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Violet turned to see the two Prohibited staring at her, each holding a child’s hand. Violet began to focus on her breathing patterns. Before her stood four helpless Prohibited that she needed to save, and she was stuck with what she feared most, the unknown. But she was confident and strong, and she began to instruct the Prohibited as to what was going to happen.

She made her way to the door and slowly opened it. The hallway was still quiet and empty. She motioned for all of the Prohibited to follow her. Each adult had a child’s hand as they made their way behind Violet. When they got to the stairs, it was slow going. Violet helped the woman as the male Prohibited helped the children.

They took step by step as they reached the top of the stairs. Violet looked down the hallway leading to the exit to see it was empty. She let out a sigh of relief. They were so closed, and she heard nothing. She motioned for the Prohibited to move towards the exit. She explained to them that once they were out, they would have about a mile walk. None of them hesitated. They all focused on the exit. Violet walked behind them to make sure they were safe.

“Violet! Behind you!” Genevieve’s voice rang out in Violet’s head. Violet immediately turned to see nothing behind her.

“What is it, Genevieve?” Violet questioned.

“Run, Violet! Run!” Genevieve screamed through Violet’s thoughts.

Just then, a door opened to reveal three Normals with guns who were walking through, obviously unaware that they were there until one of them noticed Violet looking back.

“Run!” Violet screamed to all four Prohibited. “Hurry. Run!”

The man and woman looked back. The man instantly picked up the children and began running towards the exit. The woman tried her best but could only retain a brisk walking pace. Violet grabbed her by the arm, almost lifting her from the ground as she dragged her across the floor. Violet looked back to see the guns pointed in their direction. Violet threw out a wave of protection, but the men kept coming at them.

As the male Prohibited reached the exit and flung open the door, Violet turned towards the armed men and motioned her arm upward and away. The guns flew from their hands, leaving the men vulnerable. One of the men radioed an emergency call while the other men ran towards their weapons.

Violet threw out another wave of protection forcing the men to the ground. She grabbed the woman and headed quickly for the exit. When they reached the exit Violet threw open the door as she expected to see the male Prohibited running into the night. But that is not what she saw. The male Prohibited, and the children were stopped as armed men came running around every corner.

Violet threw out a wave of protection and ripped the guns from their arms. Each man grabbed for additional guns that were strapped to their bodies. Violet again threw the guns from their hands as she slowly guided all of the Prohibited away from the scene. However, more and more men appeared from all directions. Trucks and SUV’s came racing at them from every hidden corner. Violet and the others found themselves surrounded. The male Prohibited held the children tightly. They were weirdly calm and seemingly not in any fear. The elderly woman clung to Violet. Their hearts raced as the danger became greater.

Violet needed to get them out of danger in the calmest way possible. Violet stood in front of the oncoming men and closed her eyes. The night was silent, and so were her thoughts as she entered the realm. She became peaceful and calm. She outstretched her arms as she illuminated protection around them. The men did not stop coming. They knew that as long as they did not hurt the Prohibited, the Prohibited would naturally go with them. This was commonly the case. So, they moved in.

Violet continued to walk within the realm until she had gained enough peace and strength to set them free. Violet’s eyes opened, and rays of violet entered the night sky. She motioned her arms to push back every person attempting to come near them. She flung them through the night as she had with their weapons. One by one, each man rose into the air. As Violet did this, she began to focus on the vehicles. Those, too, took flight. Nothing seemed to stop the men.

As more men approached, she continued to push them away as the two Prohibited watched in utter awe. They had never seen anything like it. Yet, the men continued to get up and race towards them. Men in white coats came running out of the building, yelling that the Prohibited must not get away. Violet did all she could to keep them at bay, but that’s all that her efforts were doing. She needed to do something else. She aimed her focus at the building and set off every alarm available. This distracted the men for a short time. She quickly wrapped the five of them in protection and closed her eyes. They were all gripping each other as Violet concentrated.

The two Prohibited shook with fear. Their time was running out, and it was obvious to them all. The men’s attention turned back to the Prohibited as Violet focused, as she had never focused before. She knew that she wasn’t going to get them away by foot and the men, a lot of them, kept coming. The male Prohibited clutched the children tightly, and the older woman wrapped around Violet as securely as she could. Everyone’s adrenalin was high, except for the children. They weren’t sure how long Violet could hold them off. And they weren’t sure how they would get to the rescue vehicle.

Violet focused, opened her heart, relied on her love for these people, and pushed. In an instant, Violet’s eyes sprung open. With one instantaneous wave of her arm, she threw every armed man and everything in their path far into the night. Even the building was damaged. The men’s screams filled the air as guns, men, vehicles, and pieces of the building flew into the sky as if a tornado had just sucked them in.

The male Prohibited and the woman stood in silence as Violet cleared their way for rescue. They didn’t know if they should fear Violet or have faith in her. They didn’t know what to think. Their hearts pounded. They were confused and frightened. Violet’s eyes continued to glow as she wrapped her arms around the group.

“Hold on!” She spoke to them through their thoughts. Suddenly, the group was surrounded by white light, and with a slight jerk, the group found themselves in front of the SUV. Caroline and Damian were startled by their spontaneous appearance. They had come out of nowhere.

“Holy crap!” Caroline yelled as they appeared. Caroline and Damian immediately got out of the car and opened the back doors to let everyone in. Caroline and Damian had seen lights off in the distance and had been concerned that they may be in trouble. But they did not expect Violet and the group to appear from nowhere instantly. They didn’t expect them to have children.

