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There was no mention of the events from the other night. The focus was on the documents. They would be able to share the atrocities that have been kept secret for so long with the world. Delilah and Jacob showed Violet much compassion. Delilah made her a cup of tea, and her father held her tight.

Senator Kindle waited for all the niceties to be completed before she approached Violet and her radiant smile. She allowed Violet to eat and make conversation with those around her. They caught her up on the information they had discovered so far and the processes that were taking place. Violet did not seem affected by any of it. She, too, remained detached. She needed to for the same reason’s everyone else did. Gaining a deep connection to this information would create sadness and helplessness. They would have to deal with those feelings at another time. Although, finding out that she possibly had thousands of siblings with inherently bad intent didn’t leave her quite as easily.

Once Violet was done with her breakfast, tea, and conversations, she approached Senator Kindle. They walked upstairs to Caroline’s room. Violet noticed boxes and suitcases filled the room. None of Caroline’s belongings remained. They both sat in chairs as Senator Kindle began to explain the dire need for Violet’s help.

“Violet, it won’t be long until the Intruders attack. You know it, and I know it. We’re taking as many precautions as we can. But we need to have a plan. I believe we have utilized this home to the point that it is too dangerous to stay. So, I have two other safe houses preparing for our arrivals. They are large homes like this one and can facilitate not only the people but also the documentation. My thoughts are that we start moving through a portal to each home. This will give us time to continue with gathering and inputting everything we have into electronic form. I think we need to begin to do this today. Obviously, you’re the only one that can create the portals. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to make the transfer. What do you think?” Senator Kindle watched Violet’s face.

She was still illuminating the realm and had a sincere look of peace. Without hesitation, Violet spoke. “I think that’s the best plan. I have no problem with it. When will Caroline be ready to come home?”

“She’s waiting for you now. You can port her to the safe house any time. We can transfer all of her belongings. Almost everything is packed. The children are pretty excited about this adventure. We kind of let it slip.” Senator Kindle smiled. “I figured that you would be okay with it.”

“I’m more than okay with it. I agree. We should get this going soon. When did you want to start?” Violet replied confidently.

“Well, I do have one thing that I need you to do first.” Senator Kindle’s smile disappeared.

Violet’s essence remained the same, patient and calm. “Okay. Is it safe?”

“Well, that’ll depend on if you can repel the negative and stay in peace.” Senator Kindle searched Violet’s face for any sign of doubt. There wasn’t any.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been working harder than ever before, and not a single negative thought or feeling has come near me. I’m at peace. I promise. I’m stronger than ever. I won’t let you down.” Violet said confidently without arrogance.

“I’m so glad, Violet. I know you can do this. We’ve discovered that the silver-eyed Prohibited exist, or a better word would be, manufactured. We believe that the current babies are incubated in facility number two, on the lowest level. However, Genevieve cannot see it for some reason. Unless you can see it, we need you to enter the facility to confirm one last time. This way, we can try to get an immediate search warrant, hoping they haven’t moved them already. It’s a 50/50 chance that you find anything. But we believe you should at least try. What do you think?”

“Well, let me try to see what I can. If I can’t see them, then I’ll need to either transform there or portal there. If you can give me just a minute, I’ll try to see what I can.” Violet closed her eyes. Her eyelids fluttered as she tried to find the location of the babies. Senator Kindle watched in silence. After a few moments, Violet opened her eyes. “I can’t see it. Let me try imaging.” Violet began to wave her hands, creating the circular mist and an opening to images. She tried desperately to create the images, but all she could receive were the flickering of people rushing through the facility with handcarts and equipment. However, no image could remain until only darkness appeared. She looked at Senator Kindle. “Whatever is keeping these images from me, they aren’t good. The only way for me to confirm anything is to go in.”

“Are you alright with that?

“I am. I promise. There’s no need to worry.” Violet was more than confident. “But first, I should go downstairs and open the two portals so that everyone can begin the transfer. That’s going to take the rest of the day and into the night to complete the move. Before I do that, let me portal Caroline to one of the safe houses. I don’t think she needs to be rushed or witness the chaos.” Violet said with great compassion.

