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Violet’s schedule had been extremely busy over the last five months. As the warm weather made way for dew on the grass and cold chills in the air, she was gaining a strength she had never had before. Her father was doing much better now. Through the dedication of the Prohibited and rehabilitation, he was becoming more and more self-sufficient. His memories had slowly begun to resurface. He was working with underground sympathizers, giving them information on the research and experimentation that he had endured.

Rescues of captured Prohibited had begun, and there had been a total of fifty-seven Prohibited removed from facilities and servitude homes. Xavier and the Intruders were forced to retreat into obscurity due to many Normals’ enlightenment to the Prohibited plight. The Prohibited with government ties were working tirelessly to obtain arrest warrants for the Intruders.

Secret facilities were still out of reach from justice, but the Prohibited were working to rectify that. Most facilities were privately owned, and without good cause for a search warrant, the facilities remained functional. As more and more rescued Prohibited came forward with their stories of captivity and experimentation or forced servitude, more progress was made to bring down these facilities. The Normals who had chosen to ignore the atrocities were beginning to have to choose sides.

Violet had been on public speaking junkets with Senator Kindle and Senator Jenkins. They had been to sixteen large gatherings with thousands of supporters. The Normal protesters hadn’t stopped. The more the Prohibited gained support, the more destructive the resistance became. Normals were left with violence to make their voices heard. The tides were slowly turning, and the opposition was feeling it deeply.

The Prohibited had stepped up their procedures to protect as many sympathizers as possible. As predicted, Violet had become a force to be reckoned with. She was elegant and dynamic in her approach. The public was becoming accepting of her pleas. She was no longer the vulnerable and insecure person that she had once been. She had been training with Senator Kindle and Genevieve every single day.

Violet had developed a consistent approach to rejecting the negative. She had found the realm very easy to maneuver, and the more she entered, the stronger she became. She was fluid in love and light and all things righteous. She had involvement in many of the rescues and was a common asset in congress to pass legislator for her kind. The law for independent investigations into any Prohibited arrests or prosecutions, disappearances and murder, had begun.

The few criminal conviction cases of Prohibited that had been independently investigated were thrown out due to lack of evidence. In those cases, even the Normals who were investigating couldn’t ignore the Prohibited’s innocence. Violet’s face was quickly becoming the symbol of freedom for her kind. When she was not training, giving speeches at gatherings, planning and participating in rescues, or at the Capital to push through new legislator or amending bills, she was being interviewed by news outlets.

Violet was well educated in her knowledge of Prohibited and those that chose to hate them. She could debate any anti-Prohibited and make them look the fools they were. She was so tough with her debates that most would not debate her. She found it amusing. It was simple to her. She stuck with facts. Sadly, the facts spoke for themselves. However, there were those who still fought against the Prohibited. They found any excuse or argument they could use to deflect the acceptance of Prohibited.

The latest rumors consisted of Prohibited being an evil incarnate who would eventually destroy the world evil due to the Prohibited being the result of government experimentations decades ago. These seemed ridiculous to Prohibited and their supporters, but the anti-Prohibited dug in their heels and spewed these rumors as fact. So, the Prohibited continued to fight. Damian, however, never again drove without another Prohibited by his side. His sense of safety was forever gone. A part of his innocence had been taken the night of Jacob’s rescue.

Violet’s day was clear. She insisted on one day a week to spend with family and friends. Sometimes it worked out, and sometimes it didn’t. Today, it did. She finished her communications and training with Genevieve and made her way down for breakfast. The house was full of Prohibited who were busy working on the Prohibited agenda. The house had people coming and going, both Prohibited and Normals alike.

The Normals had become a standard fixture in their home and were a great source of support. Everyone loved it when Violet could be around the house and found time to spend with them. It didn’t happen very often, but they enjoyed it. Although she had taken on a sense of celebrity to the outside world, she was simply Violet to them. She was an equal partner in their lives and a great source of love. Violet sat next to her mom and dad at breakfast. She always gave them a heads up on which days she would be able to spend time with them. They made sure she was their top priority. Violet loved being able to have a mom and a dad available to her. She never thought this would be her reality.

Violet reached over to her dad’s plate and stole a piece of bacon. “Thanks, dad.” Violet laughed.

“I’m going to start hoarding my bacon, Violet. Is that what you want? Your dad becoming a hoarder of bacon?” He smiled and smacked her on the hand when she teasingly reached for another piece. “You aren’t too old to be put in time out, young lady.”

Violet laughed. “Please, I’m begging you to put me in time out. I would love some rest.”

“Nope. Only because you want me to.” Her dad wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.

