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Violet sat on the couch surrounded by other Prohibited as one of the national news station’s anchors, John Henson, introduced Micah Jenkins and Congressman Bill Morgan, Senator Debra Kindle, and Judge Nile Schultz. They were the panel for this night’s episode. After weeks of protests and violence against the Prohibited, sympathizers, and their cause, things had calmed a bit, and this panel was addressing the current issues.

“I want to thank my guests for joining us this evening. I want to direct my first question to Judge Nile Schultz. Judge Schultz, you’re now retired and have taken a strong stand against the Prohibited advancement. Do you feel the progression of their cause has moved forward over the last few decades, or do you feel that their progress has been hindered?” John asked as his image was large on one side of the screen, and the four guests’ images were in equal squares on the other side.

“Well, John, first I’d like to thank you for having me on your program. It’s always a pleasure. I have powerful feelings about the Prohibited movement. To answer your question, I feel that it has been both. In all my years as a judge, I have seen the most revolting atrocities committed by Prohibited. In fact, I would say that they’re capable of some of the most vicious crimes ever to appear in front of my court. However, for some reason, they seem to have been making great strides in obtaining status and acceptance among society, which I fear, we, one day, will ultimately pay the price if we don’t stand up and take action. The belief that they cannot hurt is preposterous.” Judge Schultz was stern in his answer. The other guests began chiming in, talking over each other, resulting in the anchor, reminding them that he would call upon each of them to give responses.

“Judge Schultz, some or most people are under the impression that Prohibited are incapable of harm or crime. What types of crimes are you referring to?” John continued.

“Well, John, it’s on public record that Prohibited have committed all types of crimes to include murder. In fact, I am in the firm belief, and it has been proven in court, that they have the ability of mind control. Actually, I had multiple cases where it was proven that a Prohibited caused the actions of an innocent man to commit crime and murder. They absolutely have the ability to take over your thoughts or my thoughts and have us yield to their will. Even if it’s something that we would not normally do, that’s the terrifying reality we face today. And if their activities and acceptance in society continue, our world is doomed.” Judge Schultz was adamant.

“That’s such crap!” Micah Jenkins shouted through the screen.

“Senator Jenkins, why do you say that?” John asked.

“Because that is a straight out lie. Judge Schultz, site a case where a Prohibited was able to convince someone through mind control to murder.” Micah replied.

“I’m more than happy to. The case against Mr. Seth Gardner. In that case, it was proven that Prohibited, Isaac Thompson, did willfully and purposefully cause Mr. Gardner to slaughter his wife. In fact, Mr. Gardner was a loving and caring husband and father and was acquitted of all charges. Mr. Thompson was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. And that is just one case. We could sit here all night listing cases to prove my point, but we’ll let this one stand for now.” Judge Schultz said smugly.

Micah Jenkins sat up in his chair as his image appeared throughout the nation. “You’re referring to the case where the husband, Mr. Seth Gardner, was not only found in possession of the knife while in the act of killing her, he also had a record of domestic violence against her, as long as my arm. Who one month before her death had established a five hundred-thousand-dollar life insurance policy on her, and had been having an affair with a coworker for three years. If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Gardner, had informed the mistress that they could marry soon as he had plans to murder his wife. Is that the case you’re referring to Judge Schultz?” Micah finished.

The judge became red-faced and responded. “Now, you’re taking things out of context, sir. You need to check your facts.” Judge Shultz wriggled in his seat as he straightened his tie. “There’s far more to it, and you’re trying to twist it to your agenda, and I won’t let you. Mr. Thompson was rightfully found guilty, and justice was served. Prohibited cause harm and pain, and their intentions are to take over our world. It’s people like you, Senator Jenkins, who are helping them do it.”

