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Violet looked at Delilah just as helicopters could be heard approaching overhead. Violet sent out another wave of protection. She pulled up the blinds to see spotlights from above, exposing hundreds of men surrounding their home. Jacob came racing up the stairs to see what all the commotion was about.

Violet threw out an additional wave of protection over the home and any Normal who may be coming out of their homes. She turned back to all Prohibited.

“Get through the portals now!” Violet yelled sternly. Before any Prohibited could turn to run, explosions filled the air outside the home. The ground began to tremble from the blasts. Everyone in the house was thrown to the ground. Violet instantly sent out wave after wave of protection. The protection seemed to be very temporary. More and more blast created fireballs that began to explode the windows around them. All Prohibited started to send out waves of protection. Again, it would stop any harm but only for a short time. No one knew why. As people would get to their feet, the blasts would begin again. Portions of the home began to light up, having been ignited by the blasts.

“Get to the portals!” Violet screamed as the Prohibited began to crawl to reach them. The house continued to shake. The Prohibited continued to throw waves of protection, instantly putting out the fires and ceasing the tremors for only seconds until the protections stopped. Violet waved her hands vigorously in an effort to protect with all her might.

She looked over to see the Prohibited trying to exit into portals. She saw Delilah and Jacob crawling up the stairs as the house began to fill with smoke from the blasts. Violet continued to send out wave after wave to give them time to get the children. Violet filled the outside air with walls of white to mix with the smoke, so the Intruders were not able to see the home. At least, to give them time to get away. Violet began to levitate any person on the outside and fling them far into the night, but they kept coming. The blasts continued. The house shook. The only remaining residents were Violet, Delilah, Jacob, and the children. Violet’s hands were in constant motion as she made every attempt she knew how to remove the enemy.

“Hurry!” Violet yelled to Delilah and Jacob. “Get the kids and get to the portal!”

Just as they reached Annabelle and Gabriel, they both reached for them and were instantly thrown through the hallway. Delilah screamed.

Violet continued to frantically wave her hands, throwing Intruders through the night skies, as she looked up to see the children raised high up in the air and begin to flicker as if they were being transported. Violet had no idea how this was happening. At first, she thought the children might have done this until she saw the horror and confusion in their eyes.

“Violet help!” Gabriel screamed.

Violet motioned her hands towards the children. She aimed her hands directly at them. She closed her eyes and entered the realm. She focused. She concentrated. Instantly, her heart stopped racing. Her mind and body became calm. Her energies became strong. She breathed deeply and released all negative. She opened her eyes, stared directly at the children as their bodies began to disappear. Her eyes began to glow a brilliant violet throughout the house. She focused her energies on the children. Suddenly the children’s images fully reappeared, and they were engulfed in white light as Violet transported them from their positions to her side. The children immediately wrapped themselves around her legs. Violet looked up at Delilah and Jacob.

“Get through the portal now!” She yelled.

Jacob and Delilah ran into Caroline’s room and through the portal.

“We’re through, Violet.” Delilah yelled back.

Violet closed the upstairs portal and began to quickly guide the children towards the portal on the main floor. As she did this, she also attempted to transport them but was unable to. The portal began to flicker open and closed and then open again. Whatever power Violet was up against, she recognized that it was equal to her own, if not more powerful. She didn’t want to wait around to find out.

Before she could reach the portal and push the children through, the front of the house exploded, throwing them all to the ground. Smoke filled the air as Violet threw out another wave of protection. She didn’t know if it was even helping anymore, but it was all she had. She could hear the children crying and coughing through the smoky haze. She began to call out for them as each child slowly approached her. They grabbed her with all their might. They began choking and coughing as the smoke entered their lungs.

Violet could no longer see the portal, but she knew it was behind her and closing quickly. She could hear the Prohibited screaming encouragement for them to get through it quickly. As Violet began to scramble to her feet and gather the children tightly behind her, figures began to approach through the evaporating smoke. She sent out another wave of protection as Xavier appeared.

Violet grabbed the children tightly behind her. “Stay with me. Do not move.” Violet insisted to the children. As Xavier continued to approach, Violet sent out another wave of protection and called out to Genevieve and Senator Kindle. “I need your help—both of you. Send me everything you can. I’m dealing with counter powers that I’ve never experienced before. It’s very powerful. Please, send me everything you can.” Violet insisted. She got no response back, but she instantly felt that they were beginning to send her their all. Violet kept her eyes open to monitor Xavier’s movements while she entered the realm. She was instantly overwhelmed with love and pure faith. She knew she had every ounce of power she could reach. The gratitude in her heart was freeing. She let it empower her. She gathered all the love and light she was capable of, and she knew that Xavier would not win this battle.

“Hello, Violet. It’s good to see you, now give me the children!” Xavier demanded. Violet said nothing as more men approached. Violet concentrated and engulfed her and the children in a bubble of safety as the smoke began to clear. She peered back to see the portal begin to open again.

