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Violet entered the darkened room. She had the room memorized. She walked over to the chair in the corner and turned on the small lamp. Genevieve slightly moved as she began to wake up.

“Hello? Who’s there?” Genevieve asked.

Violet didn’t immediately respond.

“Please tell me who it is before you give this old woman a heart attack.” Genevieve said as she began to push herself up in the bed.

“It’s Violet Genevieve. It’s just me.” Violet whispered.

“Violet? Is everything alright?” Genevieve reached for the lamp on her nightstand and turned it on. She blinked her eyes multiple times as they adjusted to the light.

“No.” Violet replied with sorrow in her voice.

“Dear, what happened?”

“I did something awful tonight, Genevieve. I did something terrible.”

“It can’t be all that bad. Tell me.”

“I got Caroline shot tonight. It’s all my fault. I was so stupid, Genevieve.” Violet began to cry.

“Is she okay?” Genevieve replied with worry.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. She’s hurt pretty bad.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I left. I felt so bad. There was nothing I could do, and I had already messed up horribly. So, I left.” Violet continued to cry.

“What happened, Violet?”

“I had a plan to get the documents out of the facility. It was a simple plan. No one was supposed to get hurt. I created a portal and collected documents, and handed them through the portal. If we got caught, I was to get out, and that would be that.”

“What went wrong?” Genevieve knew it wasn’t going to be easy to hear, but she needed to know.

“They discovered me.”


“And I didn’t stop. I threw filing cabinets through the portal. I threw everything that I could through the portal. Then I went through it and closed it.” Violet began to feel so ashamed.

“Was anyone hurt?”

“No. Not physically. But you should have seen their faces. They felt betrayed. They had experienced violence when I promised them they wouldn’t. And all because I couldn’t stop. I don’t know why I couldn’t, but I was just so determined to get answers to it all that I couldn’t stop until I finished.”

“How did Caroline get shot?”

“That’s the worst part, Genevieve. I should have just left it alone, but all I could think about was the documents we hadn’t gotten. Mom told me not to open another portal. She knew it was too dangerous, but I wouldn’t listen. I just wanted to see if they had been warned yet. So, against my mom’s better judgment, I opened another portal. I opened another portal!” Violet’s tears ran down her face. She didn’t even bother trying to wipe them. She was so disgusted with herself. She didn’t even deserve the tears to be wiped away.

“So, I take it that they had gotten warning?” Genevieve continued.

“Yes. I noticed it right when the portal opened, so I instantly began to close it but not in time to deflect a bullet. The bullet that hit Caroline. She must have been hiding behind the filing cabinet on the stairs. Genevieve, I was so focused that I made such poor decisions!” Violet chastised herself.

Genevieve waited a moment to respond and then quietly replied, “What you were was greedy, Violet. Plain and simple. You know how much I love you, but the truth is you did these things from a bad place, and it ended up bad. You did it because you selfishly wanted those documents, no matter what. That’s the truth.” Genevieve’s tone was no longer as loving.

Her words stung Violet in a way she had never experienced before. She instantly felt defensive. She pondered Genevieve’s words. After some thought, she accepted Genevieve’s truth. Genevieve was right. No one mattered to her through this process, not like they should have. Violet had a choice to make. Face the truth or deny the truth. To deny the truth is easier and less painful. Facing the truth meant facing her own demons and facing her family with accountability.

She continued to cry. Her face was a wet mess, but she didn’t care. She had never been so lost in her life. She knew what she needed to do. She knew she needed to be accountable for her greed and face her family, all of them. But all she wanted to do was crawl under Genevieve’s luxurious bed and stay there forever. She had let the negative win, again. Whenever she allowed the negative in, it always turned out bad. She didn’t know why the negative was so hard for her to push away at times, but it was, and she would have to learn to control it all or disappear into obscurity.

For as challenging as fighting off the negative was, the thought of her not fighting for her kind was unimaginable. Her essence was inherently good, like Prohibited, but she could allow the negative like a Normal. She hated this part of her. Maybe this was truly what made her different, not just her eyes and the power of self-protection. Prohibited didn’t have these struggles. They were inherently good, and it showed in all their actions and deeds. Violet just wanted to be like them. She didn’t want to be like a Normal.

“Why am I this way? Why do I struggle against the negative? Other Prohibited don’t have to. Why me?” Violet begged for Genevieve to have satisfying answers.

“It’s simple. Because you are different. You’re different from the Normals, and you’re different from the Prohibited. But Violet, with that, comes great power. You have found the realm easy to navigate. You have gained powers easily. You do these things with ease because, for whatever reason, you are different. You have abilities beyond what anyone in this world has, even me. I never mastered the portal. I tried for decades, and I simply could not master it. You did it within a month. You want to find anxiety in being different when you should be finding your best possible you. You are unique and different from all others. When you are the best you possible, negative cannot exist. You’re just not there yet. But Violet, in my images, you are a chosen one. That you can’t deny. You can choose to be the leader of righteousness and love, or you can choose to dwell in the negative, but you can’t be both. One cannot exist if the other is present. It’s not easy. Normals fight the negative every single day. That’s why there are not Normals with gifts, except for my granddaughter. The negative is too great. The world can be a very negative place. They are wholly unaware of the freedom they deny themselves when they let the negative in. They are clueless about the abilities and gifts they can obtain if they could shed the world’s negativity and allow the realm to be their reality. You, my child, have far more options than the Normals. You have the ability. You have the knowledge. It’s now up to you to choose. It is a choice, and it’s one you must make. You can’t have both.”

“But why do I mess up so badly sometimes? I don’t get it.”

“Because you give into it. It’s easy to allow negative to rule. Negative doesn’t require a desire for peace and happiness. It doesn’t require self-control. It doesn’t require devotion to doing what’s right. It only requests to take over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. That is easy. It’s much easier to allow the negative than the positive unless you are simply a Prohibited. Which, we have learned, you are not.”

“Why can’t I be Genevieve? Why can’t I be a regular Prohibited?”

“I don’t know, Violet. Why did I have to be the first Prohibited? Some things are just meant to be. Destiney is not fair sometimes. But we play with the cards we are dealt, no matter how unfair they seem.”

Violet let out a frustrated grunt. “I just wish I could be like the other Prohibited.”

“Well, you can’t. It’s not who you are. You know what you must do. Violet, I have full faith in you and your capabilities. I love you very much, but I suggest you pull up your bootstraps, face your family, and then enter the realm. You’re sitting here complaining about how life isn’t fair to you when your friend, your sister, is possibly fighting for her life. Violet, you need to do better than this. Figure out how to make the negative be so afraid of who you are that it chooses not to tempt you. Find the confidence in yourself to be the leader you are meant to be. And fight for what you know is right. Learn to make better decisions in the heat of the moment. Learn complete self-control. Learn not to allow there to be any other option but good. It’s your choice. I truly hope you make the right one. I love you, Violet. I know you’ll do the right thing. Don’t prove me wrong. Now go home, Violet. You have some work to do. I’m old, and I need my sleep.” Genevieve turned off the lamp on her nightstand and laid down in the bed. Within moments she was snoring.

Violet sat in contemplation for a time. She knew that Genevieve was harsh for a reason. And that reason was to light a fire under her to get her to choose the right path, even though part of her didn’t want to. But Genevieve made it clear that negativity cannot exist if Violet was to do the right thing. That part of her, she was going to have to say goodbye to, for good. Violet turned off the lamp and disappeared.

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