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The plan was in place. Violet, Damian, and Caroline were in the SUV sitting outside of the facility. Their goal was to rescue two Prohibited that were known to be held captive. Violet’s images showed a clear path into their rescue. Their containment was moved deep inside the facility since the rescues began. She would need to go further in to retrieve them. Most sympathizers had been discovered. Therefore, there would be no key cards waiting for her. Her gifts had exceeded all expectations, so there was no further need for key cards. Violet had explained to both Damian and Caroline what would be taking place. They were prepared for the plan to go smoothly, but Damian knew better, so he was hesitant. Caroline picked up on this and respected it.

“Damian, it’s going to be alright. I promise.” Caroline attempted to comfort him, but he knew better. He knew she hadn’t experienced what he had the night of Jacob’s rescue. Although every rescue that followed had gone smoothly, he couldn’t shake his concerns. Damian nodded but did not say a word.

“Oay. I’m going in.” Violet said as she hugged Caroline. “I’ll be back. Just have the essentials ready.” They were prepared with water, food, and blankets. Some of the resued Prohibited had been in bad shape. Caroline was also equipped with medical equipment in a worst-case scenario. However, Violet’s images showed no need.

They had begun taking larger vehicles so that those who were frail could lay down for the trip to the safe house. Violet started to walk the mile to the facility. She was covered by the darkness of the night as she moved on. She only had confidence and was not allowing fear or doubt to enter her existing realm. Everything was going to plan. She had made it to the facility. She focused on the door and concentrated as she disarmed the alarms through thought. The door popped open with ease.

The cameras looped so that she would not be seen. Her mind was acute to this process as she was able to manipulate all electronics. No one had any clue that she was inside, just as her images had shown. She knew what doors to hide behind as personnel walked by. She knew when people would be approaching and where she needed to be. She had made her way to the lower floor. She approached the door that held the first captive. She entered. The Prohibited was lying on the bed reading a book. Violet placed her finger up to her lips, letting the Prohibited know to stay quiet. She entered the Prohibited’s mind.

“I’m here to rescue you. I need you to stay quiet and follow me closely. Do not leave my side.” She gently spoke to the Prohibited without speaking.

The Prohibited was immediately in fear at the sound of Violet’s voice in his head. He repelled back onto the bed to get some distance.

“Don’t be afraid. My name’s Violet. I am a Prohibited. I’m here to rescue you. I won’t hurt you. I need you to trust me.” Violet again said without speaking. “You are safe as long as you stay right by me. Do you understand?” Violet’s pleading whispered through his mind.

The Prohibited took a moment to process. He did not trust anyone anymore. During his time in captivity, he had learned that the impossible was possible and that trust was never a given. He looked at Violet. He looked at her eyes. He had never seen eyes like hers before, but they did convey safety and comfort that the Normals who sought him harm had not. He slowly lowered his head and thought for a moment. He figured after everything he had been through, he had nothing to lose. He put down the book and removed the covers. He nodded to give her permission to proceed. She reached out her hand and took his. This was the first sign of sincerity he had seen in years, and it was off-putting to have her hand in his. They began to walk out of the room.

“We’re going to take a left down the hallway and enter another room. There is another Prohibited there. Once we get her, we’ll need to hurry to get out. Okay?” Violet spoke softly through his mind. He nodded.

They took a left and watched every footstep they took. They were silent. He watched as Violet placed her hand over the electronic plate that was next to a door. The light turned from red to green and the latch released. They hurried inside the room and quietly closed the door behind them. There, in a bed, lay a woman. She was an older woman, and she didn’t move. Violet approached her and placed her hand on her shoulder. The woman immediately repelled her body towards the wall in fear. Violet began to speak to her.

“You’re alright. My name is Violet. I’m a Prohibited. I’m here to rescue you. I need you to remain quiet. Okay?” Violet’s soothing voice did not alarm this woman. The woman hadn’t recognized that Violet’s lips weren’t moving. The woman looked at Violet in the same manner that the man had. She recognized Violet’s eyes as not being that of a Normal. She let out a sigh of relief, and tears began to stream down her face. “Okay.” The woman whispered. Violet placed her finger over her lips to reiterate that the woman needed to be silent.

“Wait.” The woman said louder than Violet was comfortable with.

“You must be silent.” Violet said sternly into the woman’s mind. Again, the woman did not recognize that Violet’s lips weren’t moving.

“I know, but there are others.” The woman said factually. This was not part of Violet’s images, and she recognized this. She remembered the last time things did not go to plan. Part of Violet wanted to ignore what the woman said and simply exit as the images shown. But everything that she was being told made her listen and let love and light guide their way.

