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From time to time you long for escaping the fuss of life. What is your place to flee to? You feel like the place is a small wooden hut in the depth of forest, and you wake up there all alone; or not alone? - Insidious Serenity.

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Impenetrable darkness is everything you can see. It is deep and opaque as if you are standing in the middle of a black hole but, in fact, you just lying in a bed with your eyes closed. Your mind is still working in the most sluggish way it only could. Somnolence has not completely drifted away since that uncanny dream awoke you. It seems to be impossible to remember every detail that was in the dream but, your mind, despite its dim state, laboriously working on it.

Lapse of time has passed. How many minutes? Five? Twenty? You have no clue but you feel that warm feeling under your blanket, which seems saying “stay here, you know where you belong to; the World outside is macabre and cruel, you ain’t need to go there”, and you cannot dispute this statement; the blanket has been your only friend since eleven. It has always been kind and gentle to you, but, sometimes, as your mom says, some friends can abuse your hospitality and you don’t want to be such a friend;

Thus, your, alien to you, arm goes up in the air; you don’t see it, the darkness is still enveloping your gaze. You’re not blind, you know this, nor dead. You precisely remember the previous day in detail, but, the most important, you can recall the moment you hit the bed; that subtle feeling of pain in your chest after your body thumped the firm surface of the bed still can be felt.

Oh, the memories has bewildered you, compelled you to step off the beaten path and get absorbed by the internal world; it is a trap, though, you know it. You’re drowsing but the hand is real; the hand is in the air and you feel light breeze that comes through the window ajar, tickling your delicate skin and welcoming you to savor the taste of hot breakfast on the nightstand next to your bed; somebody has placed it there and you smell its delicious flavour; some incredibly kind stranger, and, you already feel a strong affection to this person.

The hand, lazy and feeble, comes down toward you. You feel like it’s rubbing your eyes, trying to sweep the sleepiness away, and, it actually works. You start feeling that you are tired of stretching out.

If the battle against the drowsiness is unconquerable, you are the William the Conquer then.

If the path that you need to walk on till you cross the fabulous dreamland border is impassable, you are a pioneer; akin Achille Compagnoni, the pioneer who reached the summit of K2.

A surplus of power has sprung up in you, filling you from inside, making your heart beating quicker and eager to new achievements. You yawn as much as you only can and gradually roll out of your bed. Stuck in the blanket, you fight against this dragon as Bilbo Baggins against Smaug, and you conquer it! Its long, greedy hands – cloth – cannot seizure you; you are free, free as a bird, as a bird that flies further the horizon; the horizon that is beyond the imagination.
Your eyes slowly open and the subtle, summer light fills your eyes, feels your hair, and you see the surroundings around you.

A small shabby wooden hut, you arrived to yesterday all alone to escape the fuss of the humanity, encloses you. To find the satisfaction. To find yourself. You slowly make your bed, look through the big window at the impassable forest that surrounds the hut. You are low-key happy but the path you want to take is harder than you can only envision;

You stroll around your bed, feeling every wooden board underneath, till you come up to the nightstand; the amazing, flavorful breakfast is waiting for you, a feeling of happiness fills you up, you’re so joyful that the food is in front of you.

Hey, wait? Your mind breaks this blissful moment. Who has put the food if you came here all alone?

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