“Violet, we were hoping you would have some private time to speak with us today. Your dad has some things he needs to speak to you about.” Delilah asked as she sipped her coffee.

“I have all day for you two. I have nothing on my plate.” Violet was pleased with her days off.

“Perfect!” Delilah responded.

“So, is the news about you and dad?” Violet loved teasing her parents as it had become abundantly clear that her mother and father had become exceptionally close over the last few months. Delilah never left Jacob’s side during his rehabilitation, and it was clear that they had developed a great fondness for each other. She really hoped she was right.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Delilah said shyly.

“Oh, okay, mom.” Violet responded sarcastically. She realized that they weren’t ready to share their feelings with their daughter yet.

“Hey, little girl, leave your mom alone. Who could blame her if she fell for such a ruggedly handsome man? She’d be crazy not to.” Jacob winked at Delilah.

“Glad to see you’re the same humble Jacob.” Delilah winked back.

“Actually, Violet, we have something very important to talk to you about. I wanted to make sure that my memories were completely clear before I came to you with them. It’s a very serious issue.” Jacob said with a concerning tone.

Violet’s heart sunk a bit. She never liked to hear this. With the discoveries made about the Normal’s need to hurt and study Prohibited, this type of conversation was never good. She had a feeling this one would be no different.

“Alright. Let me finish eating, and we can talk. How about the downstairs office? This sounds like it might be a more official conversation to have.” Violet’s tone had changed.

“It is.” Delilah responded in the same tone. “You might need a huge cup of tea for this one.” Delilah got up to fill a cup of tea for Violet and coffees for her and Jacob. As Violet finished her breakfast, Delilah and Jacob helped with the dishes. They finished conversations with some of the Prohibited and made their way to the lower level and into the office. They each found a comfortable place to sit. This was going to be a long conversation.

“First of all, Violet, how is everything going?” Jacob asked his daughter.

“Everything’s going good. This next week is looking pretty brutal. We have a few rescues. We have information that there may be more than twenty involved, so it’s pretty important.” Violet wasn’t happy about this information. But she was happy to be involved with the rescue.

“Do you have places for them to go?” Delilah asked.

“Yeah. We have safe houses set up. Dr. Marsh will be involved as usual.” Violet replied.

“Well, I know you’ll get them the best care possible. You’re doing a great thing.” Delilah replied.

“I know. We all are. Sometimes it just gets to me. You know?”

“I know. We are very proud of you, sweetheart.” Delilah meant it.

“Thanks. Hopefully, everything will go well.” Violet replied. “Now, what is the big secret you have for me? Are you pregnant, mom? Am I getting a new brother or sister, dad?” Violet laughed.

“Of course not.” Delilah instantly replied. “That’s not funny, Violet.”

“It’s kind of funny.” Violet continued to laugh. Delilah was not amused.

“Violet, I know you’d be happy to see mom and me be together. We would too. But we have a lot of years to catch up on, and I still have recovery to finish. But I promise, if your mom and I do decide to make it official, you’ll be the first to know.” Jacob explained.

“Okay. Just keep in mind how disappointed I would be if you guys don’t end up together. But no pressure.” Violet smiled at both of them. “So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Delilah and Jacob looked at each other and then over at Violet. “Well, Violet, I’ve been doing a lot of rehabilitation, as you know. I’ve been working with doctors and psychologists on my memories of the years spent in captivity. I always thought that my time there was similar to what others experienced. But the more that my memories are coming to light, my experience seems to be exceptional.” Jacob continued.

“How?” Violet asked.

“From stories that are being told by other captured Prohibited, for as brutal as they are, and they are, mine seems to have caused more interest. Where their experiments almost seemed like torture, mine seemed more like medical research. Let me give you an example. Where another prohibited might have been cut into, simply to see what would happen, I had blood draws, years of blood draws. I had medical exams constantly. If a procedure was to be done, I was given anesthesia. No other prohibited that we know of ever got that. Some Prohibited had their eyes removed for the Normals to study. Mine were left in place. I had vitals taken almost daily for decades. I met with many doctors, more than I can count. Others were experimented on or studied and then tossed aside. So far, my experience sounds like they were interested in my genetic profile over most others.” Jacob paused to let Violet process. She did. Moments went by.

“Have you figured out the difference?” Violet asked.

Delilah and Jacob again solemnly looked at each other, and then Delilah spoke. “You.”

Violet was confused. “Me? Why me?”

“Early on, they were able to get the information about your birth and your eyes.” Jacob’s voice quivered.

“From who?” Violet was now concerned.

Jacob lowered his head and whispered, “From me.” Jacob was ashamed, and Violet could see it.

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