Bulimia Sucks!

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This book is an inspirational book written to empower people to break through the barriers stopping them from taking that first step to freedom from bulimia. With amazing new approaches and techniques, to learn how to begin to reprogram their mind to freedom. Bulimia is an evil illness, and it’s not about losing weight; it is a severe mental health condition that develops due to a range of biological, social, and psychological reasons. By talking about it and encouraging a better understanding of bulimia or anorexia will begin to help people feel safe to tell someone about what they’re experiencing. In the book, I teach new approaches to reprogram the mind and discover how to: • Stop bingeing & purging, abusing laxatives, diuretics & compulsive exercising. • Breakthrough negative thoughts, feelings, triggers and urges. • Improve negative body image & reach and maintain an ideal weight without starvation. • Stay motivated to propel them into your bulimia free future. Personally suffering 15 years of horrific bulimia and anorexia, and now 25 years entirely free from both. Thanks to various therapist’s help, I decided that I would like to help others. So, 21 years ago, I trained as a psychotherapist and NLP practitioner. I then continued to train in many other therapy areas, one being an eating disorder therapist. Helping my clients overcome their eating disorders.

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