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Violet exited the plane and walked to the waiting open car door. She sat in the back, and Damian closed the door. She could hear the all too familiar trunk being opened, bags loaded, and then closed. The air conditioning was going, and she was glad for it.

This trip had been unexpected, unprecedented, and unbelievable. She was still wrapping her mind around everything that she had learned about the path she was about to take. It only took a slight opening for fear and doubt to rampage through her veins. Although, she found that writing in the new journal was helpful. She just wanted to get home and see her mom and her friends. The driver’s door opened, and Damian got into the car. He looked in the rearview to see that Violet was curiously looking back.

“Did you have a good trip?” He asked, to make pleasantries as he began to drive.

“Define good.” Violet said back. “I’m just kidding. Yes. It was good.” She wasn’t kidding.

“I’m glad to hear it.” Damian began driving them out of the airport.

Violet sat back as she listened to the road noise’s slight humming as the landscape passed by. She laid her head back and closed her eyes. She tried to relax to the beat of the tires moving across the road. She assumed Damian was a pretty quiet guy, and she appreciated it. The road noise was soothing as she began to nod off to sleep—Thump, thump, thump. The tires continued to make this noise with every line in the freeway they crossed. She was at peace as they drove. Damian would look into the rearview occasionally to see her eyes closed. He liked her eyes. They were different than his. He was so used to the gold reflection in his kind that her violet eyes were refreshing and intriguing. He looked forward at the road and back at Violet, just in time to see her eyes suddenly open. She sat up as if something had been thrown at her.

“Are you okay?” Damian asked.

“Yeah. I’m alright. I just had a bad dream, I guess.” She figured she hadn’t been asleep that long. She looked around to make sure she was still in the car with Damian. She had been having nightmares through the night. She couldn’t remember them, but she was sure they had something to do with the images she saw in the mist. She sat back again but kept her eyes open this time. “Damian, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Damian replied.

“Why do you insist on being alone? Don’t you get worried sometimes?” Violet asked.

“No. Not really. I like the freedom I have with not worrying about my safety.” He replied.

“But, you can’t protect yourself, though.” Violet seemed concerned.

“That’s true. But neither can Normals, and they don’t seem to worry too much about that.” He responded.

Violet thought about what he said. He was right. Normals didn’t have to worry about Prohibited harming them. They only had to worry about other Normals harming them. She realized this kind of made sense, kind of. “But aren’t you a target for Normals?”

Damian looked into the rearview. “Hmmm. I guess so. But that’s not what I think about too often. I’m just living my life. I’m happy that I can protect others. That’s what’s important to me. Not worrying much about those that might hurt me.”

“Interesting.” Violet considered his words for a bit. “I guess I’ve never looked at it that way. I’m just so used to Normals trying to hurt us whenever they can.”

“Some do. But really, I try to surround myself with people who want to be around me, not those that don’t. Don’t get me wrong. I take precautions.” He looked into the rearview and tipped down his dark sunglasses to reveal the blue contacts with a golden hue hint. He placed them back onto the bridge of his nose as he stared straight ahead. “I guess, if I focused and got drawn into the Normal’s issues, I might not feel as comfortable to be alone. But, in the end, I’m happy with my life. I feel pretty secure. I like making other people happy and having the ability to protect. It’s fulfilling enough.”

Violet was taken aback. His words rang true and straight to the point. Plus, how wrong could he be? He was alive and happy. “Damian, you’re a brilliant man.”

Damian looked into the rearview and smiled. “And don’t forget, handsome.”

Violet laughed at his words. She like Damian. He was good people, and she was glad she had met him. “And handsome.” She met his smile with hers.

They pulled up to the house, and Violet opened the car door this time as Damian opened the trunk and pulled out her bag. She was excited to be home and couldn’t wait to get inside. There were no Normals out front, and she was relieved. She gave Damian a big hug and thanked him for his services. He got into the car and drove away as she ran up the driveway avoiding the vehicles parked there. She wheeled the bag to the door and reached for the doorknob. It was locked. She had forgotten her keys, so she rang the doorbell. She stood on the porch so excited she could bust it down if someone didn’t open it quickly.

“It’s Violet!” Caroline yelled from behind the door.

The door flew open, and Violet dragged her bag inside as Caroline wrapped her arms around her.

“Violet! You’re home!” Caroline yelled.

