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“Hi, mom. Can we talk about last night later? I would like to talk to my dad for a while.” Violet looked and felt much better than just a few hours ago.

“Sure, sweetie.” Delilah turned towards Jacob. “Jacob, this is Violet. Do you remember me telling you about her?”

“Yes, she’s my daughter, but why did she call you mom. I thought her mom was that other lady.” Jacob asked,

Violet was perplexed.

“She calls me mom because I raised her after Adelaide died, and the bad Normals took you. So, she’s my daughter too.”

“Alright.” Jacob replied. That was good enough for him, for now.

Delilah turned towards Violet, whose confusion showed. “Jacob has no memory before the facility. He doesn’t remember me, your mom, or you. I just told him what a Prohibited was and what a Normal is. He has a limited conception right now.” Delilah explained. Violet nodded.

“Hello, Jacob. It’s nice to meet you.” Violet sat down in the chair next to the bed.

“It’s nice to meet you Violet,” Jacob responded.

“You look much better today. I’m glad.” She smiled.

“Thanks. So, you saved me from the bad place, huh?” Jacob asked.

“I did. You were pretty out of it last night, though.”

“Yep. They give me a lot of medicine there.”

“Well, we won’t make you take any of that medicine Jacob.” Violet recognized his childlike responses.

“Good. I don’t like them. Did you see the color of my eyes?” Jacob asked joyfully.

“I did. They are great eyes. Did you notice mine?” Violet waited for his response.

Jacob looked at Violet’s eyes. “Wow! Your eyes are cool! Why are they purple?”

Violet laughed. “I don’t know. You and mom both had gold eyes. I’m the only Prohibited with violet eyes that we know of.”


“I don’t know. I was hoping you might know.”

“Nope. I have no idea.” Jacob replied.

“Well, if you can think of any reasons why, let me know.” Violet said.

“Will do.” Jacob said confidently.

“Violet realized that she wasn’t going to connect with her dad right now. He looked tired and was talking like a child. She needed to speak to Delilah anyway.

“Jacob, I’m going to go get the nurse for you. I think she can help you clean up if you would like to.”


Violet left the room and called for the nurse to help Jacob get cleaned up. She found Delilah, made some tea, and they went onto the balcony to sit in warmth. Violet had a lot to say. Delilah had a lot of listening to do.

“I’ve spent a lot of this morning communicating with Genevieve and Senator Kindle. I don’t remember a lot of last night, but from what they told me, it wasn’t good.” Violet sipped on her tea.

“It wasn’t.” Delilah intently watched as Violet continued to speak.

“Well, we considered stopping my training. It appears that I might be somewhat of a loose cannon. I know my future consists of me causing harm due to the protection of innocence, but last night, what I did to Xavier, was no protection. I just can’t wrap my mind around why I would do that.”

“And you don’t remember any of it?” Delilah asked.

“I remember the men holding you and Damian, but nothing after that. It’s just crazy. I don’t like not remembering my actions. It’s a weird feeling.” Violet’s face showed her concern.

“What does Genevieve and the Senator think?”

“They don’t know. We’re guessing at this point. The future images that Genevieve sees were not what happened last night. Xavier was not supposed to know that we were even there, but somehow that changed. The only thing we can think of was that I took you, which was not what the future images held. You weren’t there in those images.”

“So, do you think that I had something to do with the outcome?”

“We don’t think it was necessarily you. We think that it could have been any Prohibited. Maybe added Prohibited somehow makes the connection stronger, or they somehow have the ability to know when multiple Prohibited are around. We aren’t sure. It’s just a guess.”

“How would they be able to sense many Prohibited?”

“Hard to say. All we know is that if it had just been Damian and me, last night would have turned out far different.”

“Did you come up with reasons for your response to Xavier?”

“Not really. I mean, I simply lost control, which is a Normals thing to do. Not a Prohibited thing to do. I wish I knew. I need to learn to contain any negative emotions. The part that sucks is that I’m learning skills and powers quicker than I can learn to contain the negative. That’s where we are contemplating whether I should continue with my training or not.” Violet put down her tea and lowered her head. “It’s hard, mom. I want to help all Prohibited any way that I can, even if it means that I must injure others to do so. That I can accept. The cause justifies the means. But, I’m not OK with his injuring for the sake of injuring, and I don’t know why I can do that. I don’t like it.”