“What others?” Violet asked.

“I have heard the Normals talking. There are two children. I believe they are being held on the level below us.”

Violet thought about what the woman was saying. She wondered if this had been a strategy by the Normals to hinder any rescue.

“Are you certain that they’re here?” Violet asked.

“Yes. I can’t see very well, but my hearing is exceptional. I focus on their conversations. They don’t know I can hear them as well as I do. I believe these children are here.” The woman whispered. The lack of vision explained why the woman was not recognizing Violet’s gift of speaking through the mind.

Violet had a decision to make. Get the Prohibited out safely, as she does in the images. Or risk them all to rescue children who may or may not be there. She stood there looking at both Prohibited, trying to decide.

“You must try.” The man whispered. “You have no choice. We’ll be fine. We’ll wait for you here. There are two of us, so they can’t hurt us. Just try to hurry.”

Violet scanned both of their faces and recognized that no matter what their experiences in the facility had been, they still remained selfless Prohibited. Her heart sank.

“Okay. Stay right here. I’m going to manipulate the lock so that their keys won’t work. Once I either have the children or am certain they are not here, I’ll return for you.” Violet spoke into their thoughts. Violet exited the room, shut the door, and placed her hand over the locking panel. The light turned red. She stood at the door for quite a while as she entered the realm. She focused on this facility and found it very difficult even to see the lower level. She didn’t understand why it was difficult, but she concentrated.

Violet was able to get small glimpses of herself going down the stairs and into the dark hallway. She was eventually able to see a door and herself at this door. But once she reached this door and opened it, there was nothing. She could not see beyond this. There was only darkness. This had never happened before. She took a deep breath and began the journey. She found the stairs and hurried down them. She entered the dark hallway and walked passed many doors. There was no one in sight. She was relieved.

Violet knew that this could be a trap, and she moved cautiously. She found the door that she had seen in the images, and she placed her hand over the locking panel. The light turned from red to green. She slowly opened the door, walked into the room, and gently closed the door behind her. She saw two beds on each side of the room. There were two children, just as the old woman had said. She slowly walked up to one of the children, a boy, and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. The child did not repel back as the other two prohibited had. However, as the boy turned towards her, she saw that he had a blindfold over his eyes. She didn’t know why.

“My name is Violet. I’m here to rescue you. I need you to stay quiet. Okay?” She said without speaking. He nodded his head. She walked over to the other child and placed her hand on her shoulder. She got the same lack of reaction from this child, a girl. The girl also had on a blindfold. Violet whispered the same words to her, and the girl nodded.

“Can you both remove the blindfolds?” Violet asked them.

They frantically shook their heads no. Violet reached over to the girl and gently tried to remove the blindfold, but the girl fought Violet’s attempts. They refused to remove them. Violet found this confusing and frustrating, but she didn’t know what these children had been through. If they felt safer with the blindfolds on, then she would have to figure it out. She did not want them to be in fear or fight her.

“Okay. We can leave the blindfolds on. Can you take my hands?” Violet first reached for the girl, and she grabbed Violet’s hand. She helped the girl out of bed and then reached for the boy. The boy’s response was the same. They each clung to Violet’s hands firmly. They walked beside her as she led them out of the room.

“I need both of you to be as quiet as possible.” Violet whispered through their thoughts. They both nodded. They slowly made their way down the hall as Violet listened for any sound of a Normal’s approaching. She made their way to the stairs. With every step, she told both children to step up. They followed her direction perfectly. Once they reached the top of the steps and Violet could see no Normals, she hurried them down the hall to the door with the two awaiting Prohibited. She removed her hand from the girl’s grip and placed it over the locking panel. The light turned green. She opened the door and hurried the children inside. The two Prohibited stood in awe as the children with blindfolds stood before them. Then they looked up at Violet.

“They refuse to take them off.” She whispered into their confused thoughts. “We are going to have to guide them out.”

The male Prohibited nodded while the older woman knelt to the children and took their hands. She squeezed their hands to give them security. Violet walked over to the corner of the room as the group silently acquainted themselves.

“Genevieve, I need your help.” Violet sent her thoughts out.

Immediately Genevieve responded. “I’m here, dear. What can I help with?”

“Things aren’t going to plan with this rescue. I’ll explain later. My images are blank. Can you try to see and let me know if you see anything or what I should do?” Violet pleaded.

“Of course. This may take me some time, but I’ll let you know. But get going. You don’t want them to sense you in there.”

“Okay. But please let me know the second you see anything.”

“I will. Please take care of yourself.” Genevieve pleaded.

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