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It had been an eventful morning for all of them. Senator Kindle returned as Violet had a million things going through her head. The power of protection took no effort, so it never seemed out of the ordinary to her. She had only known a world where she had this gift. But the things she was experiencing this morning were unthinkable to a Prohibited. Some of this was exciting, and some were intimidating. But she knew that she didn’t have much time to learn from Genevieve, so she needed to focus.

She looked up at both women, who were patiently waiting. “So the powers are unlimited, and they are created by pure love, a power like most of us do not know. That part, I understand now. However, what I’m struggling with is the ability for Normals to have the power.” Violet explained.

“Well, like grandma said. We all have the capability. However, it’s not easy. I grew up with my grandma, and I think that is the only reason I can have abilities without being a Prohibited. My grandma was able to influence my thinking, my emotions, and my decisions. I don’t believe I would have the ability if it weren’t for her.” Senator Kindle replied.

“Okay. That makes sense. Do you know of any other Normals that have actual powers? Do you have more powers than kinetic ability?” Violet asked.

“A few. I can convince people to do certain things when they might not be sure.” She looked at Violet and smiled. “Like passing a bill through Congress.”

Violet’s eyes radiated excitement. “Seriously? How are you able to do that? Did you do that for this bill?”

“Well, I can only convince if it is of benefit and only if the person is capable of choosing that benefit. If they are capable, I can persuade them. But I can’t manipulate for any other reason. It just won’t work that way, at least not for me.” The Senator continued. “But I wouldn’t want to anyway. That’s why it’s possible. So, yes, I was able to convince those who were on the fence but leaning towards our cause to vote in our favor. They probably would have anyway. They just needed that extra push. Really, what it is, is helping remove their fears and inhibitions. If I can help remove their worry and insecurities, then they still choose. They just choose what is right. None of the other negative influencers matter to them anymore.”

“Wow.” Violet replied. She had no idea of these abilities. They both excited her and scared her. Just as she was getting ready to ask more questions, she remembered something. She looked at the women, and intently asked her question. “I’ve heard from the Normals who are against us, that Prohibited have the power of mind control. They site cases where Prohibited have been convicted of this. So, is it true? Is it possible?”

Genevieve sat herself up in the bed. “We don’t know, Violet. What I mean by that is that we don’t know of any time that a Prohibited was able to use mind control in a negative way. Is it possible, maybe? But do we know for sure, no. There isn’t any one case where it has been obvious that a Prohibited did commit a crime. In fact, we don’t believe that any Prohibited anywhere are aware that they have these abilities. So, I don’t really believe that anyone has at this point, but is it possible? Yes, but highly unlikely, because it must come from purity.”

Violet was not convinced. This whole time, she thought that the Normals were making things up to denounce the Prohibited cause, but now she was questioning. She was questioning everything she thought she had known. “Can you teach me?”

“We can.” Senator Kindle stated. “It will take some time, but yes. I will do the majority of the work. For grandma’s safety, we can’t keep you here too long. However, she will continue to communicate with you and work with you through thought. I will also work with you. We do have some other things we need to discuss, though.”

“What else?” Violet asked.

“First, grandma has a concern about the outburst you had at the house.” The Senator looked at her grandma.

“Yes, Violet, I’m a bit concerned with that. In the history of Prohibited, there has never been one to react negatively as you did. So, I wanted to talk to you about that.” Genevieve was concerned.

Violet nodded her head. “Yes. I understand. All I can say is that I don’t know what happened.”

“And you’re experiencing panic attacks?” Genevieve asked.

“Yes. I have no idea where those came from. One day I just had one, and they haven’t left.” Violet responded.

“Well, here is my concern. Those are very Normal’s type issues. Prohibited don’t have those issues. So, without knowing why or what you’re capable of, we need to make sure that you’re working on containing those things. We need to do whatever we can to make sure you’re fully equipped to keep control. We need to make sure that the powers you have remain pure. That is my only concern.” Genevieve replied.

