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Violet looked out among the crowd of thousands with signs promoting the acceptance of Prohibited into society. There were also signs and chants demanding investigations into the common disappearances and murders of Prohibited. However, the mood among the many was of light and love seeking acknowledgment of their benefits to society.

Tents were set up with food and refreshments, face painting booths, and many t-shirts with personal encouraging messages. This gathering was more like a festival than a protest, just like the Prohibited preferred it. A podium had been set up at the top of the state capital stairs with microphones and speakers so that all could hear the encouraging words.

Violet had welcomed the crowd and introduced each speaker. Every speaker garnered cheers and accolades as they spoke. The atmosphere was magical, but the message was dire. Violet watched as police had gathered on the outskirts of the thousands. They weren’t there to protect the Prohibited. They knew they didn’t need to. They were on-site to protect the gathering Normals who were there to disrupt this event. The Normals always came to gatherings. They wanted to cause havoc and upheaval at every opportunity. They too held up signs and chanted, but theirs was of the rageful kind. The streets were filled with Prohibited and Normals as far as the eye could see. Police tried their best to keep a line between the two groups. However, occasionally, a Normal or two would cross boundaries and attempt to either hurt the Prohibited and sympathizers’ group or cause chaos. They were never able to accomplish this. Prohibited were good at protecting and ignoring. It was powerful.

As Violet introduced the Mayor, Donna Carter, whose son was a Prohibited, the crowd gave applause that resonated throughout the streets. Donna Carter was an outspoken and highly admired Politian by all Prohibited who fought exhaustively for the cause. She was announcing the de-banning of one of the cities bowling allies, a car dealership, and two local grocery stores. This might not seem like a triumph to many, but it was to their kind. The cheers erupted. The news was monumental because Donna was gaining momentum. She worked daily to remove fear and hatred. She did it for the Prohibited, and she did it for the love of her son, who was working towards a Political Science Degree at a private college. She paid for this school for him to attend, and she had big plans and hopes for his future. She was determined that he have every opportunity possible to be the first Prohibited U.S. President. It was a huge undertaking, but as she stood before the crowd and gave them her heart and soul, she gave hope that this was possible for all.

Violet announced that they would be taking a break before she gave her speech. They encouraged everyone to drink plenty of water and to rest during the thirty-minute break. The day was hot, and they were now hours into the gathering. People began separating and lining up at the tents to get food. Waters were passed around, and the news cameras were in full force as Prohibited were interviewed about their hopes coming out of this gathering.

The Normals continued their chants and rants as they, too, were being interviewed. The air filled with conversations, laughter, vile statements from the other side, and music. Violet opened the cap of the bottled water and began to drink as she watched all of the action from the top of the Capital stairs. She was ecstatic with the outcome of the meeting with Senator Jenkins and the turn out of this gathering. This was the largest gathering she could remember.

She walked over to the edge of the stairs, still in awe of the massive group as Bohemian Rhapsody played over the loudspeakers. She took another sip of her water and regretted that her mom was not there to see the gathering. She basked in the breeze and finished her drink. She was very excited to update the crowd with all the upcoming events and progress that was being made in their cause. She was the last speaker of the day and had much to say. She did have great hope that in her lifetime, things would change significantly for the better.

As Violet scoured the entirety of the gathering to include the Normals, something caught her eye. Off to the right, in the distance, she was able to see a car moving very quickly up a street. The streets had been blocked off, so she didn’t understand why this car was near the protesters. She watched as the car gained momentum, heading straight for the Normals. She was sure that this car would stop or turn as it got closer to the people who were unaware of its trajectory.

Violet continued to watch as Caroline walk up next to her and observed what Violet had been looking at. This car was aiming straight for the Normals, and it wasn’t stopping. In an instant, Violet stood up, and without hesitation, she projected a wave of protection that immediately stopped the vehicle only feet away from the now aware Normals. Police instantly surrounded the car with guns aimed towards the man as he was pulled from the car and thrown to the ground.

