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Violet watched the landscape go by as the car drove onto the freeway, and she wondered where she was going. This was such an odd request for Senator Kindle to make. Although she explicitly trusted the Senator, this was still a bizarre request indeed. It was a beautiful warm day. The sun was bright, and the breeze was cool as it came in from the slightly opened window. Violet breathed in the aroma of summer and listened to the mixture of road noise and honking horns.

The driver was not saying a word. Violet wondered if he appreciated or hated her kind. He gave no indication either way. As the driver took the exit to the airport, Violet gathered that she would be flying somewhere, but she didn’t know where. Violet watched as the driver turned away from the designated commercial drop off area and entered an area of the airport she had never been before. They were entering into an airstrip that she could only assume was for private planes. They pulled up to a private jet where Senator Kindle and a few others were standing.

The driver got out of the car and came around to open the door. He removed his sunglasses. She looked up at the driver and, for the first time, saw his eyes. They were blue. However, the golden hue was unmistakable. Contacts could never hide the full effect of Prohibited’s golden eyes. He smiled at her, and she looked at him quizzically. She didn’t understand why this Prohibited was a driver, left alone to be taken or killed when not in the presence of other Prohibited. Violet was utterly confused and curious about this man. He helped her out of the car and handed her bag to a gentleman who carried it onto the plane.

As Senator Kindle approached Violet with open arms, Violet could not take her eyes off of the driver. He tipped his hat to her, place the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose, and walked back to the car. She continued to watch as he got into the car and drove away alone. Senator Kindle hugged Violet, pulled back, and saw Violet still watching the vehicle. She recognized Violet’s confusion.

“He insists on it.” Senator Kindle said as she motioned Violet towards the awaiting plane.

Violet turned her gaze to the Senator. “What?”

“Damian, the driver. He knows the dangers, but he insists. He wants as normal a life as possible.” Senator Kindle explained.

“But that is so dangerous.” Violet’s brow furled with concern. Violet had seen so many Prohibited killed or taken, never to return. She knew full well the dangers they faced, and it struck her as negligent that a person would knowingly put themselves in harm’s way. She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. However, she would remind herself that military personnel did this for a cause they believed in, so how were Prohibited like Damian any different. Military members risked their lives every day for what they believed in. They were all taking a stand, just for other reasons. The lone Prohibited’s actions spoke loudly to any Normal paying attention. But still, she worried for Damian. She worried immensely.

“Yes, it is. Believe me. We’ve tried. Originally, I had insisted that another Prohibited be with him, but he threatened to quit. He’s a dear man, but he’s headstrong. He won’t budge.” The Senator continued to explain as they walked up the stairs and entered the plane. “I have to admit; I admire his conviction.”

Violet didn’t respond. There was part of her that felt like he must have a death wish. It seemed crazy that he would go through life with such a large target on his back. She was so protective of all Prohibited, so it was hard for her to understand. The Senator motioned for her to have a seat in one of the plush leather chairs. Violet looked at it, not having realized that they were on the plane. She had been concentrating so much on Damian that she hadn’t noticed anything else. Violet scanned the luxury jet in awe.

“Wow.” Violet exhaled. “This is amazing.”

“Thank you. Please have a seat. We’ll be taking off soon.” The Senator responded. Violet and Senator Kindle sat down across from each other with a small table in between them. The staff hurried about the plane, adjusting doors and making sure everything was secure for takeoff.

Violet and Senator Kindle got comfortable. Violet pulled up the shade on the window so she could watch them taxi the runway. She had never been on a plane so lovely in her life. She had never expected to, and it was more elegant than she could have imagined. The Senator sat watching Violet. Violet continued to take in her current circumstances. No one spoke as the plane began rising from the ground. Violet continued to watch out the window. The Senator continued to watch Violet. As the craft entered thirty-five thousand feet, the airline stewardess approached both women with waters and snacks. She placed them on the table and advised them to let her know if they needed anything.

Violet cracked open the bottled water and began drinking. The Senator continued to focus on Violet.

“Aren’t you going to ask where we’re going?” The Senator asked curiously.

Violet put the cap back on the bottle and placed it on the table. “Well, I am curious, but I figured that you would tell me if you wanted me to know.”

The Senator smiled. “You truly are a smart girl Violet.”

“I try.” Violet responded, matching the Senator’s smile. “Don’t get me wrong; I am curious. Can you at least tell me what this is about?”

Senator Kindle gently shook her head no. “I wish I could, Violet. But I can’t. In fact, I’m going to ask a lot from you, and I hope that you’ll be able to trust me.”

Violet was more confused than ever. “You know I trust you. That’s why I’m here. I assumed all of this is about the attack on Prohibited overseas. Am I correct?”

“You are.” Senator Kindle responded. “With attacks on Prohibited increasing, now is the time we act. This last attack is one of the most brutal in history. Normals sitting on the fence in their decisions to be pro or anti-Prohibited will need to decide. We need to do our best to influence their decisions. Unfortunately, I think this latest attack will help push the bill through Congress. We need independent investigations, and we need to get governments to pull their heads out of their butts and push for Prohibited rights and protection.”

Violet nodded. “Sadly, I agree. I think this is the push Senator Jenkins needed to get the votes. I wish these things didn’t have to happen to make changes in the world, but they do.” Violet turned to look out the window at the clouds below. “How many died? Do you know?”

Senator Kindle sat back in her chair and looked down. “One hundred and seventy-nine at last count. Over four hundred wounded.”

Violet immediately looked at the Senator. “What? How? The Prohibited had to have protected a majority of the people. What happened?” Violet begged for the answer.

