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Violet had been nervous all day. She tried her best to have faith in Genevieve’s images, but she was still in the process of learning how to remove all doubt and fear. She found this gift to be the hardest to obtain. Full faith was not coming easily to her. She would focus on her breathing patterns and would take moments to enter the realm for some comfort. However, reality was a more difficult place to control. She found the panic attacks to be her enemy. They were sneaky and would enter her without warning. She found this to be utterly frustrating, and she needed them to disappear today of all days.

Violet had spent the morning training with the Senator and had felt very calm afterward, but after some time away, the insecurities began to creep in. Delilah could tell that her daughter was under stress. She had fixed her some breakfast and tea and had spent some time with her outside. She shared memories of her parents with her to get her excited about what the day would bring. Violet laughed at some of the memories Delilah had of both of her parents. Even though Violet had heard all the stories during her upbringing, she never tired of hearing them again. Delilah focused on praising her daughter and giving her the confidence that she would need. The Prohibited were unaware of what was about to occur, but they knew that they needed to fill Violet with all the calmness and peacefulness they could muster.

The car pulled up, and Damian came to the door. There were no Normals with hatred in their actions around and hadn’t been for quite some time. So, Damian was safe to approach. He knocked on the door and was met with Prohibited of all ages and appearances. He removed his sunglasses as he entered. Violet and Delilah walked towards him. They were both apprehensive.

“Damian, are you alone?” Violet asked, concerned.

“I am.” He responded.

“Somethings not right here. You shouldn’t be alone. Do you know where we’re going?” Violet was anxious. She did not want Damian alone during this rescue.

“I do. The Senator isn’t worried.” He replied.

“No. This isn’t right.” Violet began dialing the Senator’s number, but there was no answer. “Okay. Here’s what we’re going to do. We need to take another Prohibited to be with you while you wait for me.”

“But that’s not what was planned.” Damian replied.

“I don’t care. I’m not comfortable with you being alone.” Violet turned to look at her mom.

“Let me get my things.” Delilah responded. She wasn’t going to let anyone other than her go with Damian and her daughter.

Violet attempted to contact the Senator again, but she got the voicemail. Just then, the Senator’s voice approached Violet’s ears.

“Violet, I’m in a meeting. Sorry, I can’t get away. What’s going on?” The Senator asked.

“Damian is here by himself. Why?” Violet asked, without speaking.

“Because that is the way we see it in the images. He’ll be fine, or we wouldn’t send him.” The Senator insisted.

“No. I’m not okay with that. I understand that I’m to have full faith, but I can’t let him be alone. I’m taking my mom with us. They’ll protect each other.” Violet was even more insistent.

“But Violet, that’s not how it works. It’s to be you and Damian only. That’s how it’s seen.” The Senator replied.

“I understand that, but if you want me to do this, I want protection for Damian. I’m sorry, but I just can’t leave him alone. It goes against everything that I am. I just can’t do it.” Violet pleaded.

The Senator didn’t immediately respond. Violet heard nothing. As the Prohibited watch Violet stand alone in the kitchen, not moving or saying a word, Violet pleaded for the Senator to say something.

“Violet, you do what you feel you must do. But I advise against it. You know how I feel. Please let me know when you are home with Jacob, please.” The Senator knew that Violet was determined to do it her way. However, Violet definitely recognized the disappointment in the Senator’s tone.

“I will. I promise we’ll be okay. I can only do this if I know Damian is safe. I’m sorry.” Violet tried to convince the Senator.

“Be safe, Violet. Just be safe.” The Senator broke the connection.

Violet walked back to a houseful of very confused Prohibited. Violet motioned for the front door, and they exited. Violet and Damian sat in the front while Delilah sat in the back. The sun was going down, and the night was still. Eerily still, to Violet. She knew the goal was to rescue her father, and that is what she focused on. She centered herself as Damian drove. She attempted to clear her thoughts and insecurities. She did her best to find comfort and confidence in the realm. By the time they pulled into a field near the facility, Violet was laser-focused and confident.

“Please be safe, Violet.” Delilah whispered into the silent night as Violet exited the vehicle.

“I will, mom. Take care of each other, okay?” Violet asked.