“Well, Judge Schultz, you’re wrong, and you’re right. Your wrong in that my facts are 100% correct. There was absolutely no evidence in that case, like many of the cases you would site if allowed to do so, that ever proved that Mr. Gardner and Mr. Thompson even knew each other or had ever crossed paths. Absolutely no evidence at all. In fact, despite Mr. Thompson having an airtight alibi, your “justice” convicted an innocent man. And every case that you could site would be proven unjust if and when we would be able to attend a forum to debate it. But sadly, you wouldn’t do that, Judge Schultz, because you know I’m right. Now, you are correct in that I help the Prohibited’s cause. They are a good and loving people, and it is you and your kind, Judge Schultz, who twist and turn their right to exist in our societies. You cause them to be feared, not the other way around.” Micah was done.

“You’re wrong, Senator Jenkins. You’re the one who encourages hate and harm by actively assisting the Prohibited. It’s disgusting.” Judge Schultz was done.

“Gentlemen, we want to keep this civil, please. My next question is for Senator Kindle. Senator, a few months back, there was a gathering of Prohibited at the State Capital where a riot broke out, and many Prohibited and sympathizers were arrested. Do you feel that this was a correct response to the riot? If not, why?” The anchor asked.

“First of all, I would like to correct the fact that it was not a riot. It was a gathering of Prohibited in a permitted area where protesters chose to attend in large numbers. The gathering was peaceful, and the Prohibited were abiding by the law. Unfortunately, a sympathizer with a history of alcohol abuse decided to take matters into his own hands and attempted to ram his vehicle into the crowd of protesters. His decision was a poor decision and in no way was supported by the Prohibited community. If it had not been for the protection of the Prohibited, the event would have turned tragic. This particular sympathizer took accountability for his actions and is serving his time in jail. However, as the gathering attendees were attempting to leave peacefully, law enforcement took that opportunity to detain many of the Prohibited and sympathizers. The charges were baseless, and in fact, there is one individual who was detained and to this day remains unaccounted for. These brutalities are perpetrated by not only civilians but law enforcement agencies and government officials. We would like to know what happened to the missing Prohibited. His name is Elijah Calhan, and we’re actively seeking his return. We’re demanding answers. He has parents, siblings, and friends who care very deeply and are worried about his well-being. So, no, John, I don’t believe any action was required by law enforcement that day against the Prohibited. In fact, it boggles my mind that adversaries of the Prohibited can’t even recognize that it was the Prohibited that saved many of their lives that day. Law enforcement agencies’ obvious discrimination of Prohibited should be abolished immediately. Many changes are being made, but in my opinion, they aren’t being made fast enough.”

“Congressman Morgan, your thoughts on Senator Kindle’s comments?” John asked.

“Well, John, I think that it’s bold to generalize all of law enforcement as discriminatory. Yes, there have been cases where police conduct has come into question. However, there is no proof that misconduct towards Prohibited is any more common than with anyone else. There have been situations where police have used tactics that weren’t exactly justified, but that can happen to any civilian at any time. Police are human and make mistakes. It’s not a perfect system. I just don’t think that there is a conspiracy that Senator Jenkins and Senator Kindle would like to project. The majority of my constituents believe that Prohibited should be allowed to live among us as long as they don’t cause any problems. However, this belief also doesn’t approve of the full rights that normal civilians have because they just aren’t like us. They have the power of protection no matter who they are choosing to protect, which can be dangerous. As Judge Schultz pointed out, who’s to say that is their only power? Therefore, we believe that they should be regulated and monitored with a registration system and a source of tracking. As you know, I was one of the staunchest opponents of Prohibited’s right to vote, and here’s why. The Prohibited by their own admission don’t need protection, so why should they have the right to vote on legislation? They shouldn’t have a say in how the rest of us live or laws we are bound to if they don’t need safety by the law. They live by a different code than the rest of us. They are the ones that keep a focus on their differences. If they would stop with the rallies and gatherings, then we wouldn’t have to fight back. And when they create dangerous situations by their actions, they should be prepared to face the consequences. If they just kept to themselves, there wouldn’t be an issue. They force us to respond and then cry wolf when we do. Listen, if I were a Prohibited, I wouldn’t necessarily even want to live among people that weren’t like me. I would want to stay with my kind. My constituents aren’t saying that Prohibited can’t live among them as long as they had limitations. Some people don’t feel comfortable eating alongside Prohibited. That’s their right as tax-paying citizens. It’s bad enough that normal civilians’ children are forced to go to school with Prohibited in certain schools now, but they should have a choice when it comes to attending venues where they are paying for services. There is nothing wrong with giving our people a choice by keeping certain establishments separate. I think I speak for the majority of my district when I say, leave it as is. There shouldn’t be gatherings, marches, or rallies. Live and let live and keep it separate in certain situations. I’ll be working vigorously to abolish Prohibited’s current rights to vote, as I have explained.”

