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The death toll was at two hundred and three, and the injured was at four hundred and thirty-six. Senator Kindle had been up early getting updates on the tragedy and reaching out to contacts through secret means. Her drive to uphold the safety and well-being of all Prohibited and sympathizers was incredible. Senator Jenkins would be at the Capitol for the vote today, and there was no better opportunity for this bill to be passed. Both Senator Jenkins and Senator Kindle believed that they had more than enough votes, even without hers, to get the bill pushed through. The senators who were sitting on the fence now needed to choose. However, it was looking good for their side.

Gatherings by Prohibited and sympathizers had begun across the world. Most were peaceful for now. However, there were additional attacks. Senator Kindle was waiting on the number of injured and killed. Collectively, it seemed, the world was taking a stand, one way or the other. The Prohibited’s situation was at its breaking point, and all supporters were hopeful that big moves could be made in their favor across the world. The TV was projecting the news as coverage was focused on the global upheaval that was taking place on most stations.

Nearly all government agencies were forced to address those who were committing these atrocities, the Normals. It could no longer be ignored. They did not have the luxury to incite the Prohibited as they had in the past. Although Prohibited and sympathizers continued to be detained, the Normals were committing violence and crimes. This left policing agencies across the world forced to focus on the Normals. If they didn’t focus now, all hell would break loose globally, and all governments knew this. The time for progress was now. Unfortunately, it took a mass loss of life for corruption to be stopped. It was unconscionable to most and offensive to the rest.

The day had just begun, and Senator Kindle was determined to keep attention, worldwide, on the cause of the Prohibited. Prohibited and their supporters were being interviewed in the mass media. Finally, they were becoming welcome, making their golden eyes prominent throughout the world. The news was airing minute by minute broadcasts from across the world, from peaceful gatherings and protests to mass destruction. News footage of Prohibited families held in captivity in many countries was finally airing. This had been long in coming. Most news outlets had hesitated in featuring these conditions half a world away. Now, these realities were broadcast throughout many countries for the first time. Senator Kindle felt conflicted. The uproar that was happening right now had been a long time in coming. However, the despicable footage of Prohibited’s deplorable detainment, death, and destruction was overwhelming, even to her.

“Breakfast is ready, Senator Kindle.” A voice from the kitchen said over the sound of the news.

“Thank you.” Senator Kindle got up from the chair while intently listening to the reporters. She saw a tray sitting on the counter with two plates of food and two glasses of milk. She picked up the tray and walked up the stairs as she listened to a live broadcast of a gathering that had begun to turn violet with teargas and gunfire. She walked down the hall and reached for the bedroom doorknob. She opened the door to see Genevieve sitting up in bed, reading a book. She placed the tray on the dresser and walked over to the door to Violet’s room. She knocked, and the door opened. Violet was in good spirits and obviously anxious to meet with Genevieve.

“Good Morning.” Violet’s smile radiated.

“Good Morning. Are you hungry?” The Senator asked.

“Yes, please. I wasn’t sure if I should have just come in this morning or not, so I waited.” Violet was eager as she began to walk through the door.

“I appreciate that, Violet. I usually bring grandma her food around 7:30, so you should definitely take advantage of sleeping in. I know you’re usually up early.” Senator Kindle gave Violet her plate and glass of milk and then placed the other tray on Genevieve’s lap. “Good Morning, grandma. How are you feeling today?”

“I’m good, dear. Thank you. How did you sleep? You aren’t letting the chaos worry you too badly, I hope.” Genevieve responded as she sat up and pulled the tray towards her.

“I slept well. I’m worried, though. It’s really hard not to.” The Senator sat next to the bed. Violet sat in a chair in the corner of the room and began to eat. “Grandma, a lot is going on, some good, some bad. I don’t like the bad.”

Genevieve nodded her head in acknowledgment. “I know, dear. I’ve told you of the things to come. It is tragic and will continue to be tragic, but eventually, all will be well in the future. I have made this promise to you. You must remain strong. We must all remain strong.”

Senator Kindle nodded and watched her grandma as her fragile hand brought a piece of toast to her mouth. “I just wish it didn’t have to get worse for good to happen.” She said.

Genevieve nodded again as she chewed. “As I’ve told you, you will make progress, needed progress. But there is far worse to come. If we prepare and stand strong, we will overcome. But only if we stand strong.”

Violet intently listened as she ate her breakfast. She was confused about their conversation. Obviously, there had been conversations that she hadn’t been privy to. She was curious but figured that if they wanted her to know, they would share. “Has anything else happened today?” She asked the women.

Senator Kindle shook her head yes. “There’s been a lot going on today.”

Violet took another bite of her eggs. “Like?” She mouthed.

“Well, we’re pretty certain we’ll have the votes to pass the bill. If we weren’t so sure, I wouldn’t be here, so that’s good.” The Senator said with a smile.

“That’s great!” Violet blurted out. “Oh, I bet Senator Jenkins is happy! Micah must be through the roof.”

Senator Kindle continued to smile. “Yes, to all of it. There hasn’t been a vote yet, but we are certain it will pass.”

“What else is happening? Did I miss anything?” Violet asked. It was apparent she had not turned on the TV.

“Well, yes. You’ve missed a lot.” The Senator replied.

“Okay. Like what?” Violet took another bite.

Senator Kindle picked up the remote and turned on the television. Instantly the news came on, showing the chaos across the world. Any channel she turned was airing footage of the utter chaos. The TV screen showed protests, propaganda, people and families in captivity, gatherings, battles, and commenters on either side of the issue. People were arguing points back and forth, speaking over each other with raised voices. The whole state of the world appeared out of control.

Violet placed her plate onto the table next to the chair. She just watched while Genevieve continued to eat as if none of this affected her. Violet’s face was frozen as she concentrated on the news. She thought the tragedy was bad enough, yet this morning she woke up to what appears to be World War III. Her heart ached for the images that appeared. Her heart became full of other images that appeared. She shuttered at the arguments being made for the justification of hatred and violence. It amazed her that pure idiocy flowed from these arguments and that people were ignorant enough to believe it. However, she recognized that there were far more arguments for Prohibited than against for the first time since she could remember. The hatred was becoming the minority, instead of the Prohibited, at least for today.

Violet turned away from the TV and looked at Senator Kindle, who was sitting quietly. “When did all of this start?” Violet was very concerned.

“Yesterday.” Senator Kindle replied.

“Yesterday?” Violet responded and turned back toward the television to see the upheaval that was her new world.

“This will pass, dear.” Genevieve said as she wiped her mouth with the napkin. “And then it will get bad again, the likes of which you’ve never seen.”

Violet slowly turned her head to face Genevieve. “Huh?”

Genevieve handed the tray to Senator Kindle, who placed it on the dresser and sat back down. “Exactly what I said. This is not the beginning, nor is it the end. There will be wars and death, but there will be growth and understanding. Evil does not relinquish without a fight, Violet.”

Violet’s brow furrowed in sadness and confusion. “I’m confused. It’s going to get worse?”

“Yes. Much worse, I’m sorry to say.” Genevieve met Violet’s eyes.

“Genevieve, how do you know this? And how much worse? When? Why?” Violet’s words came quickly.

Genevieve pulled the blankets up to her chest and laid her arms down gently. She knew this was going to take a while. As the Senator sat watching the conversation, she got comfortable and turned off the TV. She had already had this conversation with Genevieve, and she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one for Violet.

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