy didn’t either, but please, check the photos on her phone,” and with that, he got in his car and drove down the road. When I went inside, I found Cora crying on the couch. It hurt me to see her vulnerable. It’s a rare sight indeed. I instructed her to go upstairs and clean up for bed. I reassured her that Dominic was a madman who had no place in our lives anymore.

I watched as she walked up the stairs and noticed she left her phone on the coffee table. A part of me thought better of snooping on my fiancée’s phone, but another part needed confirmation. I didn’t have to scroll far before I saw the photo of her with Dominic sleeping right beside her. I felt rage bubble up inside me and I threw her phone against the wall. Cora came running down the stairs to see what the crashing sound was, but a look of horror crossed her face and she knew then, that I knew the veracity of Dominic’s claims. I told her I had enough and we were calling off the engagement. She ran back upstairs. I assumed she was crying on the bed, but when she returned, she pointed my pistol at me. The last sound I heard was deafening.

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