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“Well, Violet, I will begin at my beginning. When I was born, no one had ever seen the likes of me. I was different than the rest of the world. I was a curiosity to most, even to myself. My parents were very protective of me, thank the Lord. When a person is born different, as you know, there are the people that accept those differences and people who fear those differences. It is simply human nature. Once my parents realized I had the gift of protection, and the doctors wanted to do more studies on me and those born after me, my parents did the only thing they could. They hid us. They knew that no one would be satisfied with me being a part of society, so they surrounded us in hiding with supportive people. These people risked everything for our family, essentially for me. As the years went by, my parents were able to access doctors, physicists, scientists, and psychiatrists, through a network of newly formed sympathizers. I worked with many people who helped me find my full abilities. Most of my life’s work was to hone these abilities and share the information with this network to help other Prohibited. These were great people. They were selfless and dedicated. They felt that if I was able to meet my full potential and undiscovered abilities, then they, in turn, could help other Prohibited meet theirs. And all of this would help our world become a peaceful and righteous planet. They thought there would be hope for our species. Sadly, as I became more and more aware of my abilities and worked with these sympathizers to understand the lasting effects, they may have on this planet and our species, somehow, the Normals got to them. They began disappearing. Their work went missing. All of their records disappeared. It wasn’t until after the third academic sympathizer went missing, did we recognize that something was terribly wrong. It was as if they had simply vanished from the earth. Their families were left to mourn them with no answers. We tried our best to protect the remaining academic sympathizers, but unfortunately, I could not protect them all. We did not have a fraction of the Prohibited that we do today. Plus, we were all too afraid to make ourselves public back then. Those academic sympathizers who remained also went into hiding, and their work stopped. We couldn’t allow them to risk more than they already had.” Genevieve said with sorrow in her voice.

“You see, Violet, for all the Normals who we fear that are vocal and defiant to our kind, there is an underground network that we should fear more. They have taken academic sympathizers whose goal was to use our powers to better society and detained them to use their work towards the Normal’s own gain. They have taken Prohibited into captivity to study them, weaken them, bend them to their will, and suppress Prohibited’s purity. These Normals are aware of our ability even though most of us aren’t. And they are going to capitalize on it just as we are making strides in our progress.” Genevieve was speaking in code.

Violet had been intently listening, but she was sure that she was missing a piece of this puzzle. Genevieve had paused, allowing Violet the moment she needed to collect her thoughts and ask the questions she had been gathering. “So, I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying. There is an underground network of Normals that experiment on Prohibited and force academic sympathizers to participate in this network?” Violet asked.

“Yes.” Genevieve responded.

“And we as Prohibited have abilities that we are not aware of? More than the power of protection of others? In my case, the protection of myself?”

“Yes.” Genevieve was walking Violet very slowly into a realization.

“Okay, so what other powers do we possess?” Violet was curious.

Genevieve smiled at Violet and pondered her response. “Well, Violet, the powers we hold are unmeasurable. They are unlimited. Everyone has access to these abilities, but it is Prohibited that it comes far easier to. For some reason, we have no restraints on the power to protect, yes, in your case, the power to protect yourself. This is inherent in who we are. We obviously do it as easily as we breathe. But, everyone, Prohibited, and Normals have abilities that far exceed the power of protection. As I grew up and interacted with these amazing people, they were incredibly insightful, and we worked on many things. I grew to find my own abilities through concentration, effort, and determination. But the key is that it has to be pure, or at least it did in my case. If I was not in the right mindset or my agenda wasn’t pure, I could not produce certain abilities. That is why it takes no effort for the power of protection to exist because it is simply a selfless act.” Genevieve could see that Violet was even more confused than ever.

Just then, Senator Kindle entered the conversation. “Violet, let me give you an example. Throughout my whole childhood, I was told about the child with the violet eyes. This child would be born with special inherent gifts that no other Prohibited would easily possess. This child would be a new beginning for people like my grandma. This child would grow up to be unwavering in her abilities and determined, which would cause a great uprising. I was also told that I would be a part of her story, an important part. Obviously, I’m talking about you. Now, I was about your age when you were born, Violet.” Senator Kindle sat back and let Violet sink it all in. Violet did. She sat in confusion and conflict. Genevieve and the Senator remained silent.

