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Violet slowly turned away from the window and turned to see Senator Kindle had removed her disguise and had walked over to the bed. She watched as the Senator knelt and kissed an older woman who was lying in the large bed. She was a petite elderly woman. Violet had not noticed her in such a large bed. As Violet gradually walked towards the bed, she saw the Senator stand beside the woman with her hand placed on the woman’s hand. Violet had no idea what was happening or who this was. She continued to look quizzically at the Senator and back down at the woman as she approached.

“Violet, I would like you to meet my grandmother, Genevieve.” The Senator waited for Violet’s response.

Violet’s eyes had adjusted to the light in the room but had not processed what she had just heard. Violet focused on the woman and then back up to the Senator. The whites of Violet’s eyes were largely exposed as she could not hide her shock. She walked over to the Senator and the woman.

“Genevieve?” Violet questioned.

“Yes.” Senator Kindle replied.

“THE Genevieve?” Violet questioned again.

“Yes, dear. THE Genevieve. Just take a minute for yourself. It’s okay.” Genevieve responded in a firm and elegant voice as if she had been through this many times. She had eighty-five years of people being shocked by her and who she was.

Violet ran her hands through her hair and walked around the room. “Wow! You’re Genevieve? This is crazy!” Violet said, not really addressing Genevieve or the Senator. Violet turned toward the Senator. “Genevieve is your grandmother?” Violet’s excitement became apparent.

The Senator smiled. “Yes, Violet. Genevieve is my grandma.” She turned towards Genevieve and smiled. “This is why I was so secretive. She is very important to me.”

Violet reacted as if she were meeting a celebrity. Genevieve placed her hand on top of her granddaughter’s. “And you are so important to me, love. Everything will be just fine. Thank you for being so protective.” Genevieve brought up the Senator’s hand and kissed it.

Violet could not believe that she was in the same room as Genevieve. No one had ever known what happened to her. No one knew if she had lived a long life or died as a young girl. In fact, to her generation, they weren’t even sure if she was real or a myth. They had heard the stories, but after childhood, nothing was known of Genevieve’s whereabouts. Then it hit her.

“Oh my God. You’re Genevieve!” Violet couldn’t contain her excitement. “And she’s your grandma! That’s why you’re so deep into the Prohibited fight! It all makes sense now. Your grandma is the first Prohibited! Oh, my God! I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe you’re here!” Violet exclaimed.

The Senator and Genevieve began to laugh at Violet’s reaction. Violet started to jump up and down, covering her mouth with her hands. Her excitement filled the room. Her smile went from ear to ear. Her cheeks began to ache because of it. They allowed her to enjoy the moment. Senator Kindle continued to hold her grandma’s fragile hand as they watched. They enjoyed it. This was the reaction they were hoping for. Violet continued to jump up and down and pace throughout the room until she had exhausted herself. It was as if she had found the Ark of the Covenant. To her, she had.

Violet began to calm down and expressed quiet astonishment. She finally sat in a chair in the corner of the room and laid back. She felt complete euphoria. Here she was in front of the first Prohibited ever born. This was a woman whose life story was spoken to all Prohibited from birth. She felt a connection to Genevieve her whole life, real or not. Most Prohibited felt a connection to Genevieve. She was alive in their childhood memories. Violet began to rub her cheeks and catch her breath. This had been a day she never expected. It was a day she would always remember. The Senator and Genevieve had been patient with her. She appreciated this. She worked on containing her excitement as she slowly stood up from the chair. She pressed her clothes in a downward motion conveying that she was collecting herself. She ran her hands through her hair and took a final deep breath.

“Okay. I think I’m good now.” Violet said with a smile.

Senator Kindle and Genevieve bother smiled. “Are you sure?” The Senator joked.

Violet smiled and walked towards them. “Yes. I think so. I can’t make any promises.” Violet joked back.

“Well, then if you can promise to contain yourself, we’re good. “Senator Kindle continued. “So, my grandma would like to speak with you for a while. She plans on spending the next few days visiting with you, if that’s alright?”

“Absolutely!” Violet didn’t hesitate for a second.

“Great. So, we have you set up in the adjoining room.” Senator Kindle pointed to a door that connected the two rooms. “Unfortunately, for security reasons, you can only remain in these two rooms. I’ll bring your meals to you. Each room has a bathroom. You have TV as well. I had your room supplied with books and magazines. We took the battery out of your phone when we were on the plane. We don’t allow phones or internet here for tracking purposes. I have my people who will contact your mom to let her know that you’re fine. We’ll put her at ease. Your bag is in your room. You must be starving, so I’ll go get us food and be back. I’ll leave you two to visit.”

