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The house was filled with activity. Prohibited and sympathizers were rushing from rooms and into portals, carrying boxes and suitcases. They were hurried but not frantic. Their goal was to transfer all belongings into the safe houses. Violet had yet to master the gift of transfer enough to move all contents in such a large home at once, or she would have. Therefore, they all worked together to make it happen.

Everything was moving quickly, and they were all satisfied with their progress. They would leave the furniture in this home in the hopes that they could return sometime soon. In the meantime, the Normals, now sympathizers, would notify them if anything were to seem suspicious. Most of the Normals in the area had become very supportive and loving towards the Prohibited. Some of the Normals felt uneasy not having the Prohibited residing in the home. Things had definitely changed for the better. There had grown a sense of security with the Prohibited living near them. Now, that protection would no longer be there.

Senator Kindle had met with all of the Normals to explain to them safety plans they would need to put into place for their own protection now that they were considered sympathizers. They would need to unite and be aware of their surroundings and assist each other until the Prohibited could return. The Prohibited had instilled in the supportive Normals a sense of community and assistance. The Normals were prepared to take care of each other and support all Prohibited. Senator Kindle had provided them all with phone numbers to call if they needed to reach them.

Gabriel and Annabelle were enjoying running in and out of the two portals. The children thought this was a great adventure. They tried their best not to get in the way of the working Prohibited. Their laughter could be heard through all of the safe houses. Their laughter was pleasing to everyone. Occasionally, they would assist with pulling large suitcases through the portals. The adults would try to help them with such big tasks, but they were strong and independent children, and they would insist they could do it themselves.

They loved being a part of this community, and it showed. They had been learning to fight their instincts to rage, and they had been doing a great job at it. Everyone was impressed at their progress. The kids were proud of themselves too. The Thorazine was still a daily medication. No matter how badly they all wanted them off the medication, the negative behavior’s intensity worsened if the medication was decreased. In the end, they would all continue to work with the children with the hope that one day they would not need the medicine.

Violet, Delilah, Jacob, Senator Kindle, and all of the staff remained busy while they designated the Prohibited assignments as the house became more vacant. The emptier the house got, the more the impact it had on everyone. There was a sense of loss. They had lived there for many years and loved this home. Even though they knew it was no longer safe there, they regretted having to leave.

They were all hopeful that they could one day return. In the meantime, the home would be locked up and left vacant. Hopefully, the Normals and Intruders would leave it alone. The remaining Prohibited began opening drawers and cabinets, looking for anything left behind. Garbage bags were filled and taken out front to be picked up the next day.

The children continued to run in between the portals and then run upstairs to visit their bedroom one last time. Delilah had asked them to check in every drawer in the bedroom to make sure they hadn’t left anything. The children began to squeeze under the bed in an attempt to retrieve some stuffed animals, which quickly turned into a game of tag under the bed frame. Their laughter could no longer be heard through the constant work of the Prohibited.

Everything in the home had been transferred. People were now sweeping and vacuuming. Even though they were temporarily leaving their home, they still appreciated it and wanted to leave it in pristine condition. As this was being done, Prohibited on the other side of the portals began choosing rooms and unpacking belongings. It was getting very late into the night, and they were all running out of steam. The supportive Normals said their goodbyes and gave longing hugs all around.

The house was no longer filled with activity except for those doing one last final inspection and clean up. The night was calming down, and sleep was to come soon. Senator Kindle had sent her staff home and was preparing to leave. She entered each portal to say her goodbyes as well.

Delilah, Jacob, Violet, and a few Prohibited remained in the house to make sure every window was secured, every door was locked, and everyone had entered the portals. The children had stopped running in and out of the portals. Their laughter no longer resonated throughout all of the safe houses. Delilah figured that they had worn themselves out and went to their new beds. So, she went to check. Jacob was down in the lower level, locking all the windows. Violet was locking the windows on the middle floor with the other Prohibited. She was looking forward to some well-deserved rest.

Violet pulled open the blind to one of the large windows in the front of the house to make sure that the locks on the windows were secure when she noticed movement outside in the darkness. She was unable to see beyond shadows, but something moved. She wondered if a Normal was returning for some reason. She got as close as she could to the window to focus, but the movement stopped. She got a sinking feeling. She sent out a wave of protection over the home just in case. She continued to watch out the window and saw a slight movement again. Just then, Annabelle and Gabriel came running out of their upstairs bedroom as Delilah came through the portal, having not located the children.

“Violet!” Annabelle screamed. “They’re here!”

“You said they wouldn’t come! You said!” Gabriel yelled through the silence of the house.

Violet turned to see the children in the top hallway of the upstairs. Their faces filled with terror.

“Violet! You said they wouldn’t come for us! They’re here!” Annabelle’s screams could be heard through the two portals as Prohibited began to enter through them to see what was happening. There were Prohibited on the upper level and the main level. Violet looked over at Delilah, who was just as confused as she was.

“Who’s here?” Violet yelled up to the children.

“The Intruders! They’re here. Lots of them! You promised Violet!” Gabriel screamed angrily.

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