Violet laughed. “I am.” She continued to laugh as she hugged Caroline back. “I’ve only been gone a couple of days. Geez.”

Caroline gently released her hug. “I know, but you never leave like you did. It was weird.”

“It was just as weird for me. I missed you guys so much. You have no idea.” Violet hugged everyone as her mom approached. Violet’s demeanor changed when she saw her mom. Her shoulders slumped, and she melted in her mom’s arms. This took Delilah by surprise. Just a few seconds ago, she radiated happiness, and now she began to cry. Everyone began to walk away, giving the two privacy. Delilah guided Violet up the steps as she dragged her bag behind her. Delilah took Violet into her room and shut the door.

Delilah sat Violet on the edge of the bed and sat down next to her. She held Violet in her arms while she continued to cry. Delilah said nothing. She let Violet release her sorrows. Delilah began to stroke her hair. Violet’s tears ran down her face. Delilah got up and grabbed a box of tissues. Violet began to wipe her face and blow her nose. Violet continued to cry until she had no more tears. Delilah hadn’t asked any questions yet. She helped Violet climb into bed. She went down to the kitchen to fix her a cup of tea. The curiosity on all Prohibited’s faces was obvious, but Delilah had no answer for them. She placed the cup of tea into Violet’s hands as she went to get a warm washcloth from the bathroom to refresh Violet’s face. Violet’s face was red and puffy. She began to sip her tea. Delilah pulled the chair next to the bed as she waited for Violet to speak.

Violet’s words came as fast as her tears had, and they lasted just as long. Violet explained the secrecy of the trip. She told Delilah, in detail, about meeting Genevieve, Senator Kindle’s grandma. She explained the inherent powers vs. the potential powers. She continued to tell Delilah about Normals also having the capabilities of powers and the Senator’s ability to speak without speaking. She explained how she will be mentored by the Senator and Genevieve and how it is Violet’s destiny to be a great historical figure in this world. Delilah stoically listened as Violet spoke of things that had seemed inconceivable. Delilah did her best to hide her shock. The shock of Genevieve’s existence, the shock of Normals having abilities, the shock that her daughter was to be a great leader for all Prohibited. But the biggest shock was yet to come.

Violet’s expression screamed for compassion as she spoke. “And mom, my father, he’s still alive.” Violet’s voice quivered.

Delilah could no longer hide her dismay. She was sure that Adelaide, along with Jacob had been killed. She had accepted it as fact. Delilah wanted to run from the room and forget everything she had just heard. But her daughter needed her. The daughter she took as hers decades ago. The daughter who had only known her as a mom. “Jacob is alive?” Delilah asked softly.

“Yes. He’s being held at some facility. Apparently, he’s gone through a lot and is not in good shape.” Violet responded.

“What about Adelaide? Is she still alive?” Delilah was torn on receiving the answer. If Adelaide was alive, then what did that mean for Delilah? She felt guilty for even feeling this way.

Violet quietly answered. “No. She died the day I was born. Xavier took her life. She is at the grave.”

“I’m so sorry, Violet.” Delilah was remorseful. Remorseful that her mother’s life had ended on the happiest day of her life, and remorseful that she feared her being alive. “I wish it had been different for you. I miss your mom very much.”

Violet nodded her head. “Weirdly enough, so do I. You’ve kept me so connected to her. How couldn’t I? But my dad, I’m going to need to get him soon. Genevieve made that very clear.”

Delilah looked concerned. “What does that mean?”

“That means that I’ll go to where he is being held and get him.” Violet waited for Delilah’s response.

Delilah began to pace the floor, just like Violet had when being given the same information. Delilah was worried. “Okay, so, you’re just going to walk into some strange facility, find your dad, and they’re just going to let you take him? How does that work?”

Violet motioned for her mom to come back to the seat. As Delilah sat down, Violet began explaining. “Mom, Genevieve sees things, past, present, and future. She showed me exactly where the facility is, the layout of the facility. I saw the sympathizer hiding the two key cards that unlock everything. I saw myself retrieving them. I saw myself walking through the corridors. I saw myself finding my father. He is very unhealthy. There’ll be a wheelchair in his room. I help him into the wheelchair and begin wheeling him out. The sympathizer has set up the cameras to replay footage so that I’m not detected. From everything I saw, I get in and out without any confrontation. We aren’t detected, and my father comes home. It really is that easy, at least from what I saw. You don’t need to worry, mom. I wouldn’t do it if I felt like I was jeopardizing any of us. But I need to get Jacob. He needs us.”