“There were well over five thousand in attendance. So, yes, they did protect the majority of the people. They simply couldn’t protect them all.” Senator Kindle looked up at Violet, whose brilliant violet eyes began filling with tears. Prohibited felt loss a great deal more than Normals. Violet was feeling the loss of each soul.

The Senator continued, “There was so much confusion, Violet. Protected or not, people scattered and separated. I’m sure it was instinctual. From what I’m being told, twelve bombs went off. God knows if there were more that didn’t. There were snipers everywhere, just shooting at everything and everyone. They had the center surrounded. There was nowhere for them to go. Without Prohibited, there would have been far more deaths and injuries.”

Violet began wiping the tears from her eyes. “Without Prohibited, this would never have happened.” Violet whispered.

“Violet! That’s not true, and you know it. The Normals are the ones who did this. They and only they are responsible for this tragedy, and don’t you ever think differently. Do you understand? This is not your fault.” Senator Kindle was kind in her tone but firm in her words. “You aren’t going to turn the focus now. We have a job to do, and we must do it. We must remain focused.”

Violet wiped the tears from her face and looked back out the window. She observed intently the beauty of the feathery white clouds below. She began to take the deep breaths that her therapist helped her practice as a coping skill. Her heart ached for all those lost souls. The clouds reminded her of the gentleness of humanity and the innocents of those fighting for the Prohibited. As they flew, she watched as the clouds slowly changed. It was gradual and peaceful. The clouds intertwined like a delicate dance.

She fell into peace as she watched. “I know. It’s just that sometimes, I get so tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes it seems like nothing we do helps. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to get people to simply accept us. The insanity of it all gets to me. We are a just and proud people. Our only aim is to love and accept. So much of the time, we’re met with hateful resistance. Why? Why do Normals need to retaliate against us in these ways? We simply want to belong. Is that too much to ask?”

Violet continued to look out the window. Senator Kindle heard her words but had no good answers for her. “It’s not too much to ask, Violet. I am a Normal, and I don’t get it either. When people choose to harm your kind, whether with words or violence, it breaks my heart. I don’t understand it, and actually, I’m glad I don’t understand it. If I did, it might mean I have the capability to do it. And I wouldn’t wish that kind of moral corruption on anyone. Listen, Violet, more and more Normals are choosing sides, and most are choosing ours. There will be a day where you and all Prohibited will live in peace among the Normals. I truly believe that, and that is why I fight so hard for you.”

Senator Kindle placed her hand on top of Violet’s hand that rested on the table. “I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll fight for you until my final breath because that is the right thing to do. You’re not alone, and you don’t carry this burden by yourself. We are an army of righteous, and we will overcome this evil. Your children will not know this world as you do. I promise you. I promise.” Senator Kindle firmly gripped Violet’s hand. Violet looked from the window to see the sincerest look she had ever seen in a Normal. Senator Kindle was more than a sympathizer. She was a savior. Violet believed in her, and she wouldn’t regret it.

Both women sat in their luxurious chairs as the jet flew through the skies. Violet had her eyes closed and meditated. Senator Jenkins was hammering away on her laptop and phone. She tried her best to be as silent as possible so that Violet could concentrate. The Senator continued to gain information as the death toll rose. The overseas government had taken swift action and had many Normals in custody. Senator Jenkins helped put out press releases and sent emails to government officials who now knew that they could not ignore the Prohibited plight any longer.

Senator Kindle was confident that Senator Jenkins and his team would get the bill passed for independent investigations for the kidnappings, disappearances, killings, and criminal charges against all Prohibited. This tragedy, along with a history of tragedies, was going to bring the long-awaited awareness that so badly needed to occur. It seemed disheartening at times to Senator Kindle that her kind found the atrocities against Prohibited acceptable because it wasn’t happening to Normals. She couldn’t understand it, but she recognized that she might not have a biased view, given her circumstances. Those circumstances would soon come to light.

The stewardess informed the Senator that they would begin their descent in about twenty-five minutes. Senator Kindle acknowledged this, closed her laptop, placed her phone on the table, and looked at Violet. The Senator’s journey and Violet’s journey were about to take a twist that the Senator was certain needed to happen. So, she took a deep breath.

“Violet, we’ll be landing soon.” Senator Kindle whispered.

For and few moments, Violet didn’t move. Slowly she began to open her brilliant violet eyes. Senator Kindle waited for her to adjust to her surroundings. Violet stretched her arms upward and smiled at Senator Kindle.

“So, do I get to know what the plan is?” Violet asked.

Senator Kindle stared at Violet intently. “Violet, I need you to trust me as you have never trusted me before because where we are about to go, what we are about to do, is a leap of my own faith and trust in you.”

Violet’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Okay. What’s going on?”

“Violet, I’m going to take you somewhere. This place is the most precious place to me beyond anywhere else in this world. I’m going to introduce you to someone who means more to me than my own life. You cannot know where we’re going. You can never know where this place and where this person is.” The Senator pulled out a piece of cloth from the side pocket of her chair. She looked at Violet with compassion. “I need to put this on you. You can’t see where we’re going. You can’t see where we’re landing. This knowledge is not a burden I am willing to put on you.”

Violet was perplexed. This was beyond odd. She recognized that Senator Kindle was holding a blindfold. She looked back up at Senator Kindle with questioning violet eyes.

“Violet, we don’t have much time. I need to put this on you. Please.” Senator Kindle’s tone was a mixture of begging and insisting. “I just need you to trust me. I have more to lose in this than you do. Please, Violet, trust me.”

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