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Genevieve’s golden eyes met Violet’s radiant and questioning stare. “I’m afraid so, Violet. I wish I had more options for you, but I don’t. Everything I’ve ever seen has happened, and I don’t see any other salvation than you.” Genevieve continued to stare at Violet as she raised her hand and began a swinging motion. The air in front of them became cloudy as Genevieve continued moving her hand. After some time, an opening between the mist appeared. As the mist began to swirl around the opening, Violet looked at the images that slowly began to appear. Senator Kindle watched as well. In front of them appeared battles, Prohibited protecting, the dead lining the ground, people running, people screaming and begging for help. These images were even worse than what had been appearing on the television screens that morning. There were mass explosions and waves of protection. Violet couldn’t make out who the people were.

The images flickered as if the reception was weak. The images wavered through different battles and occasionally showed Prohibited and Normals in safe containment. Most of the scenes were chaos and confusion, and Violet shook as she watched. Then Violet noticed something in one of the battles. She stood up and walked towards the opening of the mist. As the battle scenes shifted, there was one constant. It was her. She watched as her image appeared time and time again through the different battles. She was not herself. The abilities she had were nothing she had ever been familiar with. Except for appearance, she did not know who this person was. At times, she was in battle, fighting. Violet had never fought a day in her life. She would never intentionally injure anyone, for any reason, and yet, here she was, watching herself cause harm with abilities she could not have envisioned. Her heart ached as she watched. Her hands tremored. She was having a visceral reaction. It was fear, and no amount of self-protection would take these images from her as she continued to watch until she could watch no longer.

“That’s enough.” Violet insisted. “That’s enough. No more. I don’t want to see any more.”

Genevieve lowered her hand, and both women watched Violet pace the room. Walking through the mist as it dissipated around her. Violet had no comprehension of anything she had just seen. She was dumbfounded and angry, angry at herself, her future self. “There is no way that’s me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could ever get me to the point of hurting others like that.” Violet continued to pace.

“Violet, I know that it was hard to see. We knew it wouldn’t be easy for you, and honestly, we were hoping we wouldn’t have to show it to you. However, that is the future. And we are short on time. That future will happen sooner than you think. Those things will happen, Violet. And we need to prepare you for it. Do you understand?” The Senator quietly spoke.

“No. No, I don’t understand.” Violet paced the room quickly. “I don’t understand at all. I have never hurt anything in my life. I have never wanted to hurt anything in my life.”

“What about the Normals outside your house? You wanted to hurt them, right?” The Senator knew that what she was saying was unpleasant, but she knew no other way to get through to Violet.

Violet stopped in her tracks and looked up at Senator Kindle. She was just reminded of something she never wanted to think about ever again. She recognized the harshness in the Senator’s words but also found the sympathy in her tone. She didn’t know what to say to that. The Senator was right. “That was different, Senator. That was a momentary lapse of judgment and emotion on my part, and it hasn’t happened since. I never want to feel that way again. It was disgusting.”

“I understand Violet, and that is why Genevieve is so concerned that you contain those feelings as much as possible. But, in those images you saw of the future, you are protecting the innocent by hurting the enemy. You aren’t malicious. You’re showing great love for those who deserve it.” The Senator responded.

“Does it matter? The fact is, I am causing harm and pain, even death. Prohibited don’t have that ability.” Violet replied.

“They do in the protection of innocence.” Genevieve interjected. “I know this is a lot for you to take in. Believe me. We had hoped that we were wrong. I would never ask you to do anything that wasn’t solely out of love. You’ll see that in time. Your entire focus will be on what is right and good in this world, even if it means having to fight, as you saw. Violet, you will understand more as you grow and learn. My granddaughter will teach you. I taught her. I will teach you. You can, and you will do the right thing.”

“How is using force and violence to fight our enemy any more justifiable than the Normals justifying the use of violence against us?”

“Because, without the Normal’s anger and hatred, we wouldn’t have to fight. We could live in peace and prosperity. The only other option is to succumb to evil. To live and die in fear and secrecy. And even then, the Normals would only continue to detain our people, sell them, experiment on them, force them to live in servitude. That won’t stop until we stop it, Violet. The battles you saw are forced upon you. You only partake in the bloodshed after you have done everything in your power to protect with your inherent abilities. You’ll feel secure when you have done all you can do to keep things at peace. You’ll be pushed and forced to overcome all evil. You’ll do all you can to avoid injury and death. Violet, you’ll have no choice. But you will be secure in your decision to fight. I promise you, with all that I am and all that I have, everything will be okay. I need you to trust me.” Genevieve requested.

Violet continued to pace the room with her head down. Genevieve and Senator Kindle allowed her the time. They remained silent as they shared glances between them and Violet. Violet’s emotions were all over the place. She knew she had strange feelings for a Prohibited. She recognized that some of her emotions had Normal’s tendencies. But up until this moment, she believed that she could control them or place them in a dark corner of her mind. But what she had just seen was beyond anything she thought she could manage. This scared her. The amount of anger or hatred it would take to create those actions terrified her. Genevieve translated it to love but for Violet, what she saw, was not love.