After moments went by, Violet finally expressed herself. “Okay. So, somehow you, Genevieve, knew I would be born?”

“Yes.” Genevieve smiled.

“And you knew what my inherent abilities would be?” Violet asked.


“And somehow you knew what my life would be like and that your granddaughter would be a part of that?”


“How?” Violet asked.

“Well, dear, it’s simple, really. I chose to see it.” Genevieve responded.

“How does it work?” Violet asked.

“As I said, it must be pure. There cannot be any negativity. No doubt, no insecurity, nothing but purity. That’s why most people cannot produce this ability. You’ve heard the saying that we only use maybe ten percent of our brain?”

“Yes.” Violet said.

“Well, it is not our brain’s capability that is the focus. It is our soul. Most are so complex that they cannot access the soul’s full potential, not the brain. Our souls are infinite and have infinite abilities. Our brains have limits and have an end. For our soul’s infinite power, our brains would need to be accepting of what is not acceptable. And that, my dear, is why most do not know or have the ability to create these powers.” Genevieve continued.

“When working with the sympathizers early on, they focused on what my capacities were, not through the power of my brain. But through the power of my spirit, or my essence, whatever you want to label it. The more I was able to slow down my thoughts, remove all doubt, and concentrate on my internal desires to love, I could see things. Things that were in the present, the past, and the future. I saw you.”

Violet took in a deep breath. “And I have this ability?”

“Yes. Everyone does. However, most will not. It takes a special ability to truly encompass love in a way that is not natural for most. Let me give you an example.” Genevieve recognized that Violet was at a complete loss. “You love your mom, right?”

“Of course.” Violet instantly responded.

“It’s probably the purest form of love you know.”

“Well, yes.”

“OK, are there moments where you feel that love for your mom, more than other moments? Where you really appreciate her more than you do at other times?”

Violet thought for a moment. “Yes.”

“Now, if something were to take her from you and she was no longer available to you, do you think your love for her would become stronger in that moment?”

Violet thought on this macabre statement. “Of course. I would be devastated.”

“But all of the intensity of your love would come at that moment, correct?”


“Now, if you were to push away the feelings of loss, anger, and pain, and all you were left with was that intense love, would that be different from your everyday recognition of the love you have for your mother?” Genevieve asked.

Violet thought for another moment and tried to envision this purity of love. “I guess so. Yes.”

“It would. And that is the purest form of love. And with that love comes power. This type of love, the intensity of this love, is a pinhead in an infinite universe. That is the power love is capable of. It transcends time, physics, and science of any kind. You’ve seen videos of a person lifting a car off a child or a loved one or even a complete stranger. Under any sort of circumstance, that would be impossible. However, that power comes in the form of selfless acts of love. That is how powerful love is. Love is not measurable. You cannot hold love in your hand. But every person born to this planet has had the ability for it. Yet, because of ego, ignorance, arrogance, or even fear, most will never even feel that pinhead of love. Love is the most powerful force in existence, Violet. Not the brain, not science, not money. Love. And the more you can strengthen your ability to love and discover the purity of it, which can only come from your infinite soul, the more powerful you will become.” Genevieve paused to give Violet a moment.

Violet sat forward and placed her face into her hands, and began to process. Part of her thought that this couldn’t be cornier if Mother Theresa herself walked in. There are shelves full of records conveying love in all its sentimental forms. All You Need is Love by the Beatles began to run through her head. Visions of Valentine’s Day cards popped up. Even Violet knew that sometimes love was not enough to fix heartbreak, let alone all the world’s issues. She had experienced it herself. She didn’t mean any disrespect to Genevieve, but she was beginning to sound like a Hallmark card. Violet was struggling, and Genevieve recognized it.

Genevieve laid her head back and closed her eyes as Violet continued to ponder. Genevieve’s delicate face relaxed as she fell into a comfortable position. Senator Kindle sat back as well, gripped the arms of her chair, and began to watch Genevieve. The room was silent, and Genevieve looked as if she were sleeping. Violet continued to hold her face in her hands. She didn’t know what to think. She was allowing doubt and fear to take control.