“We will.” Both Delilah and Damian replied. Damian would not admit it, but he was happy to have Delilah there for protection. He wasn’t given specifics, but he knew what they were doing could be dangerous.

As the nighttime set in, Violet slowly crept through the field to the large building with multiple quadrants. She had seen the images and knew exactly where she was to go. Everything was going to plan. She reached the side of the building and walked around to a small metal covering with cubby holes that may have been used for mail at one time. She reached up under the metal and pulled out an envelope that was taped underneath.

The sympathizer had come through just as she had seen in the images in the mist. She walked around to a door with an electronic plate as she placed one of the key cards up to it. The light on the plate went from red to green and the door latch released. She pulled it open. The corridor was empty as Violet made her way through multiple corridors, counting the doors along the way. Although she had seen this in images and saw that no one would appear, she was still cautious. She was quiet as she crept through the hallways, opening doors with the key cards until she came to a door at the end of a hallway. The plate on the door read maintenance, just as it had in Genevieve’s images. She placed the keycard with the red dot on it against the electronic plate.

The light went from red to green just like she had seen. She opened the door to a darkened room. There was no sound. She slowly shut the door behind her and turned on the light. She saw the wheelchair folded up next to the door. She unfolded it. She walked over to a cot that was in the corner of the room. She found Jacob, so small and unassuming, wrapped up in blankets. He hadn’t moved. She began to pull him up out of bed and found it much easier than she had thought. He weighed virtually nothing in her arms. She helped him into the wheelchair as he began to open his eyes.

It was apparent that he was so ill that he could not be fully aware or drugged. She didn’t know which, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t say a word to him as she adjusted his arms and legs and covered him with blankets. Once he was settled, she began to wheel him out of the room and return to the hallways that lead her to him. Everything was going to plan. No one was around, and she was quickly wheeling him through the maze as she continued to use the key cards to open the doors to his escape. Violet’s confidence was gaining. Her father remained incoherent. There were only a few more doors to go until the exit.

“Violet!” Genevieve’s voice entered Violet’s thoughts. This stopped Violet dead in her tracks. “Violet, keep going. You must hurry.” Genevieve was stern.

Violet began to run through the hallway, reaching another door, opening it, and pushing her father through. “Genevieve? What’s wrong?” Violet pleaded.

“Run, Violet. You must run as quickly as you can.” Genevieve begged her.

“I don’t understand. Why?” Violet asked as she picked up speed to reach the exit.

“Because you changed course, Violet. When you chose to take Delilah, it changed the course. She wasn’t meant to go. You must hurry!” Genevieve begged for Violet to run.

Violet didn’t understand why taking Delilah at the last minute would have affected anything, but she understood that the circumstances were now dire. She began running as fast as she could with her father’s life in her hands. She had just gotten him, and she wasn’t going to let anything or anyone take him from her again. She reached the exit and pushed her father through. Her heart was pounding through her chest. Her hands gripped the handles of the wheelchair until her knuckles were white. She was in full panic. She pushed his wheelchair as fast as she could go. She looked back as she reached the field and saw no one. What was Genevieve seeing? What was she so concerned about?

Violet kept the pace as she began to run out of breath. She pushed her father as he flung from side to side through the bumpy field. She grabbed hold of him to keep him as stable as possible. The night was silent, and she could hear her hard breathing cut through the silence like a knife. Every breath took effort as she raced towards the car. She looked up and saw the car up ahead. She immediately stopped as she held onto her father. Trucks were surrounding the car with their headlights on. Men were surrounding the car. Damian and Delilah were now standing outside of the vehicle.

Violet took in deep breaths and moved slowly towards the vehicle. She was terrified for all of them. She had no idea what she was walking into. It seemed like an eternity to reach the car. These were not the images she had been shown. As she approached the men and the vehicles, she could see the fear in Delilah’s eyes. Then one of the men came out of the darkness. It was Xavier. Her heart dropped. Time stopped. Life as she knew it was over. This was the infamous Xavier. She had seen pictures of him. She had heard the stories. He was the man that had killed her mother and captured her father. And here, he stood. She could instantly tell that he was smug and arrogant. He had captured his prey, and he was proud.

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