Violet tried her best to concentrate on her breathing. She fought off the panic attack that was attempting to take over her. She stopped pacing and walked to the window to look out at the serene views. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing patterns. She began to call on her internal faith that everything was going to be alright. She would open her eyes occasionally to see clouds dancing around the afternoon sun shining through them. She tried to push out the new information and focus on being in this moment. She listened to the silence in the room as no one made a sound. She sat down in the chair in the corner of the room. She kicked off her shoes and placed her legs underneath her in a meditation pose. She gently laid the backs of her hands on her knees as she sank into meditation.

Thirty minutes went by as Senator Kindle, and Genevieve gave Violet the necessary time to collect herself. She was going to need to be as centered as possible to hear the final bit of information they needed to share with her. They knew this information was personal and potentially destructive to Violet. They wanted her calm and at peace to receive their words.

Violet continued to breathe and meditate. Genevieve’s presence was helping. Genevieve was sending her all the peace and love that Genevieve could muster, and it was working. Violet had entered a trance-like state, and she was slowly coming to. Her eyelids flickered as she gradually made her way to consciousness and into a new world. A world filled with unknown to extremes. Violet began to open her eyes slowly. After a few moments, she unfolded her legs and lifted her hands to her face. She rubbed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She was good, for the moment.

“Violet, there is one last thing that we need to discuss.” Senator Kindle whispered.

“Okay. What is it?” Violet remained calm.

Genevieve lifted herself in the bed and met Violet’s eyes. “It’s about your father.”

Violet blinked her eyes quickly and breathed in deeply. Genevieve and the Senator watched her movements, unsure of what to make of it. Violet stood up, walked back into her room, took out the pill bottle, placed two pills into her mouth, and swallowed them. Violet walked back into the room, and calmly sat back down in the chair.

“Violet?” The Senator asked.

“Yes.” Violet quietly replied.

“Should you be taking multiple pills in one day?” The Senator sounded concerned.

“I don’t know. And right now, I really don’t care.” Violet was still very calm.

Genevieve looked at her granddaughter with confidence. “She’s okay, dear.”

“Violet, is it alright to continue?” Senator Kindle asked sincerely.

Violet nodded her head. “Yes.”

“We believe that your father is still alive and being held in one of these facilities.” The Senator continued.

Violet’s eyes met Genevieve’s. “How long have you known this?”

“I’ve known for a very long time, but without the support that we have now, there was no point in attempting to get him. We weren’t strong enough in numbers, and it would have set our progress back greatly.” Genevieve informed Violet. “The Normals would not give him up easily.”

Violet did not move her stare. “Is my mom alive?”

Genevieve broke the connection and looked down. “No, Violet. She died the day you were born. Her grave is where she rests.”

“Was it Xavier?” Violet was remaining almost too calm.

“Yes.” Genevieve responded.

“Where is my father?” Violet asked.

“We believe he is being held in one of the U.S. facilities. Grandma has informed me that we can get him out safely now.”

“Is this true, Genevieve?” Violet asked.

Genevieve met Violet’s eyes. “Yes. We have the ability now. We have sympathizers inside the facilities now. Any time before would have been disastrous. You’ll be the one to rescue him. You’ll need to go home and prepare for his arrival. My granddaughter will give you the instructions you’ll need.”

“Okay. How soon?” Violet asked.

“Soon. But Violet, you need to be prepared. He is not in good health. He cannot last there much longer.” Genevieve said with sorrow.

Violet stood up from the chair and walked back over to the window. She watched the clouds and the birds all glide across the sky. Whether Genevieve was helping her remain calm or if it was the pills, Violet was able to ignore the anxiety. “What have they done to him? Have they done experiments on him?”

Genevieve knew what they had done to him, but she was going to share the details with her in no way. That was up to her father. “Yes, Violet. Once they got word of the violet-eyed child, they used him. All I will say is that they tried to replicate, well, you.”

Violet turned to Genevieve. “Have they succeeded?”

“That, I cannot see. All I will say is that I would be surprised if they haven’t.” Genevieve replied.

Violet looked back out the window. It was such a beautiful day. Violet focused on that. “Is there anything else?” Violet asked.

“No. I think that’s all for now.” The Senator responded.

Violet turned away from the window and looked at both of the women. There was no anger or fear. There was no sorrow or happiness in her eyes. They were met with a completely blank stare. There was nothing behind her eyes, and Genevieve could feel the void. The girl standing before them had entered this day full of joy and excitement. She was now an empty shell. Genevieve could no longer make a connection with Violet to bring her comfort and solace. There was nothing left to connect to.

Violet turned away from the women without saying a word. She walked back into her bedroom and gently shut the door behind her. Senator Kindle sat in silence, pondering the outcome of the conversation, when she began to hear faint crying. The sound of Violet’s sorrow began to fill the room. The women listened for a while as Violet emptied her soul into her pillow. Senator Kindle eventually looked at Genevieve for confirmation that all would be well. Genevieve eyes were closed and slowly flickering. The Senator recognized this as not sleep but her attempts to comfort Violet through the bedroom door. Senator Kindle quietly left the room and went downstairs to face the remainder of the day, filled with the Prohibited chaotic reality.

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