Best Laid Plans

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As I lay here helplessly tied up in the trunk of his car, I think of all the events in my life that steered me to my eternal fate. He’s lost it. Just like that, he snapped and is taking me somewhere and I am certain he has spoken of it in the past. A place where he said a body would never be found and, I know in my gut, my body will be found next to his. When I dreamt of love and finding my forever relationship, this was not what I had in mind. Panic is setting in. The air in this trunk is heavy. My chest feels like an elephant is perched upon it. Every bump in the road throws my body up and gravity slams me back down. My body is aching and my muscles are tense. My mind continuously races back to the beginning, how did I let this happen? When did it become this out of control? My eyelids feel heavy and my breathing becomes shallow. I find myself fighting the urge to fall asleep. I surrender to the slumber and everything goes dark.

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