“Congressman Morgan, no disrespect, but that’s just as much a load of crap as Judge Schultz is spewing.” Micah interjected.

“Senator Jenkins, please.” John quickly chastised.

“I’m sorry John, but seriously, do you people hear yourselves? There is no peace in discrimination, ever. You want to declare either war on Prohibited or separation, and for what? Judge Schultz, Congressman Morgan, for what? Just because they’re different? We all agree that they have the power to protect and have the marking of golden eyes. But truly, what is so scary about that? What are you so afraid of? It’s ridiculous!” Micah exclaimed.

Just then, Judge Schultz chimed in. “We’re afraid of what we know to be true, Micah. They have powers that we don’t understand, and who’s to say that protection is all they can do? You? Well, I’ve seen for myself that they can do far more than that. And if we allow them to continue to become members of our society and continue to gain higher status as they are now, we’ll only have ourselves to blame, and Micah, your responsibility in this is great, every time you promote them. You continue to lie and say that they are loving and peaceful people, but you can’t ignore facts! Take the case of Prohibited, Wyatt Dunn, and Thomas Allen. They were caught at the scene of Michael Turner’s murder. They were caught red-handed. They killed Michael, who also had loving parents, siblings, and friends, but that didn’t matter to any of you, did it? They are vile and have proven that they should be feared!”

“Oh, Judge Schultz. You make it too easy. You don’t have a leg to stand on, and you just keep falling over! In the case of Wyatt Dunn and Thomas Allen, who, despite lack of any true evidence, were convicted of Michael’s murder, will get a retrial on appeal. You know that will happen. Wyatt received a call from Michael to meet up with him at a specified time. Wyatt was with multiple Prohibited who testified to the call and gave him his alibi. Prohibited are rarely alone Judge. His phone records prove this. There is camera footage of Wyatt and Thomas leaving their home two hours after having received that call. They got to Michael’s house and found the door open. They went into the home, and upon searching for Michael, they came across his body just as police “happened” to approach the residence, triggered by an anonymous call. It was a complete setup, and you know it! There is no forensic evidence to prove they shot Michael. In fact, Judge Schultz, how is it that the two men were found in the home with a dead body due to a gunshot wound, and yet the gun has never been found? How is it that the camera footage shows that they left their residence twenty minutes before they were found in the home, and yet the medical examiner states that Michael had been deceased for at least an hour by that time? Michael was a beloved sympathizer who was murdered to set up two Prohibited. Judge Schultz, you’re smarter than that. I would expect better from you.” Micah was resolved.

“Again, you’re twisting the facts and making up scenarios to fit your agenda, Micah. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” The Judge was done responding.

“He knows exactly what he’s talking about.” Senator Kindle interrupted. “His facts are true, and corruption runs deep. But the Prohibited are gaining momentum, and we will bring to light the fraud and crimes that have been brought against the Prohibited. There will be justice. It is coming like a freight train. I would just like to say to everyone watching that Prohibited don’t need to be feared. Allow yourselves the opportunity to know them. Allow your children to play with them. I’m telling you that Prohibited provide calm and peace as you’ve never experienced before. Don’t listen to the rhetoric that these individuals want you to believe. Just give the Prohibited a chance. They are good people.” Senator Kindle said as she smiled into the camera.

“It looks like we are out of time. I want to thank my guests for appearing on our program tonight. It’s always an interesting debate. We’ll be right back.” John directed his statement to his viewers.

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