By now, the Normals in the area knew that some of them had come very close to a tragedy. Noticing the chaos of police and the silence of the Normal’s protest, the Prohibited began to observe the commotion as well. They didn’t know what had happened but knew something terrible had occurred. In an instance, police began yelling at the crowd to disperse, which was impossible to do quickly with the number of gathered people. Violet swiftly walked up to the microphone and began instructing her people to leave as fast and as calmly as possible.

However, the police weren’t going to let that happen so easily. They became combative with the Prohibited. They began yelling and fighting with sympathizers. Prohibited began to send waves of protection across thousands of people as police were forced to back away. This only angered the police, and they took it as a sign of aggression. As they verbally threatened all who were simply trying to flee the scene, calls were placed for back up.

As more police arrived and as the crowds thinned out, Prohibited and sympathizers began to be placed under arrest. The police knew that a Prohibited could not resist the law. Violet watched in horror as the police arrested her kind, and the Normals screamed and yelled for justice and the deaths of Prohibited. The chaos was deafening and threatening. There was nothing she could do. As she stood at the microphone, begging and imploring her people to leave peacefully and for police to let them, Caroline grabbed her by the hand and led her and others through the Capital building and down the back exits. They needed her to be free to lead them.

As Caroline drove, Violet began placing calls to other Prohibited leaders across the U.S. to warn them about the gathering. When something like this is triggered, all Prohibited and sympathizers are in danger and must be warned. Violet needed to get the word out to all across the nation. She had reached out to the core group within her district to begin sending out warnings. Unfortunately, this meant that they must try their best to retreat from public view until the threat to Prohibited lessened.

She had great responsibility for all Prohibited and sympathizers, and she carried every ounce of this responsibility. As they pulled up to the house, more Normals were gathered than usual. Word had gotten out. She needed to begin finding out who had been arrested. She knew she needed to work fast and furious to make sure none of the Prohibited or sympathizers disappeared. She and the others exited the car as Normals began the usual spitting and spewing of hatred. More and more were running up the street to join. She didn’t have time for them. They needed to get inside, so they walked quickly. Time was of the essence, and Violet needed to protect everyone she could. Her responsibility was great.

Just then, one of the Normals yelled, “Your mother and father are dead, and you will be too FREAK!!” With that, Violet turned and ran down the driveway to the Normals’ shock, who backed away. A Prohibited never confronted. She stared at them with glowing violet eyes as they began to retreat, not knowing what she was capable of.

“Get out of here!!” Violet yelled. “You hateful, vile people! Get out!!!” Her eyes illuminated as her anger succeeded in scaring away every single Normal who had set foot in front of her home. “Get out of here!” She continued to scream as they all hurried down the street and across yards. “Don’t ever come back here!! You’ll all be sorry. Do you hear me? You’ll be sorry!” she continued to scream as her threats echoed through the neighborhood.

Caroline slowly walked down the driveway in shock as she approached Violet and reached for her shoulder. Violet turned instantly and, with the same intensity, mouthed, “What!” Caroline took two steps back in shock and amazement. Caroline was horrified. Never, on record, had a Prohibited acted out like this before.

“Violet, stop.” Caroline begged. “You have to stop. Please.”

Violet looked back at the empty street and then back at Caroline. Violet was breathing heavily and seemed confused as she began to calm down.

Caroline waited a few moments as Violet’s eyes darted back and forth from Prohibited to Prohibited, who were exiting the house. They collectively had the same response, shock, and confusion. Caroline slowly approached Violet and placed her hands onto Violet’s shoulders. This time Violet didn’t snap at her.

“Violet? Look at me. Are you alright?” Caroline asked with great concern in her voice. She had never seen anything like this from a Prohibited.

Violet stared into Caroline’s golden eyes and began to take deep breathes as calm came over her. “I think so.” Violet was just as confused as the rest.

Caroline, now able to approach Violet without fear, wrapped her arm around Violet’s shoulders. “Let’s just go in the house, okay?” Caroline nudged Violet gently in a forward motion.

Violet looked down at the ground. “Okay. Okay.”

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