Damian quickly assisted the children into seatbelts in the far back. Caroline helped the older woman into a middle seat and buckled her in. Caroline and Damian could tell that everyone was shaken up. Yet, no one was saying a word. Violet sat in the far back with the children, who clutch the blindfolds tightly. As Damian started the car and began driving, he peered into the rearview mirror. He looked at the children and then at Violet. Violet gave a slight shrug letting Damian know that she had no idea what the deal was with the blindfolds. Damian began to drive fast as he could. He noticed headlights coming from behind. They were coming in quickly. Suddenly, there were multiple sets of headlights speeding at them.

“Violet!” Damian insisted. “We have company.”

Violet and the other Prohibited looked back at the oncoming headlights. Caroline instantly protected the car and its passengers.

“Violet, what do I do?” Damian’s voice was shaking.

“Just keep driving, Damian. You don’t need to speed.” Violet responded.

“But they’re coming up quick.” Damian plead for a better answer.

“It’s alright. They won’t get to us.” Violet sat in the back as she began to enter the realm. She could feel the tension in the air from the others. She tried her best to let go of fear, including theirs and entered the realm. As she did, she began to calm. She rejected all negative. She felt the love of every Prohibited on the planet. She absorbed the love in the realm and gained a sense of peace and gratitude. As she did this, she brought up her hands as the multiple cars behind them caught up.

Caroline continued to protect the car as bullets came ringing at them through the air. The bullets, as they usually did in these situations, simply fell to the ground when they entered the protection field. The cars began trying to ram the vehicle but bounced off with force.

As Violet began her approach to a solution, which was moving the vehicle to the house as she had with the group, she found it too difficult. She wasn’t there yet in this gift. So she created a smokescreen. From behind their vehicle, a mist began to swirl around the hostile cars. The mist turned into a solid white wall as, one by one, the cars that meant them harm were engulfed in the mist. Violet could have flung the vehicles into the night very easily, but she didn’t want to cause any more harm than she already had.

As they drove, with the white wall behind them and the hostile cars no longer in sight, Damian continued to drive. His goal was to get them home safe. As Violet concentrated with her eyes closed on the white wall, she thought she would give the teleporting one more try. She walked through the realm in pure tranquility as she envisioned the car and its contents safely at home. She felt their essences transfer from the road to her house. With a jerk and a jarring jolt, the entire car and the people in it were racing up to Violet’s home.

“Woah!” Damian yelled as he slammed on the brakes. The car immediately stopped, and everyone was thrown forward. “What the?!” Damian’s heart was in his throat. “Seriously? Could you not at least warn us?” Damian and the others were shocked by the instant appearance of Violet’s home. No one moved as they sat in the middle of the road, catching their breath.

Violet’s eyes opened to see that they were near her house. “Yes!” Violet yelled out in excitement. Then she realized everyone around her was traumatized. “I’m so sorry.” She said sincerely. “I’m still learning these gifts. I’m so sorry, everyone.” No one spoke. They were all busy trying to bring down their heart rates. “Damian, I’m truly sorry. I wasn’t sure I could do it, so I didn’t want to panic you if I didn’t have to.” Violet spoke through his thoughts.

“Well, it would be helpful if you would give me a heads up next time. Please.” Damian begged Violet.

“I promise.” Violet responded by speaking. “Is everyone okay?”

Caroline turned and looked at the two adult Prohibited who both nodded. The adult male Prohibited didn’t look so good, though. The elderly woman seemed fine. “I think we should get everyone into the house so we can check their vitals and get them fed.” Caroline was concerned about all of them.

Damian slowly pulled the car up to the house and up the driveway. He turned off the car and assisted the female Prohibited into the house. Caroline assisted the male Prohibited. Violet helped with the children. It was late, and most everyone was in bed. The Prohibited began taking the rescued to rooms to be examined, eat, and get a good night’s sleep. Delilah and Jacob had been waiting up to make sure they all got home safely. They were happy to see everyone enter the house but were shocked to see children. They all understood that anything could happen during a rescue, but this was a first. As Caroline and Damian tended to the two adult Prohibited, Violet, Delilah, and Jacob took the children up to Violet’s room.

“They can have my room for now.” Violet said as they reached her door. They helped the children who were still in their night clothes onto the bed. As Violet and Delilah got them tucked in, Jacob went downstairs to start making food for everyone. Once the children were lying in the bed, Delilah took Violet into the bathroom.

“What’s with the blindfolds?” Delilah asked.

“I have no idea. But they won’t let us take them off.” Violet replied.

“How did you know that there were children at the facility? When did you know?” Delilah was full of questions and curiosity.

“When we got to the captured female, she told me that she had overheard for years that there were children there. She told me where she thought they might be. So I searched for them and found them. Crazy, right?” Violet said, astonished.

“I just don’t understand. We don’t have any small children reported missing that I’m aware of.” Delilah insisted. “That is just so weird. Where do you think they came from?”

“I have no idea. We’re just going to have to wait to find out, I guess.” Violet replied. “All I do know is that they don’t want the blindfolds removed.”

“Well, one of us should probably stay on a cot in here with them tonight.” Delilah began to open the bathroom door.

“I’ll do it.” They both walked into the bedroom to see that the children had fallen fast asleep. Delilah and Violet pulled out the cot and began to cover it with sheets and blankets. Violet went into the bathroom to change her clothes while Delilah went downstairs to help Jacob. Violet checked on both the children, who were fast asleep.

Violet laid on the cot and pulled the covers over her. She would need to tell her mother about the eventful night, but she would do that tomorrow. She revealed their safety to Genevieve, who was grateful to know everyone was fine. Violet was exhausted. By the time Delilah brought up a plate of food, all three we sleeping soundly. Delilah looked at the children and then at Violet. Theirs was a very odd existence. Just when Delilah thought that it couldn’t get weirder, she was proven wrong. An odd existence indeed. She closed the door behind her.

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