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Violet sat in the hospital room as the beeping of machines gave way for nurses to enter and shut them off. The nurses would check on Caroline and occasionally inject medication into the IV. Caroline had been sleeping since Violet got there. Two Prohibited sat outside the room for added protection. Delilah was sitting in the room when Violet had appeared. They did not speak. Neither woman knew what to say.

The room was dark, but for a light above the bed. Violet didn’t know what Caroline’s condition was. She was too scared to ask Delilah. Violet fought her internal war all night. She battled her need for self-pity. She was in a very dark place. However, Genevieve’s voice continued to speak through her head. Violet could fight off the negative. It wasn’t going to be easy, but Genevieve was sure that Violet could be and would be the leader in her images. Violet, on the other hand, was nowhere near as confident.

Violet hadn’t attempted to enter the realm yet. She wanted to decide what she wanted to do first. She wanted to have a clear path to her future before she tried. Delilah slept in a recliner next to the bed. Violet would occasionally watch her. She had betrayed her mother. Violet was ashamed. So, she thought and combatted with thoughts all evening. It was a very long night.

When daybreak began to illuminate light into the room, Caroline began to move. Her eyes began to flutter open. Violet stood up and walked over to Caroline. She took her hand.

“Caroline, can you hear me?” Violet spoke softly.

Caroline nodded yes and then grimaced at the pain as she tried to move.

“It’s okay. Don’t move, Caroline. I’ll go get the nurse.” Violet left the room, searching for a nurse. The nurse at the nurse’s station told Violet that she would send her nurse right in. Violet went back into the room and found Caroline with her eyes open and Delilah waking up. Violet again took Caroline’s hand. Caroline looked up at Violet with a confused look.

“What happened?” She tried to speak through her dry throat.

“You were shot.” Violet shamefully replied.

“How?” Caroline’s face showed confusion.

“When I opened the portal the last time. A bullet was able to get through. Don’t you remember?” Violet asked as the nurse walked in.

The nurse injected medication into the IV and asked Caroline how she was doing. In Caroline’s fashion, she said she was fine but needed some water. The nurse told her that she could have some ice chips, but that was all. She had had surgery to remove the bullet, and they didn’t want her getting sick from the anesthesia. Caroline nodded that she understood, and the nurse handed Violet a cup with ice chips and a spoon. Violet slowly fed Caroline the ice. Caroline was relieved to receive them.

After a few spoonfuls, Caroline didn’t want any more. Even the simple act of ice chips placed in her mouth had exhausted her. Violet placed the cup on the nightstand. She went into the bathroom and returned with a warm wet washcloth. Violet began to gently wipe Caroline’s face, neck, and hands, avoiding wires and tubing. Caroline thanked her. Delilah watched. Violet took Caroline’s hand again.

“Do you remember what happened?” Violet asked.

Caroline tried to remember back, but she couldn’t. She had just had surgery and was on strong pain medication, so her thinking wasn’t clear. “I don’t remember.” Caroline quietly whispered.

“That’s fine.” Violet placed her hand on Caroline’s.

Caroline looked at Violet. She could tell that Violet wanted to share something with her. “What’s wrong, Violet.”

Violet began to cry. “It’s my fault. It’s all my fault that you got shot. Caroline, I’m so sorry.” Violet’s tears fell onto the bed blankets below.

Caroline was confused. “Violet, it’s not your fault. You didn’t shoot me.”

“No, I didn’t.” Violet sat on the edge of the hospital bed. “But I caused it. I shouldn’t have opened the portal again. I was selfish, Caroline and I opened it even though we all knew I shouldn’t. That’s how you got shot. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry.” Tears continued to roll down Violet’s face. Delilah got up and handed Violet some tissue.

Caroline listened to Violet explained what had happened. Caroline saw the sorrow in Violet’s eyes. “This isn’t your fault Violet.” Her voice was sincere and loving. “It sounds like you made a mistake. It sounds like if you had to do it all over again, you would do it differently.”

“I would. I absolutely would.” Violet pleaded.

“Then, if you learned something from your mistake, how can I be mad at you? I forgive you, Violet. Please don’t be sad.” Caroline whispered.

Violet shook her head in disbelief. “Caroline, you are too good to me. I want you to be mad at me. I want you to yell at me. Please yell at me.” Violet begged her.

Caroline smiled. “Nope. I’m not going to yell at you. You simply made a mistake. It might have been a big mistake. But Violet, if you learned from this mistake, and it sounds like you have, then the only person who needs to forgive you, is you.” Caroline gently squeezed Violet’s hand. “Now, if you make the same mistake and I end up back in here, well, then we have an issue.” Caroline attempted to giggle, but found it painful.

Violet sat, stunned at the love and forgiveness that she was receiving. This is exactly how Prohibited reacted, and Violet craved to be like her. She envied their ability to be so compassionate and understanding. She did not feel like she deserved it. She had been friends with Caroline long enough to know that Caroline would never hold a grudge. “Thank you.” Violet wiped away her tears and went to pick up the cup of ice. She spoon-fed Caroline ice chips until Caroline was able to fall back to sleep.

Delilah hadn’t spoken a word to Violet. Not because she was mad at her, but because she knew there wasn’t anything that she could say that Violet wasn’t saying to herself. Once Caroline was asleep, Violet went to Delilah and hugged her, and then disappeared.

Violet sat in silence and hadn’t been seen in days. She had locked herself away in the lower level office five days ago. She had plied the office with food and water and wasn’t coming out without having lived in the realm for as long as it took. She had apologized to all Prohibited, even the children, and her apologies were met with love and forgiveness. Just as she had expected but felt she didn’t deserve. Their compassion had caused her guilt.

