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I was walking on the street because I ran away from home. Suddenly looking around to take in my surroundings. I then realized that it was not only 1:00 in the morning. But that I was lost, none of these buildings were here before.

Just keep walking' I thought. Once I reached a corner store I decided to buy myself a bag of chips.

"Ding" I walked to the chip aisle and began to browse. After a good 30 seconds Hot fries and a bottle of water is what I chose.

"Hi what's your name?" The cashier asked.
"J-Janiara" I said looking up at the tall baby faced male.
"Wait wait is it j-jani-" of course he was struggling. Everybody struggled with pronouncing my name.

"Say it with me please." That must have caught him off guard cause he started to blush. What did I say? It was nothing nasty. You know what nevermind.

"Ja-" I started waiting on him to repeat.

"Hey! I'm tryna check out my items and you two-" the man with a beer belly said before pointing at the cashier and I
"Lover boy and lover girl over here are having speech therapy! If you aren't checking out move out of the way kid!" The beer bellied man said.

"Oh sorry sir." The Cashier said
Scanning my items.
Right when I was about to grab the bag from the counter, I was punched.

Desperately gasping for air, I held my stomach to soothe the pain.
Out of nowhere I was suddenly slapped in the face.

"You useless girl. You really think running will save you?" Said an unknown person.
The person then yanked me up by my hair. That's when I then met the face of my uncle.

"You know your mother is looking for you right? I can't wait to tell her what a bitch her daughter is." He said pulling my face closer to him.

We make eye contact for a few minutes. Then he grabs my hand pulling me with him.

"Uh uh bye bye...Jan!" The cashier said waving at me.

𝐼𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑐𝑎𝑟

"Your mother made it clear that you should stay with me for some time." My uncle says.

"W-why?" Was my mother finally giving up on me? My uncle isn't even 30 yet. His 27th birthday is in a few months. Plus the fact that he's a horny abusive pervert. That's why his baby momma left him after he beat her and his child. Sad fact though, the baby died from the damage. That's why my mom always says don't let his looks deceive you.

"Hey! I know you hear me talking to you!" My uncle say pulling into my houses driveway.

He stops the car but doesn't get out. Instead he roughly grabs my face.
"Listen here little minx. I got a list of rules for you to follow once we make it to my house. You better make it quick and get out. I'm already running late for practice." He says then stares at my lips a little too hard.

As soon as I step foot in the house the scent of weed engulfed me.
Momma was probably in the back smoking with one of her niggas again.

Speaking of niggas here goes her main looking through the fridge again.

"Tiffany where the hell is the beer!"Foyer said grabbing the orange juice drinking straight from the jug.

"I told you it's in the garage baby." My momma said walking towards him giving him a kiss on the lips.

Maybe it's best if I walk away now.
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