“I understand.” Violet replied. “I didn’t like feeling that way. And these panic attacks really suck.”

Genevieve laughed. “Well, I think we can help you with this.”

“I have no doubt.” Violet smiled. “My next question is about this underground network. Can you explain it to me and what it all means?”

Both women looked at each other and took deep breaths as if they were about to give her bad news. They were. “Violet, I need to prepare you, and I’m not exactly sure how to do that other than just telling you. The fact is, some facilities hold Prohibited and academic sympathizers. They’ve been doing experiments and research for decades. Not only do they experiment, but they also sell Prohibited to be servants of protection. They’re sold to the highest bidders. These people are marketed to various individuals, world leaders, religious leaders, the rich and powerful. The person doing the purchasing doesn’t have to have good or pure intentions. However, the Prohibited are designed to protect regardless. Therefore they protect life, whether they like it or not. These things have been happening longer than I’ve been alive.” Senator Kindle continued.

“It’s a sad and harsh truth. However, we have underground sympathizers and even secret government agencies, believe it or not, who try vigilantly to locate these cells and dismember their organizations and processes. I don’t have to say this, but I will, no one can know, Violet. If anyone with ill intent were to find out, it would put everyone and everything in jeopardy.

Violet nodded. “I understand. But how many of these cells or organizations are we talking about?”

Senator Kindle looked at Genevieve and then back to Violet. “More than you can count, Violet. And that is not the worst of it.”

“What do you mean?” Violet asked, not sure if she even wanted to know the answer.

“Well, beyond the kidnapping and selling of Prohibited, there are facilities, many facilities that hold Prohibited. We told you, but what you don’t know is that there are more Prohibited kept in captivity in these facilities than you could imagine.” Senator Kindle continued.

“And this is where the experimentation takes place?” Violet whispered.

“Yes. However, beyond the studies and experiments, entire generations are produced and kept to harvest Prohibited in the worst form.”

“What?” Violet shuttered. “What does that mean?”

“It means that for half a century, their goal is to create a Prohibited that can remove your protection. It means they have been attempting to create a Prohibited generation that can cause pain and destruction, inherently. The thought process is that if nature can produce a race that can protect, humankind should create a race that can destroy. They desire to create a vast amount of Prohibited to be purchased by governments willing to pay the price. The information is that they have succeeded. We don’t know if that is true, but that is the information we have.”

“Succeeded?” Violet was unsure of what that meant.

“Yes. Succeeded in the production of your kind’s alter-ego. That’s why we’re working so hard for your cause. The sooner we can get your rights and vitality in society, the sooner we have stabilized your presence among Normals. Then if a different type of Prohibited, a menacing kind, appears, we stand a chance to have the support and help meet everyone’s needs and safety.” Senator Jenkins replied.

“So, what does the other Prohibited look like? What can they do?” Violet was curious.

“Like I said, we don’t have full confirmation yet that any exist, but with the information we do have, it would be surprising if they don’t. If they do exist, we don’t know if they look any different than Prohibited or what kind of abilities they have. So, what we are left with is the plan of attack to get Prohibited accepted into society as quickly as possible. The uprising my grandmother has always told me about is here, and you, Violet, will step in to lead the way.”

“Me? Why Me?” Violet was thrown back by this comment.

“Because you are different than other Prohibited. You have added inherent abilities. You have the fight in you. People listen to you and respect you and because it is your place in history. You have the ability to learn the gifts you are capable of, and you can learn them quickly. You will learn them quickly. You are our best chance for peace and defense of all Prohibited. Especially if there is a bread generation of Prohibited ready to battle. You and only you can fight them. You are the only one of your kind who can protect yourself inherently if needed. No other Prohibited have that ability yet. Most importantly, my grandma tells me that you are the only one that can protect the Prohibited from extinction.”

Violet looked at Genevieve with great sorrow. “Is that true?”

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