She entered the realm with shame and self-pity pulling on her will. She was determined to negate all negativity. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she was determined. The deeper she entered the realm, the easier it was to allow the light in. The love experienced in the realm was unlike anything anyone could ever feel. It was the pure unconditional love of the highest degree. No earthly love could even compare. It infiltrated every fiber of her being and filled her entire existence. She tried desperately to accept that she was worthy. This was one of her biggest hurdles.

The further into the realm, the lighter her spirit and the fewer insecurities existed. After days of pushing herself deeper into the realm, there was absolutely nothing weighing her down. Her point of this long session was to make this existence strong enough to fight through the worldly reality. She wanted this experience to remain, always. She laid in the light and love. She had gratitude in her heart. It was the true essence of purity. She accepted that she was worthy, if not for herself, for all Prohibited. She would begin to spend this kind of time in the realm from now on. Others could do the gatherings, interviews, and debates. She was only one person, and she would have to make choices. This time she would make good ones.

The Prohibited had been organizing the stacks of papers. Senator Kindle, Senator Jenkins, and a staff of many had been helping scan all the documents into computers. The information Violet had retrieved had been priceless. They had enough evidence to prosecute many and shut down all facilities. If, that is, they could get the government’s assistance. The overwhelming and disconcerting information was going to help the Prohibited’s cause more than they could have ever hoped.

Because of the secrecy and security of the home’s documents, prohibited were set up around the property perimeters, and lookouts were stationed within the home. They were not going to take any chances. Everyone was on high alert. Caroline would be returning to the house soon, and they needed her safe. Everyone was working hard and helping in any way that they could.

Senator Kindle had met with Jacob and Delilah to discuss the children and what they had discovered about Gabriel, Annabelle, and others like them. Delilah had been right. They were Jacob’s children. They now found that there were many with silver eyes, and they had begun creating them over nearly two decades. All were genetically manufactured with Jacobs DNA.

When it had been discovered that he and Adelaide had given birth to the first Prohibited with violet eyes, the Normals felt they had an obligation to recreate her. However, they were never able to do so. Instead, the result was children with silver eyes. Jacob was struggling with his DNA having created what appears to be multitudes of children. The oldest of these children was nineteen. His name was Ezekiel. They had not uncovered what had happened to Ezekiel, but they had many more documents to process.

The information that was coming in on the silver-eyed children was slow. It seemed as if this subject matter was at a high level of secrecy. They had learned that although Prohibited with gold eyes were inherently good, the Prohibited with silver eyes might be inherently bad, just like they had been warned about. The Prohibited wanted that to be wrong but based on the studies they had found so far, it looked as if that might be the most likely outcome.

All Prohibited with silver eyes had been provided Thorazine since very young ages. The only logical reason would be due to negative behavior issues. This news hit Jacob and Delilah especially hard. They had known that Gabriel and Annabelle had problems, but they thought that was a result of their circumstances, not their nature. However, it did explain the angry outbursts and lack of self-control. It also explained the facility’s continued use of Thorazine all these years.

Delilah and Jacob knew that they would need to take a different approach with Gabriel and Annabelle if their natural tendencies were to react with bad or violent behavior. They didn’t know what path they should take, but they knew they needed one. Jacob felt that he would need to have an active role with all the silver-eyed children if they discovered them. Jacob felt that if they had a piece of him, there was a chance for goodness. He had hope.

Going through the documents was difficult for all. The experimentation and studies of human life were maniacal. Some were done for what appeared to be medical reasons, while others were done for what appeared to be sadistic reasons. Even Normals had been captured to have their eyes replaced with Prohibited eyes to see what effect this would have on them. So far, nothing was stated that gave any type of Prohibited essence. In fact, loss of sight and death was to follow for those Normals.

Somehow, in many of these experiments, the Normals had justified deaths as a form of compassion. When in actuality, it was murder, plain and simple. The documentation had revealed what they had all assumed from the beginning. These Normals hated Prohibited, almost to an obsession. They began creating spreadsheets with the names of staff, doctors, and Intruders. The Prohibited’s vision was to bring criminal charges against them as soon as possible. The Prohibited continued to process all the information. They refused to focus on the documents’ complete abhorrent nature because their feelings would hinder their effectiveness. So, they worked diligently. They knew that it would be a matter of time before an attack came to them—an attack perpetrated by the same criminals in these documents, with vile hearts.

Senator Kindle had been waiting for Violet’s arrival for days now. She needed Violet to do something significant. Something that only Violet could do. The longer Violet took within the realm, the more time that was lost. Senator Kindle could not wait any longer. She needed a meeting with Violet immediately.

“Violet?” Senator Kindle approached Violet’s thoughts quietly.

Senator Kindle waited. Softly Violet responded, “Yes?”

“I’m so sorry to interrupt you, but we need your help. I’m going to need you to leave the realm and join us upstairs. Do you think you can do that?” Senator Kindle fully respected the realm and the strength that it provided. But she also knew that they didn’t have much time.

“Yes. I’ll be there soon.” Violet answered back very calmly.

Senator Kindle was grateful and would wait on Violet. She continued working with Prohibited to decipher the documents’ information and direct them to where it should be placed within the electronic files. Like the others, she tried to remain detached from the information they had to read through. Violet came up from the lower level. Senator Kindle and Prohibited noticed that she did not say a word as she walked upstairs and went into her room. After many days spent in the realm, she wanted to clean up before meeting with the Senator.

Violet eventually came down the stairs with her wet hair combed back, her teeth freshly brushed, and her aura quite bright. Many Prohibited approached her with hugs and words of encouragement. They were so glad to see her and the state of peace she projected. This was the Violet they knew. Not the girl flinging filing cabinets throughout the living room. They were all grateful that they did indeed gain much from these documents. But most importantly, that Caroline would be alright.

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