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The sunrise was magnificent this particular morning. There had been 22 years of sunrises and sunsets in Violet’s life, yet this sunrise seemed more spectacular than usual. She sat on the balcony as she sipped her tea. Her morning was tranquil and serene, just how she liked to start her days. She had become skilled in yoga and meditation, and these things kept her sanity in check. She was influenced by Buddhism and everything that emphasized the importance of life and love. However, the world was anything but love. She grew to know that her kind threatened the Normals. She grew to see the savagery that can be perpetrated by man. The world did not make sense, and she couldn’t remember a time when it did.

There had still never been a conviction in the U.S. for a Prohibited murder. Despite protests and sympathizer’s outrage, little forward movement had been made in her cause, and it could be infuriating. When a Prohibited is enslaved, kidnapped, harmed, indentured, or even murdered, the government found excuses for their lack of support and justice for the Prohibited. It made no sense. It was as if there were only two sides in the world—those who found the insanity of it all and those who created the insanity. Gun sales grew throughout the years, including countries that had, in the past, restrictions on guns and now waned their stance. To them, The Prohibited were to be annihilated simply because of their gifts.

However, some countries worshipped and held The Prohibited in high regard. Those were safety zones for Prohibited. Many Prohibited sought refuge and sanctuary in those countries. Not so that they were worshipped but because they wanted to be able to live without threat. Violet did not blame those who had sought sanctuary. She had known many who felt that was their only way to survive. She understood. But for her, she stayed to fight. She fought every day for as long as she could remember. She was one of the gatherings leaders because she was not only a Prohibited; she was the exceptional one.

All Prohibited have the ability to save others from harm. Prohibited use this gift often. Some are indentured to protect their captors. No matter how much captors should be disdained, it is in a Prohibited’s DNA to protect. It is like breathing. A Prohibited always protects and never harms. However, Violet was different. She was still the only known Prohibited with violet eyes. That wasn’t the only difference from others of her kind. Not only could she protect others, but she could protect herself. She was untouchable and one of the most wanted Prohibited on the planet.

Violet always knew that life was difficult and unjust for Prohibited. She saw it often. She and others made the best of their circumstances. Yet, as years went by, the violence and nightmares bestowed upon Prohibited got even worse, forcing more and more people to take sides. She had seen that in the darkness of man’s hearts, anything could be justified, even the annihilation of an entire people. The blind man, so eager to ignore the atrocities being committed, will rally with the evil and spew the same rhetoric until it is their own truth. Their hatred and fear eventually deceiving their souls into believing these vile thoughts, feelings, and actions derive from a good and decent place.

However, love can hold no fear or hatred, but these Normals could not see that. These Normals fought just as hard for their inhumane beliefs as the Prohibited and sympathizers fought for theirs. These Normals were the blind and cruel, and the sympathizers were the righteous.

Violet was indebted to all sympathizers. Dan and June had been sympathizers, and without them and their influence in her life, she wouldn’t have hope or trust in humanity. Dan and June had remained active in her life until each of their deaths. She loved and adored them as they had placed their own lives and well-being in danger simply to be a part of her life. They were the strongest and most loving people she had ever met, and she missed them every day. She took strength from their roles in her life, and that encouraged her to keep fighting. If they were willing to die for the cause, so was she.

The war on humanity began well before she had even been born. However, much was kept secret for a very long time. The underground hiding of Prohibited had not been spoken of. The Intruders and Xavier had not been spoken of. Governments, police, and Normals denied anything of a sinister nature was happening.

When Violet was eight years old, Prohibited began disappearing while in police custody. She remembers distinctly the moment she heard of a Prohibited who had been arrested for burglary. Now, everyone with a rational mind knew that a Prohibited would never do such a thing. That was not what being a Prohibited was about. That would be like dogs having the ability to meow. It just didn’t happen. But, the Prohibited was accused, arrested, and then never heard from again. No agency would bend to the pleadings of activists or sympathizers seeking answers. It was treated as if it never happened. And slowly, this incident simply went away.

The Prohibited had become criminals to the Normals without ever committing a crime, and the Normals just accepted it as fact. Why would the police lie? Why would the government lie? The truth was because they could, and people believed it. It was easier to believe that different was bad. Throughout the years, it became common for Prohibited to be accused and disappear until it was as normalized as the sun coming up in the morning, just like this morning.

Violet finished her tea and walked back into the house. She had a hectic day planned with progress towards making a peaceful life for all Prohibited. She had learned much in her 22 years of life. With the help of Delilah, she had peace growing up, but the world had not. For as much as Delilah had protected her from the outside world, Violet had always insisted on knowing the evil that existed for all Prohibited.

Violet was headstrong, and Delilah chose her battles wisely with Violet. Delilah and Violet were as close as any mother and daughter could be, despite Delilah not being her birth mom. Delilah was overly protective but pulled back the need to control when needed. Delilah had done a fantastic job at raising Violet. Violet turned out strong and outspoken. She had a fighter’s spirit, yet, was sensitive and compassionate, just like her birth mom.

Delilah had raised Violet with continual stories about her mom and dad. She always emphasized the love that they had for their baby girl. Throughout the years, Delilah had initiated and continued searches for Violet’s father. There had never been any confirmation of her father’s death. There had, however, been confirmation of her mother’s death.