Delilah placed her hand on top of Violet’s. “I’m so sorry. I know this is difficult for you. It’s not easy. I wish I had the answers you need. I wish I could make it better for you.”

Violet didn’t immediately respond. She sat in silence as she tried to make sense of the unknown. Hers was an internal struggle, one that wouldn’t be easily solved. She wished she knew what to do. Genevieve’s images of the future only show what will happen if Violet does the right thing. If she makes other decisions than what is foreseen, then the images change. That is how Genevieve knew Violet and the others were in danger. She was able to see the changes in real-time. However, Genevieve was shocked and dismayed at the outcome.

A change in any images had never happened before. This was new territory for all of them. This was why they were questioning whether they should continue. Violet was the biggest proponent for her not to continue. She was unnerved that she was not able to control herself. What scared her the most was that she could not remember doing what she did to Xavier.

“I don’t know, mom. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be a wild card or hurt anyone. I’m not sure that I have the ability to control the negative at this point.” Violet looked at her mom with tears in her eyes. “What do I do?”

Delilah scanned Violet’s eyes. “Violet, I have no doubt that you’re fully capable of controlling the negative. The stronger you become with your powers brought on by the purity of your heart, the easier it will become to control the negative. I don’t know why there is negative, but, Violet, I know you. You are full of goodness and wonderment. You have special gifts because you were chosen.” Delilah wiped away Violet’s tears. “You are more than capable. Right now, you’re just scared. Anyone would be scared. Allow yourself to be scared for a while. You have every right. But Violet, if I didn’t think that you were capable of protecting all Prohibited, I would never allow you to do it. I would not want you to do it. It kills me to see you struggle like this. I love you. You’re my everything. Violet, you are strong, and you’re more than capable. You will figure this out. You will do well. But whatever decision you make, I will fully support you, sweetie.”

Violet listened to her mother’s words and wished she had her confidence.

“Violet, you are my daughter, and I would die for you. I would never allow you to do something that would hurt you. Violet, look at me.” Delilah guided Violet’s face up to look at her. “You are capable. I have no doubt. My confidence in you is not misguided. I have known you your whole life, and I know what you’re capable of. It doesn’t surprise me at all that you are chosen to be a savior for Prohibited. It doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

Delilah placed her hand on the side of Violet’s face. “You can, and you will do this. I’m not saying that there won’t be a learning curve or mistakes made. You are Prohibited, not perfect. But you will learn your abilities, and you will learn to control the negative. I have no fears about that.” Delilah looked her daughter in the eyes and meant every word. Delilah continued to wipe away Violet’s tears as she expressed her sadness. All Delilah could do was comfort her.

“You really think I can do this? Honestly?” Violet asked through tears.

“I don’t think you can do this. I know you can. If you don’t have the faith right now, trust in mine. I’m your mother, and I know you are capable. Lean on my faith if you have to for now. Don’t give up, Violet. You have a lot of people who love you. You have a lot of people who respect you. Let me help carry you through this process. Rely on me. That is the least I can do for you.” Delilah smiled at her daughter. Her love radiated through Violet. She was very lucky to have a mom like Delilah, and she knew it. She knew Delilah would not be so supportive if she didn’t think she could do it.

“I’m scared, mom.” Violet was vulnerable, and it showed.

“I know. That’s understandable. Give it some time. Keep training. You got this.”

Violet nodded her head. “Okay. I got this. But it’s alright to be scared, even though I got this?” Violet formed a smile.

Delilah chuckled. “Absolutely Love. It’s more than alright.” Delilah finished wiping away Violet’s tears as the tension cleared. “I’m so proud of you. You’re stronger than you think you are. Now, drink your tea.”

Delilah began talking about the nice weather and work at Dr. Marsh’s offices. She told her a story of a child who was recently brought in with brown paper stuck up his nose. He had chewed the pieces of paper and shoved them right up his nostrils and didn’t tell his mom. She could hear the whistling coming from his nose. The boy was not concerned whatsoever. The mother was able to pull out some of the wet paper with tweezers, but the others were too far up there. Delilah and Violet laughed as she told the story.

Delilah wanted to remind Violet that even among the fractured world, life was good and even funny. Delilah reminded Violet of her own funny childhood events. Violet hadn’t remembered some of those events until her mom reminded her. They found themselves spending the next hour laughing until happy tears appeared; those tears were refreshing. Their hearts were light. They needed this. Everything concerning had disappeared in this hour, and they both relished in it.

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