“I agree.” Senator Kindle felt very confident in this plan. “Where do you want to put the Portals?”

“I think we should do one up here and another downstairs. That way, these upper rooms can be moved to one house, and the two lower floors can be moved to the other. Caroline, myself, the children, mom, dad, and the two rescued Prohibited can stay at one home. The others can stay in the other home. Does that work?” Violet asked.

“I think that sounds great. You ready?”

“I’m ready.” Violet motioned to open a portal in Caroline’s room. Once the portal was open, they could see the people on the other side, in the safe house, ready to assist. “We’ll be back in a little while.” Violet spoke through the portal. The women were met with smiles from the other side. They exited the room. Violet and Senator Kindle went downstairs.

While Senator Kindle explained to everyone what was about to happen, Violet opened another portal in the kitchen. The Prohibited began taking action immediately. As they began to carry boxes through the portal, they were met by other Prohibited and sympathizers on the other side. They were met with happy and excited faces.

Violet walked to the back hallway and opened another portal to Caroline’s hospital room. She saw Caroline and two Prohibited waiting for her. Violet entered the hospital room and took Caroline’s hand. They all helped Caroline slowly walk through the portal. They were met with more happy faces of Prohibited and sympathizers. Violet kissed Caroline on the cheek and walked back through the portal.

Violet spoke to a Prohibited group and guided them upstairs, where they were to begin the task of moving all of the resident’s belongings into the safe house through the portal in Caroline’s room. Everything was going smoothly. Everyone seemed confident and content. As usual, everyone was working hard.

Delilah and Jacob were with the children upstairs, finishing packing all the belongings and taking them to the portal. Gabriel and Annabelle were excited to help. To them, they had never seen anything like it. Not just the portals but the comradery of everyone in the house happily working towards the same goals. The children thought it was terrific. The children were very cooperative. Maybe it was the continued use of Thorazine for the time being. But they had been behaving very well.

As the residence in the house remained busy, Violet approached Senator Kindle, who was walking back into the house from the portal. She motioned for Senator Kindle to join her in the basement. On the way down, Violet grabbed a flashlight from one of the boxes in the kitchen. They both silently maneuvered through the basement past boxes and suitcases that Violet hadn’t noticed when she made her way from the realm to the upstairs. They went into the office where Violet had been held up for days. There were Prohibited filling boxes when they entered.

“I’m so sorry to ask you this, but would you mind giving us a few minutes?” She asked the hard-working Prohibited. They were more than happy to let them be alone as they began carrying boxes up the stairs to transfer through the portal on the main floor. Violet closed the door and stood in front of the Senator. “Okay, so, I am going to concentrate on the lower level. I’ll try to focus on the room, but if I miss the mark, it might take me some time to find it. I don’t want you to worry, though. Violet said.

“Okay. I can’t promise I’m not going to be nervous for you, but I’ll try my best.” The Senator answered.

“I do want you to stay clear of the portal, please. We don’t need another incident.” Violet spoke softly.

“I understand.” Senator Kindle moved to the side of the room as Violet began opening the portal.

As the portal opened to darkness, Violet motioned her hand to create a wave of protection. She wasn’t going to take any chances. She turned on the flashlight as she entered pure black. She had no idea where she was or what she was going to find. She turned left as the flashlight bounced up and down and side to side as she tried looking for a door. She allowed herself to be guided to the best of her ability. She came to a door and placed her hand over the locking panel. The light turned from red to green. She gently began pushing it open. She tried to be as silent as possible. She maneuvered the flashlight slowly through the room.

She saw medical equipment and many empty incubators. This looked like a prenatal ward. She knew she was in the correct place. However, no life existed here. After searching for any life, she left the room and gently closed the door behind her. She continued down the hallway. There was complete silence. She saw another door and entered. This room was identical to the last, filled with incubators and medical equipment, so she went on to the next.

As she continued opening doors and peering inside, she saw the same equipment but no babies or staff. All the doors had been on the left side of the hallway. She saw no doors on the right side. Once she came to the end of the hall, she turned and headed back towards the portal. As she approached, she pointed the flashlight straight ahead and passed the portal. There were no doors that she could see until she got to the end of the hallway. On the wall that had absolutely no doors, she saw one door.