Violet noticed a slight sound in the silence. She looked up to see every piece of furniture in the room, levitating, including her own chair, the luxurious bed, the solid maple dresser, and nightstands. Nothing was touching the floor. Violet grabbed onto the chair’s arms she was sitting in as she looked over at Senator Kindle, who was sitting as if she were waiting on room service. Violet’s eyes were sheer terror. Genevieve opened her eyes and looked at Violet as the furniture slowly lowered to the ground and precisely landed where it had been. As Violet sat frozen, Genevieve raised her hand and began a gentle circular motion. Violet notice Senator Kindle’s view shift from Genevieve to across the room.

Violet slowly turned her eyes to see a vibrant rainbow fill the air inside the bedroom. This rainbow was full of colors she had never seen before. These were not colors of any spectrum she had seen before. Genevieve waited a moment as Violet’s eyes and brain adjust. Genevieve looked at her granddaughter, who was smiling. They shared a grin, and Genevieve began to stare at the rainbow and moved her other hand to form a mechanical side to side motion. As the rainbow started to dissipate, an opening appeared and in that opening was Delilah and other Prohibited at Violet’s home. Violet was now seeing her mom and friends in real-time. She was watching the morning routine that she was so used to. Violet quickly looked back at the Senator and her grandmother to see their smiling faces, and then she turned back.

“Mom!” Violet spoke into the opening of the rainbow. Delilah did not move towards recognition. She did not hear her daughter. Violet watched for moments as her mom interacted with other Prohibited while the news footage was blaring through the house. She observed the worry from all residence. She watched as everyone was involved with phone calls and emails, addressing the current situation. Violet felt helpless. Genevieve laid down her hands as the rainbow and happenings at Violet’s home began to disappear into the air like a mist in the breeze. They allowed Violet more time. Genevieve knew not to rush it. This was a lot for Violet to take in.

“Can I have some water, please?” Violet asked as she stared straight ahead.

“Of course.” Senator Kindle replied. She got up to retrieve a bottle of water from the small bedroom refrigerator that had, moments ago, been suspended in midair. She opened the bottle and handed it to Violet, who was frozen solid from shock. As Violet brought the water up to her mouth, her hands shook. Senator Kindle assisted her and then placed the cap back onto the bottle.

“Violet, are you okay?” The Senator asked.

“Yeah. I just need a minute.” Violet responded.

“Understandable.” The Senator replied. “This is what I grew up with, Violet. I have to say, these are simply more than parlor tricks. Violet, I have learned a great deal from my grandmother, and she has a great deal to share with you. She has a great deal to teach you. I hope you can be open to everything she has to say.”

Violet nodded her head in acknowledgment. “I am.” Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth; she guided her breath. She directed her eyes to both women. “I have a question.”

“Anything.” Genevieve replied.

“I have the ability to do these things?” Violet’s voice shook.

“Oh, dear, this is just the beginning. You have the ability to do much, as long as you do them with good intentions.” Genevieve smiled at Violet.

“And everyone, including Normals, has this ability?” Violet asked.

“Yes.” Genevieve responded, recognizing that Violet was getting it.

Violet turned and looked at Senator Kindle. “Do you?”

Senator Kindle gave Violet a loving look. “I do.”

Breathe through your nose, out through your mouth. Violet was now internally screaming to herself. “What can you do?” She whispered.

Senator Kindle knew to reveal this to her gently. “I can speak to you without speaking.” Senator Kindle’s lips did not move.

Violet recognized immediately that her words entered her ears through the inside. Senator Kindle spoke without speaking. Violet was not doing well. She got up, walked into her room, took her pill bottle out of her bag, took out a pill, and brought it back to her chair. She unscrewed the water bottle cap and swallowed the pill. She began to pat her knees just like her therapist had taught her as another coping skill. Violet was going to need more than a minute. Senator Kindle informed her that she would go downstairs and make her some toast since she hadn’t eaten much of her breakfast, without speaking the words.

“Senator Kindle?” Violet asked.

“Yes, Violet.” The Senator replied again, without speaking.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but would you mind not doing that?” Violet asked politely.

The Senator silently laughed. “Of course. I know it can be a little off-putting.” This time, she spoke it.

“Thank you.” Violet sat back, concentrating on her breathing. The Senator walked out of the room. Genevieve laid back to rest until her granddaughter returned.

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