“Violet, I don’t want to hurt you, but I will. Give me the children now!” Xavier yelled.

“No!” Gabriel yelled behind Violet. “We won’t go with you!”

Xavier tilted his head and turned his focus from Violet to see Gabriel grabbing her from behind.

“Well, hello, Gabriel. It’s good to see that you’re still the same little brat you’ve always been. But, unfortunately for you, you don’t have a choice. Now, come here!” Xavier yelled.

“You can’t have them, Xavier. They aren’t yours to keep.” Violet said calmly as she tried to transport them. She was having difficulty. She didn’t understand why. So, she continued to use all her efforts. She waved another power of protection. She slowly began to walk back towards the portal until she could no longer move. She was frozen. She tried desperately to motion the children through but wasn’t able to. She knew Xavier didn’t have powers to stop her like this; at least he didn’t the last time she saw him. She couldn’t understand what was fighting against her powers.

“What’s the matter, Violet? Having problems?” Xavier condescendingly asked as he smirked. Violet said nothing. She continued through the realm seeking assistance. She motioned her arms to throw the men through the air. They flew but not very far. She was still unable to move backward.

As the smoke cleared, she saw the men get back up, but this time as they approached her, there was another person with them. He wasn’t dressed like them. He didn’t look like them. They got closer, and Violet saw why she had been having such difficulty. There stood another silver-eyed man. Barely a man. He was a young man with glowing, silver eyes. Xavier brushed himself off and stood in front of Violet in all his arrogance. “Violet, it’s no use fighting. I’d like you to meet Ezekiel. I think you’ll find you two have a lot in common.”

Ezekiel said nothing, but his eyes seared through her like a hot knife through butter. This young man projected confidence in the most ominous way. Violet knew exactly who she was looking at. She recognized he had no good intent. As the two men stood looking at her attempting to cause intimidation, Violet transferred her vision to Genevieve. Genevieve, on the receiving end, realized what Violet was up against. Genevieve was in the realm, and she recognized how important their collective powers would need to be. “I see Violet,” Genevieve spoke through her thoughts. “Continue into the realm. I’m deep into the realm, and I’ll provide you what you’ll need to fight him. Just give me some time.” Genevieve broke the connection. Violet stalled.

“What exactly do we have in common, Xavier?” Violet asked.

Xavier began to laugh. “Well, besides the fact that you share the same father, you share the same powers. Except Ezekiel is far more powerful, Violet. He doesn’t have to work at his like you do. Poor girl. Now give me those damn kids!”

The children gripped Violet’s legs tighter with his words. Violet squeezed each of their arms tightly for security. “Why do you want them so badly?” Violet knew the answer, but she needed the time as she continued gaining strength through the realm and Genevieve.

“Stupid girl! Because the bounty is enormous. Give me the children, I can retire, and you will never see me again!” Xavier admonished her.

“So, their lives have a price tag?” Violet continued.

Xavier laughed so hard that spittle flew from his mouth. “Are you kidding me right now?” He continued to laugh until he became serious again. “Every life has a price tag. The price on your head is quite large. If you don’t give me those children, then I’ll make sure I get your bounty too! But, if you hand me over the children, then I promise not to collect yours. Deal?”

Violet could feel the realm overcoming her. She hadn’t felt this much peace without actually being in the realm in complete silence. She could feel Genevieve projecting her energies to her. She didn’t need much more time. As Ezekiel watched and seared his eyes through her, she continued. “Well, Xavier, the way I see it, if I were not a threat, you would have taken them from me already. See, Xavier, to you, there is a price for every soul. But, for me, every soul is priceless. You are not in a position to demand anything at this moment, and I’m in the position to deny you. So, no, you cannot have these children. You won’t retire, and I will see you again. Actually, Xavier, I’ll see you many times. Each and every time will not end well for you, Xavier. You’ve only seen a small amount of what I can do. You don’t want to see the full impact. I promise you.”

Xavier’s expressions turned sinister. His brow furrowed, his eyes squinted, his mouth tightened. If she didn’t have powers, he would simply annihilator her where she stood. “I may not be able to contain you, Violet, but my friend Ezekiel here can. All I need to do is say the word. This is your last chance!” Xavier was angry but helpless against a girl.

Violet looked at Xavier and Ezekiel with love and compassion. “I don’t want to hurt either of you. I feel sorry for you. Both of you. I wish I could remove all the hatred from your hearts, but I can’t. That’s your choice, not mine. I wish you both nothing but happiness. I’m sad for you that you feel you have to do this to be complete. May God bless you both.” Violet smiled as she spoke. Genevieve instantly entered Violet’s thoughts to let her know all was well and ready. The power was hers.

“Destroy her!” Xavier yelled as Ezekiel raised his hand. A beam of silver escaped it and hit Violet directly, throwing her and the children through the air. She scrambled to her feet. Violet and Xavier raced towards the children. Violet grabbed them both as another bolt from Ezekiel came at them. Violet ducked down and turned towards Ezekiel. She threw a beam of white light at him. He froze in position, surrounded by the light. Violet grabbed the children.