She pointed the flashlight at the locking panel to find that there were two. She placed her hand over both. The lights turned from red to green. She reached for the handle, but it wouldn’t turn. She pointed the flashlight at the handle to see that it also needed a key. She held her hand over the handle as the handle shook. The handle began to separate from the door. Violet grabbed it as it flew out of the hole. She waved her hand so the other side of the handle on the other side of the door would slowly float to the floor. Silence was key.

She quietly pushed open the door. The air in the room overtook her. It was warm air, but instantly she recognized that this room was as big as a warehouse. She held the flashlight out in front of her. She scanned the small beam around the room. She couldn’t make out what she was seeing. There was equipment filling the warehouse, but she couldn’t tell what it was. The flashlight was going to be useless. She turned it off and placed it in her pocket. She held out her hand and slowly projected larger and brighter beams of light. The light illuminated the room. Violet was still confused as to what she saw until she finally understood. She was determined to remain detached and just to collect information.

She scanned isle by isle of babies, each resting snuggly in manmade wombs—babies in all stages of development. Equipment filled the room surrounding the containers surrounding the unborn fetuses. She began to walk down row after row, looking at each child and the ominous nature of their creation.

They were not being born by Normals or Prohibited. They were mass-produced. Violet shuddered by her eerie surroundings. All she could hear was the humming of the machinery. She considered her options. There weren’t many. Either she would need to destroy every fetus in the room, hundreds of them so that they could not be future rivals, or she could leave them and hope the Prohibited were strong enough to fight them, if and when the time came. She considered that if they were born inherently bad and raised by the monsters these Normals were, the odds were that she and her kind would have to face them one day. She was at a crossroads.

Genevieve had informed her that in her future, she would have to harm and injure for the sake of protecting innocence. She wondered if this was one of those times. She took her time scanning the sterile surroundings as she contemplated what she should do. She knew what she should do.

“Genevieve? It’s Violet. Are you there?” She attempted to reach Genevieve’s thoughts. “Genevieve, I could really use your help.”

After a moment, Genevieve responded. “I’m here, Violet. What can I help you with?”

“Oh, thank God. Genevieve, I’m in a situation. I’m not sure what I should do.”

“What’s going on?” Genevieve asked lovingly.

“It would be easier to show you.” Violet responded. She concentrated on Genevieve’s vision. After a few moments, Genevieve could see what Violet was seeing. She was looking through Violet’s eyes.

“What is that?” Genevieve asked as Violet scanned the hundreds of containers with fetuses in them. Violet walked up to one so that Genevieve could see closely. “Oh, my. How?”

“These are a creation by the Normals. They are children with silver eyes. From everything we’ve discovered so far, these children are as inherently bad as Prohibited are inherently good. It’s a new type of Prohibited. I think they may be our enemy at some point, and I don’t know what to do. Should I leave them, or should I destroy them for the sake of the innocent?” Violet begged Genevieve for an answer. She would do whatever Genevieve told her to do.

“So Gabriel and Annabelle, you believe, are inherently bad?”

“We believe so. It makes sense as to why Thorazine has been used on them for so long. God knows what they would be like without it. Also, if you consider the madmen that have influence over these silver-eyed children, there is no hope other than evil. But that is just a guess. A pretty strong guess, but a guess none the less. So, Genevieve, please tell me what I should do and I’ll do it. I need to decide quickly.”

Genevieve didn’t immediately respond. She knew Violet needed her wisdom, but Genevieve also knew that Violet needed to learn to make decisions on her own. And this one was probably one of the most important of her life. “Violet, I’ve told you many times how much I love you. I’ve told you of the things you will face with your future. I’ve also told you how much confidence I have in you. Violet, dear, you know what you must do. I don’t need me to tell you. You know what you have to do. You can do this, Violet. God speed.” Genevieve broke the connection.

Violet stood in awe at the potential lives in front of her. She did know what she must do. Violet walked over to the corner of the room, by the door, where she could observe the full view of the chamber. She illuminated the massive room to see all of the babies. Violet took in a deep breath as she raised her hand. The decision she was about to make was the correct decision, but it would haunt her for years to come.

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