Days after Delilah and Violet had reached June and Dan’s house, they arranged for other sympathizers to retrieve Adelaide’s body. Adelaide was buried in a secret location marked only by a small plaque that said Loving Mother and Wife. The sympathizers took great pains to get her body out of the house and out of the state without anyone knowing where she was buried. Only Delilah and Violet were told where that was.

Once a year, they would secretly journey to the grave and speak to Adelaide most of the day. Violet loved this annual trip. Delilah was an amazing mother; however, Delilah made sure Violet understood that Adelaide would have been twice the mother she was. Every once in a while, Violet would feel a longing to have known her mom even though she felt incredibly blessed to have had Delilah.

Violet could smell the bacon’s aroma in the house and could hear the sizzle it made as it fried in the pans. She heard voices throughout the house as she made her way down the stairs and towards this large home’s kitchen. Everyone had gathered for morning breakfast as many hands prepared it. It was not uncommon for houses of Prohibited to have many residents. The Prohibited were used to not being alone and found safety in numbers.

Most everyone was inherently happy and made a tight-knit group. Prohibited by nature were usually very calm, peaceful, and loving. This was a fantastic benefit to being a Prohibited. It took a lot to get one mad, and even then, it didn’t compare to a Normal’s anger. Violet liked to think that their kind weren’t the only ones who had to be accompanied everywhere they went. Sometimes she would think of herself or her kind like that of Al Capone or the President of the U.S. She was quite sure that Al Capone had many bodyguards who probably stood outside the bathroom or bedroom. She was convinced that the Secret Service is not far away from the President, day or night. So, to her, it was a symbol of importance. An inconvenience, but that is what made Prohibited special.

Violet sat at the table as everyone began to fill their plates with freshly cooked eggs and bacon. Orange juice filling every glass. People were talkative today, and Violet loved to watch and listen to the havoc that surrounded her. Delilah placed a full plate in front of Violet and kissed her on the top of her head. She was 22, but Delilah continued to spoil her.

“Thank you Mom.” Violet said with gratitude.

“You’re very welcome.” Delilah responded as she made her way to the stove to get herself some food. Violet poured two glasses of orange juice and placed one in front of her and one next to her. Delilah put her plate next to Violet and sat. They began to talk as multiple conversations were spoken. The room was filled with Prohibited, just how they liked it.

“What time are you meeting with the senator?” Delilah asked.

“At 10:00 this morning.” Violet responded as she popped a piece of bacon in her mouth.

“Are you nervous?”

Violet vigorously chewed the bacon and swallowed it. “Nope. I’m sure he is, though.” Violet began to giggle.

“Violet, you’re horrible.” Delilah began to laugh.

“Well, he looks at me like I’m an alien or a dog with rabies. It gets annoying.” Violet popped another piece of bacon in her mouth.

“I thought you would be used to it by now.” Delilah responded.

“Me too. I don’t know why I expect any different from him. Sometimes I think governmental officials are the worst.” Violet drank from her glass.

“They are.” Delilah agreed. “But he’s one of the only senators who seems like he wants to work with us. We have to remain friendly.”

“It doesn’t mean that he truly cares. You know that, and I know that. Since Prohibited won the right to vote, he needs us. That’s the only reason he’s been agreeable to our meetings.” Violet began to eat her eggs.

“True, but just because we won the right to vote five years ago doesn’t mean they won’t take it away. We have to play nice, Violet. You know how to do that.”

“Yeah, I do but do I have to?” Violet looked over at Delilah and gave her a teasing smile.

“I’ll make you a deal.” Delilah placed her hand on Violet’s. “If all goes well with the Senator today, I’ll take you out to dinner after work. Deal?”

Violet nodded her head as she swallowed the mouthful of eggs. “Deal! But, do I get to pick where we go?”

“Sure, but we only have three choices.” Delilah reminded her.

All Prohibited were used to most places not allowing them into their businesses; however, the more gatherings that continued and the rise in the number of Prohibited and sympathizers, the more facilities had slowly removed the ban for Prohibited. Less Prohibited had been hiding and were now living amongst the Normals in significant numbers. This gave The Prohibited more power.

“Then we have a deal.” Violet wiped her mouth with her napkin as she finished her meal. “By the way, how’s Dr. Marsh feeling?”

“Well, I think he’s doing better. The flu hit him hard.” Delilah continued eating. Dr. Marsh was Delilah’s employer and one of the longest known sympathizers to their cause. He had dedicated his life to employing as many Prohibited as possible. Dr. Marsh had found that Prohibited were loyal and hardworking people. Even as his businesses were vandalized or fell victim to arson, he repaired and rebuilt until most Normals got tired of trying to cause him pain because of his beliefs.

“Good. I’m glad. He’s such a sweet man. Tell him I said hello when you get a chance.” Violet watched as Delilah finished her meal.

“I will. Actually, he would love to see you, I’m sure. Why don’t you go by his house on your way to pick me up from work today? I think that would lift his spirits.”

“I would love to see him. It’s been too long.” Violet gathered her plate and glass and got up from the table. “I do have the gathering at the capital at 2:00 today. I should be done by 4:00. I can swing by his house and visit for an hour or so. If I do that, I should be picking you up around 5:30. Does that work?”

“Sounds good. I love you, baby girl.” Delilah smiled at Violet as they both began to help clean up the breakfast feast. All other Prohibited either remained eating or cleaning. Theirs was a respectful commune. Everyone got along splendidly. Everyone took their responsibilities seriously, and all acted selflessly. It was a sea of chewing food and smiles, just like most mornings.

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