Xavier and other men ran towards them. Violet motioned her arm outwards, upwards, and then away as all the men flew into the air and far out into the night. Their screams filled the silence. Ezekiel motioned at Violet as she motioned back, stopping his ability to strike her down. Ezekiel motioned again as Violet sent out a great wave of protection, deflecting Ezekiel’s powers. Violet searched for the portal. She grabbed the children and threw them through it, closing the portal behind them. She turned towards Ezekiel and threw out another large wave of protection as Xavier ran upon them, yelling.

Violet stood before the two men. She hit Xavier with another wave of levitation and flight through the night. His screams could again be heard. She approached Ezekiel. With every beam of silver rays he created, she stopped him. With every wave of levitation and flight he produced, she stopped him as she got closer.

“Ezekiel, you don’t need to do this. I don’t know what they’ve done to you, but we can help you. It doesn’t have to be like this. You saw Annabelle and Gabriel. They are like you, but they can control their need to hurt. You can be like them. We can help you and others like you. Please, Ezekiel, let me help you.” Violet pleaded as Xavier could be heard running towards them. Violet set out a wave, which froze Xavier right where he stood.

Ezekiel continued to throw out powers in an attempt to hurt her. She was able to fight him. Finally, Ezekiel spoke. “You think I don’t want to be like this? You’re a fool. This is exactly who I am. And I love it! I hate your kind. Your ignorant need to protect. Your inferior abilities. Your desire to live happily ever after is offensive. Me and my kind, we will destroy you. You can place bets on that! Now shut up!” Ezekiel quickly motioned his arms at Violet and hit her with a bolt of electricity that would kill an average man. She flew down the hallway and hit the back door.

“No!” Xavier screamed. “We need her alive, you idiot!” Xavier found that he could now move. He ran towards Violet as she slowly sent out a wave of protection. Then she sent another. They were weak ones. She was injured and was struggling to catch her breath. She threw her arm towards Xavier. He flew through the air but not far. She struggled to get up as Ezekiel approached her. He put his hand out in front of her and gripped her by the throat without touching her. He lifted her off the ground as she began to gag.

Xavier came running at Ezekiel and tried to pull his arm down, but he couldn’t. As Violet struggled for breath and was lifted higher and higher off the ground, Ezekiel continued to throw beams of electricity at her. Xavier yelled at Ezekiel, fighting him to release her. But Ezekiel was not letting go. Violet found it hard to stay conscious. She struggled for breath and began to motion her arms towards Ezekiel, throwing slight waves of protection, levitation, flight, smoke, anything she could to make him stop. It wasn’t doing any good. His gifts were too powerful, and she was too frail. She felt her breath and essence slipping away. Her energies were depleted, and her powers were weak.

“Violet. My dear Violet.” A voice spoke through her fleeing thoughts. She did not recognize this voice. It wasn’t Genevieve, and it wasn’t Senator Kindle. But the voice was calming and loving. She felt an inner strength with every word spoken. “You need to fight him, Violet. You have the strength. You have the commitment. Violet, you are far more powerful than he is. Fight him with all the love that you possess. You are my daughter, and you have access to every infinite power possible. Now use them.” Adelaide’s voice resonated through her heart.

Instantly, Violet’s eyes opened and began to glow with such intensity that it blinded Xavier and Ezekiel. Violet outstretched her arms and, with one motion, created a blast so powerful that it blew out walls, windows, doors throughout the house. Ezekiel’s grip released as he and Xavier flew through the air. Violet levitated to the ground and sent out a wave of protection for all the men who had just been ejected from the house to land on the ground with ease.

Violet’s eyes continued to glow. She began to motion her arms in a slow and methodical gesture as parts of the house began to be put back into place. It was as if the damage this home had endured was being rewound. Violet motioned as the walls, the doors, the broken windows, all came back into place. Her stare didn’t move from in front of her as she made the house whole again. The home was lovingly being put back together. The front door shut for the final time as Xavier, Ezekiel, and the other Intruders watched in silence and shock.

Violet motioned her arms in one last swooping circle as all the men, vehicles, and helicopters were sucked back to where they came from. Violet’s eyes continued to glow as she stood in silence within the protection of her home. She tilted her head to see that a small piece of glass remained on the floor from the front window. Without moving her arms, she focused on this piece of glass as it made its way back to integrate into the window from where it came.

She turned towards the kitchen. Her eyes still glowed in violet elegance, illuminating the home. Again, without moving her arms, she focused on creating a portal. The mist began to swirl slowly. Violet was in breathtaking peace and love. The portal began to open. Violet turned to look into the home that she loved so much. She projected a permanent wave of protection over her beloved home. No one would harm this home again. She turned back to the portal where her mother, Adelaide, now stood with open arms. Violet walked through. The portal slowly closed behind her.

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