Delilah watched as Violet’s face seemed sincere. She knew her daughter, she was determined, and nothing was going to change her mind. “Violet, I don’t have to tell you how worried I am, right?”

“No. I know. I have to do this, though, mom. You know that, right?”

“I know. I know. I just, it’s been a lot to take in, and it’s all happening so quickly that I’m struggling to comprehend it all.”

“I understand completely. Believe me, I understand.” Violet did understand what her mom was going through. “I’ll be doing this in two days. Senator Kindle will set it all up for me. She’ll also be training me, starting tomorrow. No one else can know. No one, mom, especially about Genevieve.”

Delilah nodded. “I understand. But how do we explain your dad to the others?’

“We simply explain that he was rescued and that we’re to care for him. Absolutely no other details.”

Delilah took in a deep breath. “Okay. What can I do to help?”

“Nothing right now. But I’ll need your help with dad.”

“Of course.” Delilah responded without hesitation. Then it hit her, Jacob was alive, and she would be seeing him soon. She had adored Jacob all those years ago, and he was coming back. Her eyes lit up, and she began to smile, from ear to ear.

Violet took notice and met Delilah’s smile, knowing exactly why it was there. “I know, right? I’m so thrilled to meet him. How exciting will it be?”

“Very, exciting!” Delilah exclaimed. “I better get a room ready for him.” Delilah got up from the chair and went for the door when she turned towards Violet. “What size clothes do you think we need to get him?”

Violet’s smile decreased. “He’s very thin, mom. He’s like a skeleton. He doesn’t look good at all. The safe bet would be men’s small, maybe medium at most, but I think they’ll be baggy.”

Delilah understood and walked out of the room. Violet walked to the bathroom and began splashing water on her face. She dried it and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. She walked back into the bedroom, locked the door, lit a candle, sat meditation style on the floor, placed her hands on her knees, and closed her eyes.

“Are you ready?” Senator Kindle’s voice resonated through Violet’s head.

“I am.” Violet responded without speaking. Violet had learned, within in a day, how to communicate with Senator Kindle. She was showing promise in being a quick learner. She still had not gained the ability to do this with anyone else but the Senator. However, that would come in time.

The Senator began walking her through the connection of her essence and eliminating any and all negative thoughts or feelings. Violet found that the more the Senator spoke and the less thought she had, she was able to quickly enter a realm of complete love, light, and power. The energies that connect all beings and infinity were becoming clearer to Violet each time she entered this realm. There was such freedom, and it lightened her soul beyond anything she had ever felt before. The energy she felt had no bounds except for those that she chose to place on herself. She had to maintain some control of these energies and powers, or they would be chaos and uncontrollable. Genevieve had made that clear to her.

The Senator continued to guide her through the process as she learned to maneuver an existence of unimaginable peace. There was a confidence without arrogance. There was forgiveness beyond measure and insight into eternity that was beyond grasp. The more that Violet worked with the Senator, she was finding it more challenging to reenter reality. The feeling and power that she felt in this realm was hard to leave. However, she knew that existing meant to merge both realms until they were fully interconnected. So, she learned, and she learned quickly.

The Senator was pleased with her progress through the few occasions they had trained. She knew that Violet was the Prohibited’s salvation, but she needed Violet to slow the process to have complete control. Control was key. Self-awareness and self-control were a must in this process. As the Senator walked her through the realm, she continually made Violet stop and consider her position of control. Violet found this problematic. It was like being woken up from a delightful dream. However, she followed the Senator’s instructions and maneuvered appropriately. She was being enlightened without full empowerment for a reason, and she respected that. So, she wholly followed the Senator’s direction no matter how difficult.

Hours went by as Violet was guided. Delilah wasn’t sure if Violet had fallen asleep, but she didn’t interrupt her, whatever she was doing. She prepped the room for Jacob and locked the door behind her. She asked Caroline to join her as she went to pick up donations for Jacob to wear. Caroline asked no questions. She was fully aware that something was about to transpire. Delilah stopped by Dr. Marsh’s facility and collected medications of all kinds and medical equipment. She didn’t know what condition Jacob would be in, but she wanted to be prepared for the worst. She would be glad she did.

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