Violet nodded. She had zero concern about anything. She didn’t know if it was because of Genevieve’s ability to comfort or the excitement, but she was wholly at peace. Senator Kindle left the room.

“Come here, Violet.” Genevieve said as she patted a space on the bed next to her.

Violet walked over and climbed up on the bed so that she could face Genevieve. Her face couldn’t stop smiling. She was in ecstasy. If she died at this moment, she would be fine with it.

“Genevieve, I can’t believe that you’re here. I can’t believe that I’m here.” Violet said.

“Well, you are, and I am so glad. Let me look at those beautiful eyes.” Genevieve sat up and looked directly into Violet’s eyes. “Your eyes are amazing. They hold so much beauty and power.” Genevieve said as she scanned her eyes. “There is more power there than you know.”

Violet was confused but still smiled. She couldn’t help it. “What do you mean?” In any other situation, this would be weird, she thought.

“Your eyes, they hold a purpose. You just aren’t fully aware of that purpose, dear.” Genevieve spoke gently. “You see, you have a lifetime of discovery ahead of you. Believe me, I know.”

“What kind of discovery?” Violet asked curiously.

“A wonderful kind of discovery. You’ll find out when you’re meant to. You see, most people will focus on the color and brilliance of your eyes. I, on the other hand, focus on what is behind the eyes. And, my dear, what is behind those eyes, is breathtaking and powerful.” Genevieve continued to stare through her.

“I don’t understand.” Violet said.

“I know, nor do I expect you to. One day you will understand my words, and you will pass them on to others as I will to you.” Genevieve rested her head back onto the pillow as she spoke. “I will explain in greater detail tomorrow. But for now, we should eat and sleep. I have much to share, and it has been a long day for you. I want you just to rest and relax. I need you awake and alert tomorrow. We have some great conversations ahead of us.” Genevieve patted the top of Violet’s hand.

“That sounds good. I do need a shower and some food. I can’t wait to talk tomorrow.” Violet smiled at her and stood up from the bed. “Genevieve?”

Genevieve looked up at Violet. “Yes, dear.”

“Thank you. Thank you for being the first. It must have been so difficult.” Violet’s smile was gone.

“You have no idea, sweetie. You have no idea.” Genevieve smiled. “But that is for another day. Violet, I wanted to tell you that I was sorry to hear about Jane. I love her very much, you know.”

In all of the excitement, Violet had forgotten about her connection to Jane. “Oh, my God. That’s right. I totally forgot. Jane told me so many stories about you. She adored you. She would be so happy about this.”

“I know. She was a beautiful person. She was so selfless. It broke my heart to hear of her passing. She did so much good for this world.” Genevieve’s sorrow showed.

“Will you do me a favor?” Violet asked.

“Of course.” Genevieve responded.

“Tomorrow, at some point, will you tell me your stories of Jane? I’ve heard her stories of you, but I would really like to hear some of her. Would that be alright?”

Genevieve’s smile reappeared. “I would love that, Violet. I’m looking forward to it.”

Violet nodded and turned toward the door to the adjacent room just as Senator Kindle came in with dinner. Violet took her plate and glass from the tray, wished both women a good night, and went into her room to eat and shower. Senator Kindle remained in the room with Genevieve while they ate and visited. Violet could hear the chatter and laughter through the walls. They were all happy. She was happy.

Violet found a leather-bound journal by the bed with a pen resting on top. She opened it to find blank pages. It appeared that the book had never been opened. She smiled at the thought that someone in this house had the presence of mind to recognize that Violet might want to document her life from here on. This was an open invitation to write her story. Would this be one of many journals? She wondered. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she should begin her journey through writing.

Now freshly showered and full, she climbed into bed and opened the welcoming blank pages of this new beginning. She wasn’t sure how to begin this story. She figured she should begin it with the tragedy that started it. She began slowly, trying to find the right words. As she wrote, she found it more comfortable with every paragraph. She had more to say than she thought. As she wrote with ease, she found herself yawning. She didn’t want to stop. She tried to get everything into the journal as it was fresh in her mind. Her version of events was necessary, and she must make a record of it. She wrote until her hand cramped. Genevieve’s voice rang in her head to get some sleep. She was satisfied with what she had accomplished for now. She put down the journal, placed the pen on top, and curled up in the blankets. Sleep came quickly and deeply.

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